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Avatar Look Alikes Challenge

This week’s Monday Meme is brought to you by Mr. Winter Jefferson once again, he’s just full of great ideas.

Meme Instructions: Share a selfie of your avatar and a picture of the person you feel most looks like your avatar, or someone people have told you looks like your avatar or someone you tried to base your avatar’s looks on. Don’t forget to share your meme pictures in the Blog Memes Flickr Group.

Avatar Look Alikes Challenge

Back in 2009, I gave my friend Catero (who is very good at creating shapes) this picture of Lakshmi Menon and asked him to create a shape for me that looked like her but you know…to Berry it up a bit. I loved what he came up with because it was still very much me. Here’s the first picture I ever took in that shape.

Over time though, I messed with it here and there whenever I needed to. Then a couple of people told me that I actually look like Indira Varma from Kamasutra. Now I am not very sure how accurate that is, but I’m pretty happy about that. I love Indira Varma, I think she has a very strong and beautiful face. She’s a great actress too. My favorite role of hers was actually in the series Rome, she was stunning in that.

Sash Arabello also just told me that this same meme has also gone viral on plurk and the plurkers are using this Celebrity Look A Like Generator and she said that I have to do it too, so here you go, just for you Sash! Thanks to you, now my avatar looks like Matthew Broderick! :P

So basically, my avatar was based on Lakshmi Menon, sometimes she may look a bit like Indira Varma but apparently she actually looks like Matthew Broderick! Now I kinda wish I didn’t do this meme. :P


The outfit I am wearing was just released today by the designer of Bilo. She has created a new line for her ethnicwear called, Apsara. Apsara is sanskrit for “a female spirit of the clouds and waters” very exotic word and I’m looking forward to future releases under this line. This “coming soon headwear” on her flickr has me especially intrigued. Definitely looking forward to that!

I hope you guys do the Avatar Look Alikes Challenge as well. Please remember that you can participate in any of the memes/challenges at any time. You’ll find them all under my Blog Challenges category along with other memes and challenges I’ve done over the years.

Have a great week! <3

Skin Body: League Aria Golden -Special Edition -Chest C by Nena Janus
Skin Face: THESKINSHOP (22) (FACE) ‘Pussy’ (bold) by TheShops
*Eyes: Mayfly – Luminous – Mesh Eye (Deep Honey Hazel, w4) by Arkesh Baral
*Mesh Ears: [MANDALA]SIMPLE_EARS_HUTUU by kikunosuke Eel
*Hair: ISON – Leighton by Harry Hyx
*Outfit: Apsara – Sultana (Burnt Bridal) by Mayaa Thistle
*Bangles: Zaara Nizam Bangles Gold White by Zaara Kohime
*Other Jewels: !SSD ~ Frills ~ Dione Gold Diamond Full Set by Sax Shepherd
*Mesh Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands -Gesture by Siddean Munro
*Mesh Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) S – Flat by Siddean Munro
Skin Appliers: League by Nena Janus
*Nail Appliers: A:S:S – SLINK avatar enhancement system nails – The Deep by Photos Nikolaidis
Henna Tattoo Appliers: [Kokolores] BP-Mehndi Style Hand tattoo by Leyla Flux
*Poses: Bilo by Mayaa Thistle
Location: Zaara

Desi Girls

You may not be familiar with the word “desi” it’s basically a term used to describe the people, cultures, and products of South Asia. Meet my friend Reema Xue, she’s desi like me. If you have Reema on your plurk timeline, then you probably already know that she is absolutely one of the sweetest people […] Continue reading →

Happy Ramadan!

(click here for raw shot) Depending on where you live and of course the moon, the Islamic month of Ramadan will begin in the next few days for you. The past week my family has been feverishly getting all prepared for the starting of the month. I kind of have a love/hate relationship with this […] Continue reading →

For you, my love is selfless…

I was listening to one of my favorite bollywood songs while working on this: mera ishq sufiyana which translates into “my love is selfless” and the rest of it is just as poetic, if not more. It’s an absolutely beautiful song. Today was the last day of school, so I’m off for the summer. However, […] Continue reading →


Last week Maxi Gossamar dropped one of her new mesh jewelry sets on me and said that she created an indian themed set for one of the Miss Virtual World contestants this year. I didn’t get a chance to try it on till just last night and I instantly fell in love with it. I […] Continue reading →


I was listening to one of my favorite songs, Habibi, and this picture just automatically kind of created itself. A quick Arabic lesson for those wondering, Marhaba is a greeting or another way to say hello and Habibi usually means my love or someone very dear to you. Now on to what I’m wearing. I’m […] Continue reading →

Release me

Zodiac came back for another round last week bringing in sensual Sagittarius this month. I fell in love with the Kelpie’s Bridle from Evie’s Closet. It’s just my kind of jewelry. I love the way it pops on the new Amberly skin from Glam Affair in Africa tone. Amberly was just released today in 6 […] Continue reading →


I wasn’t really planning on doing an image for Eid al-Adha today, but some of my friends on plurk convinced me to do it. So I decided to login and take a quick snap, but my goodness the grid was laggy today. Was it just me or does SL just hate my pixel guts? Anyhow, […] Continue reading →


When I put on this mesh Anarkali kameez and churidaar pajama from Bilo (which you can pick up at Cinema right now), it reminded me of the courtesans that wore these kinds of outfits and danced around for men, like Umrao Jaan. Here’s a song from the film about this infamous courtesan. I decided I […] Continue reading →

Eternal Longing

So I was really excited to have found this beautiful sim on Honour McMillan’s blog and I couldn’t wait to shoot there. I even liked the way the pictures were turning out but while I was processing them I was chatting with my friend, Anubis Darkwatch, and I asked him his opinion on something in […] Continue reading →

Happy Eid ul-Fitr!

About a month ago I blogged about the starting of the month of Ramadan, well now that month is over and Eid ul-Fitr has arrived. I spent the day wearing beautiful blue shalwar kameez (that totally made me itch) and ate lots of gulab jamun (that totally made hyper). It was so worth it! :P […] Continue reading →

Rooftop Dancer

This image is also on the iRez blog today as my Photo of the Day! Koinup has recently added a new feature to their site where you can buy or sell virtual art. For those of you that are currently sharing your art on Koinup, you can follow the simple steps to sell prints of […] Continue reading →

Happy Ramadan!

The month of Ramadan has once again arrived and I have to tell you, I was so not prepared for it. But it was great waking up early to start this month with the whole family this morning. So far my fasting is going ok, I’m going to try for the whole 30 days again […] Continue reading →

Geanna Lanley

Photography by Geanna Lanley Today’s blog post is about another blogger actually, her name is Geanna Lanley. Geanna is working on a very special project that I’ve been following and am a big fan of. So when she asked me to pose for her project as well, I was really excited and flattered. Geanna’s project […] Continue reading →

Zaara Nizam in Silver

Photo by Nathan Chaffe As promised in my post yesterday, the first image you see in this post was created by the talented Mr. Chaffe. When he first sent it to me, I gasped out loud. I absolutely love his work and I am so honored and thankful that he took the time to shoot […] Continue reading →

The Ashraya Project

Ashraya, which means shelter in sanskrit, is an organization based in India which operates with the purpose of providing aid to Indian children in need and abused women through the implementation of various projects. The Ashraya Project in SL opens tomorrow, May 5th, and the proceeds will go towards this wonderful organization. There are many […] Continue reading →

PXL Kate

My apologies ahead of time because this post might be a bit picture heavy. I got my hands on this gorgeous new skin from PXL a few days ago and I have been having loads of fun snapping up pics in it. Kate has now been officially released and you can find it at the […] Continue reading →

Linden Lab’s Fashion Event!

Linden Lab will be having a four-day fashion event with lots of fashion-related activities from September 18th to 21st. They have requested certain members of the fashion blogging community to write up a blog post which will be posted on the official Second Life blog and forums. More information about the event in this post. […] Continue reading →