Blog Policy

This blog is just a hobby of mine but I do have a few blog policies that I follow if you are interested in getting your content blogged here.

Second Life content featured on this blog: If you would like your content to be featured on this blog, just drop them on Strawberry Singh (female items, home decor, poses, etc…) or Manberry Resident (male items), keeping in mind that only items that inspire and suit my personal style/taste get blogged. Therefore, I can’t promise that I will be able to blog something for sure as it depends on the item and my schedule.

Second Life Events: Thank you for considering me to blog your event, however because of my work schedule, I have a hard time keeping up with blogger group rules and I do not fill out blogging applications or forms. Please keep that in mind if you are sending me requests to join your blogging team.

Second Life Locations: If you have a location that you would like me to visit, please fill out my Exploring Second Life Google Form, and I will do my best to come by if I get the chance.

Fundraisers: I do not promote personal fundraisers, only those that are raising funds for registered charities. If you would like me to promote a fundraiser that is for a registered charity, please email me all the details and I will let you know if I am able to blog it.

Payment for blogging: I do not accept payment for blogging, so please do not offer to pay me to blog your content. You can pick up an ad campaign if you want your ad/logo featured on my blog’s sidebar.

My full style credits are always listed at the end of each post, and promotional copies are marked with an asterisk (*) to abide by the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines.

Thank you! ♥