Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve noticed that I get emails and IMs with a lot of the same questions so I thought a FAQ page would be informative and an easy place for you guys to look up questions I get asked a lot. This page will be frequently updated.

Second Life (SL) is a virtual world developed by Linden Lab. You can read my Introduction to Second Life blog post for more information about SL.

Linden Lab chooses the pictures from their Second Life Official Flickr Group so you can submit your pictures there. But make sure to read the rules in the description before you do.

All of my computer parts can be found on my Computer Specifications Page.

Please click over to see my Blog Policy for all the details on how I run my blog.

Everything I make or sell can be found in my marketplace store. I do not have a store inworld nor do I sell anything on any other ALT avatar.

Please do not send me friend requests. My apologies if I removed you. I’m trying to cut down my friend list to just people I need to speak with for work purposes. Thank you for understanding.

My WindLight Settings are available for download on my WindLight Settings Page.

My apologies but I don’t have time to offer these kinds of services. However, I’ve done a post asking people to share their details if they offer personal styling services in Second Life and many have. Read the comments of this post to see who to contact for styling assistance: Do you offer Personal Styling Services in Second Life?

I am not affiliated with the designers of the items I blog, therefore I am unable to answer any customer service queries. Please contact the creator or their customer service team.

As of April 2019, yes I do. Details in this blog post: Announcing some Changes – I am now a Linden Lab Employee

No, I’m sorry. I do not have time to do custom shapes.

I do not offer any of these kinds of services, however I have a page of Photographers, Graphic Artists and Vloggers in Second Life that will be able to assist you.

No, I don’t have time to do that for everyone. Please contact the designers of the mesh body and mesh head for customer support. You can also watch some of the Second Life University tutorials.

Watch this Second Life University live stream with more information on managing your inventory.

I cannot help you get a job there. The only thing I can recommend is to keep an eye on the Careers page on and apply for the job listings you have the talent and experience for.

If you have any questions that you don’t see answered here, feel free to leave them in the comments below or email me and I’ll answer it as soon as I can. Thank you.

72 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Crystal Mavros

    omg thanks ♥

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  • What is a meme?

  • Hi Sally. An internet meme is basically just an idea that is transmitted virally from person to person. I talked in-depth about memes and internet and blog memes in my post here on iRez. There’s more info in the comments of the post as well:

  • Dear Strawberry,

    I’ve been enveloped with your blog and tutorials as of late. I have a Mac with Nvidia graphics cards so I CAN get shadows!! Yayy!!
    One question though perhaps you can assist me. IS there a SL marketplace product that can ADD shadows of tree’s, leaves, beams of light such as from a window TO the front of an avatar? I swear I saw one, but cannot seem to find it again.
    I DID purchase lumipro 3 which is EXCELLENT and thus far have taken a few simple beginner shots, but you have to start somewhere right? I am experimenting with wind light and graphics, and lighting etc. Just MUST know if you know of a hud to wear to add those shadows of blinds, leaves, tree’s, light from a window pane right in world, as I am NOT good in photoshop at all.
    Thank you in Advance, Blush

  • Hi Blush, unfortunately I’ve never seen a HUD or anything else like that, sorry.

  • Thank you Strawberry. IF I find it, I’ll post it here. I know I did see something!!!
    Thank you so much for responding!!

  • I found it Strawberry! It is a hud called LUMIPro HUD V3 and can be found on Marketplace by searching. It’s a Hud that enhances lighting, and in the projector, there is some filters that soften your photo’s, enhance shading and as well give you tree shading, blinds and an assortment of other things!! It’s great for us beginner photographers!!

  • Emeralddevotion

    Hello Strawberry I was wondering if you would ever be up to doing a tutorial on how to do tattoo in Second Life? All the tutorials I have found are years old or aren’t very well done and the tats come out blurry.
    I currently use Photoshop CS6 if that helps. It would be great to be able to learn how to both just written tattoo’s like a name or a picture tattoo as well.

  • Elroy Click

    I’m looking for retailers that sell clothing compatible with the maitreya mesh body(Lara). Any suggestions?

  • The body was just released this week, so I don’t know of any yet. They are still taking developer applications. Hopefully soon we’ll know who is working on creating items for it.

  • Hello Miss Strawberry Singh,
    I have had my blog for almost 4 years and looking to go to a hosting site to get my own domain and whatnot. What do you use or recommend? I am currently sort of lost on where to start or what is good. Thank you!

  • Hello Faye, I have actually been with since 2010 for both my domain and hosting and have never had any issues with them. I know a lot of people dislike them however so it’s totally up to you. I myself am very happy with them.

  • Having a blonde moment!!!

    Hi Berry – Can you tell me where I can change out my “bleh” generic icon when I add comments to your blog? For the life of me, I can’t figure that out!

    Thanks, my friend!

    Skye 🙂 <23

  • Hey Skye, you can login to and whichever email you use there, use that email when you leave comments here and it will show the image you put there on your profile. Hope that helps!

  • Hmmmm lets see if it worked for me lol

  • Oh noooo I did something wrong!! oops, lets try again!

  • Hi, Strawberry. I was wondering if you had any tips for finding and choosing backgrounds for photos. I’m a beginner photographer/blogger, and seem to come up short when looking for good backgrounds that work with both head and full-body shots. I try to take notes from others’ photos, but I’m often not sure if it was taken in SL or added in later using Photoshop/GIMP. Any thoughts/advice you have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! 🙂

  • Hi Brena, I don’t use backgrounds for my photos. I take them on location or I just use a plain colored background. I am not very good at green screen shooting and then pasting it on a different background. Always looks unnatural to me.

  • karlos aquila

    can u tell me how i can look like u where i can buy my shape my body mesh and all stuff thanks for your time

  • Hi there, There’s no doubt that your site could be having web browser compatibility issues.
    When I look at your blog in Safari, it looks fine however,
    if opening in IE, it’s got some overlapping issues. I merely wanted to give you
    a quick heads up! Besides that, great site!

  • Karlos, just go through my blog posts for different shopping ideas. I always list all of my style credits in each post with great details.

  • Minka Sloane

    Hi there Strawberry! Thank you so much for the shout out. So cool that you mentioned me in your FAQs. You rock!



  • Winter Jefferson

    Hi Strawberry

    I’ve got this rash which has spread all over my genitals… actually, it’s more of a scaly fungus. At this point in time it’s creeping past the back of my knees and I’m waiting for it to meet up with my tinea and maybe create a new life form.

    What do you recommend?

  • alexax Tebaldi

    Hi Strawberry I love your blog and follow it all the time. My question for you is how do you keep your inventory organized? I always wondered, since you must have millions of items, from poses to clothing to objects. Did you ever do a video or tutorial? I go crazy cleaning my inventory every other week but it seems to grow bigger everytime after I read your blog and go shopping again. LOL

  • Hello Alexax, unfortunately my inventory is not very clean. It’s just hard for me to keep up with keeping it clean and organized with the amount of stuff I have coming in. However, Anya Ohmai has done a very good 4 part tutorial on inventory management so I suggest check that one out, here is the link:
    Hope that helps you out!

  • Candyangelchic

    Hi Berry,

    Can you post reviews about Eve and Adam mesh body and head? Thanks!

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  • Hi StrawberrySingh,
    I am somewhat new to Sl and purchased the Maiterya laura body and the new Bento Eva head, but I am not sure how to apply the head to the avi I am using.
    Can you please send me a tutorial link if at all possible?
    Thank you,

  • Hey Candy! I’ll see if I can. I can’t always afford to buy all the mesh heads and bodies. I’ll go check out the price and see if it’s something that I like enough to buy. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • chloe35

    hi strawberry, I recently bought the lara maitreya mesh body and the akeruka newly updated lola mesh bento head,, ive watched a few of your videos and in them with the akeruka heads you seem to have your skin tones matched perfectly. however on mine the head tone always seems darker than the body tone and the neck join is quite visible even using the same maitreya body skin tone applier that comes with the head , if I use say head tone 6 , then the maitreya body tone 6 is always lighter than the head and I cant get a perfect match even with the neck fix on the maitreya body . can you help ? is this a glitch on lola head because on your lara video it looks like a perfect match and on your preview of the lola head it looks a perfect match , but on the new updated lola head the head tone on every skin is darker and the neck join realy stands out . ??

  • Hello Chloe, I didn’t have that issue, but that may be because of the windlight I use. I use a very bright, clean windlight. If you are using midday windlight, that will usually make seams stand out more. I suggest trying a different windlight like “calwl” or use the neck fix in the Maitreya body HUD and see if that helps. If it still looks bad, then I suggest contacting the Akeruka designer for customer support because I wouldn’t know how to assist you since I don’t have that issue. Thank you.

  • queenthickberry

    Do oooh lala skin work on catya Bento head

  • Hi Strawberry,

    I just found your youtube videos and blog and really love your content, so thank you!
    I have been away from SL for over a year and, I am coming to grips with the mesh body components.
    However I am noticing a disturbing trend of pubescent looking avatars. I really do not want to look like an 18yr old.

    Have you found any mature skins that work with the new mesh body/heads etc?
    I have been searching the marketplace without much luck.

    Warm regards,


  • Queen, I am not familiar with oooh lala skins so I do not know. You can contact the designer or check the vendor to see if it says they are.

    Sabra, for mature skins you can try going to League or go to Izzie’s and pick up some of the wrinkle tattoo layers to add a bit more maturity to any skin.

  • Softly Resident

    Hi Strawberry. You seem so knowledgeable on skins, Bento, mesh, and such, and I have confusions that you might be able to help with. My avatar is Maitreya Lara body, and currently classic head and skin. I am strongly considering getting an AKERUKA head, and from your videos I see they come with skin appliers. My confusion is, with the Bento head, once the head skin is chosen, are the various skin appliers that come with it for the body, or is that something extra I’ll need to purchase? I will be wanting to totally detach everything from my original classic avatar, and stick with Maitreya and AK.

  • Softly, the Akeruka heads come with body appliers for different mesh bodies, including Maitreya. You will not have to purchase them separately. There is a box in the folder called “appliers women boxed” just rez and open that and you will find the body appliers in there.

  • Strawberry i follow your blog all the time! Love it! Is there a column, meme or info page on SL hair that you have done? What I am looking for is sort of a tutorial for people that are confused about the differences between the older flexi hair; mesh hair; fitted mesh, etc. There are so many choices now as compared to the old days when it was only flexi. However I’ve noticed some people still prefer the flexi but it is hard to find. Any help to steer me to the right path would be helpful

  • shaherie1

    when changing catwa heads, do u have to remove the head u have on first?

  • Karicne

    Hola hay animaciones para la cabeza AK que no sean las misma del creador AK o Que animaciones le quedan a la cabeza lulu AK.. ?

  • shaherie1

    Can anyone tell me how to make my avatar body and head not move when trying to put on makeup. Yes, Im a newbie to SL.Please help

  • Irish Breen

    Hi Strawberry, Thank you for the great review of the Neve head by LAQ. Super informative and helped me make my decision to buy it alot easier.
    I am looking for some tutorials on how to customize your head shape, after you buy the head and shape, to make it a bit more ‘me’. In know with mesh, its like play dough, or even landscaping, everything you do has a equal and opposite reaction. When customizing it can be quite daunting. I am specifically looking on tutorials on how to make my mesh head eyes rounder. Not the eye, but the head. Do you have plans for this, or already ave this?

  • shaherie1, when wearing any new mesh head, it’s best it you remove any other head you are wearing first so you don’t get any glitching or conflicting mesh parts. Also, to answer your second question, I usually use a still pose to keep my whole avatar still when I’m trying stuff on. There is a still post in my free photostudio at this link:

    Karicne, my apologies but I don’t understand your question, not sure if the translation from Google is mixing it up. Anyhow, I suggest contacting the Akeruka designer if you are having issues with your AK head.

    Irish, I haven’t seen any specific tutorial like that. I just usually make a new shape and start fresh by playing with the sliders. You can see me doing that in any of my bento mesh head videos.

  • Hey Strawberry i have been having trouble finding a matching skin for the Lelutka Chloe head to match my maitreya, so i bought agne skin applier and i don’t want to use the maitreya jamaica skin, i want a more natural and shine effect skin, in your lelutka chloe video i saw you have a amara sophia skin, where can i get the maitreya applier for that?

  • Hi Mia, wherever you purchase skin for your head, in the same store they will also sell matching body appliers that will go with that skin. So for the Amara sophia skin, the Amara body appliers will be in the Amara store. That will be the case for most skin designers.

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  • Hey Strawberry Singh, i just wanted to ask you where you got your backgrounds on your photos, is it a location in second life?

  • Chant Lyric

    Hi Strawberry, firstly thank you for all the wonderful information you share with so many. My apologies if you have already covered this topic but I have been unable to find information on it.
    I have just received latest Lelutka Bento Head update and I know there is a way to replace the previous versions from my saved outfits.
    I am using Firestorm and hope that you can cover this subject, the past few years each time there has been an update on mesh body and head I have had to pretty much start from scratch and keep changing outfits to include the new update.
    Thank you for your time and assistance

  • ElSolLaluna Resident

    Strawberry, I watch most of your videos and I was wondering if you know what setting/equipment or locations or ??? you use that allow your skins to apply immediately? Even when your live you seem to have zero lag with changing skins. I go in world and try to sample skins but it takes so long for the new skin to load that I forget how the old one looked and have to keep doing it over an over to try to see the differences. So do you know what you do that allows skins to load immediately?

    Thanks, I look forward to your response.


  • Hello Elyseon, If the background is a scene, then it’s on location in a different part of Second Life and I will always share the location SLurl in my credits.

    Hello Chant Lyric, as far as I know, there is no quick way of updating all previously saved outfits.

    Hello ElSolLaluna Resident, I would say it’s mostly internet connection that affects my lag and also the speed of my computer. I noticed when my internet is a bit slow, things load slower for me.

  • Ruby Fairchild

    Testing if i got this right

  • Misty Way

    Good Afternoon, Strawberry! First of all, thank you foryour useful work and videos.
    I can watch and understand your channel as I’ve been studying English for decades, but most of my friends need this information but can’t apprehend. So, I wanted to inquire if you could allow to add subtitles to your videos? Youtube now has the function where users can translate the subtitles and metadata, but it’s not allowed in your videos. I could translate, as especially the crash courses, male heads and newer heads would be of great value. And it also adds more viewers and new fans to your videos :).
    If you consider opening the possibility to add subtitles we’d be tremendously grateful.
    Thank you and best regards, Misty (Mistyway in SL)

  • I would like to know where to find the skin and style credits for the red headed male avatar that appears on the opening MP page with your name at the bottom. I have looked though your store and blogs and not found that particular male avatar.

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  • Thanks for the sensible critique. Me and my neighbor were
    just preparing to do a little research on this.
    We got a grab a book from our area library but I think I learned more clear from this
    post. I’m very glad to see such magnificent info being shared
    freely out there.

  • Hello Strawberry, Love your vids, very pleasant to watch and listen too. I’m returning to SL after being away for 10+ yrs, yes everything is new and i’m very lost. I’m trying to fing a head that is for a Black male, not one that looks latino or white, i mean with the correct skin color not one just to pick the darkest shade ( they don’t look right or not dark enough}. I have a slink body not really happy with it but i’ll work with it for now. I have spent way too much trying so i’m asking you and hope you can give me some ideas or point me in the right direction. I don’t mean one that is xtra large or muscle bound either which seems what I keep finding. 🙁 Then I’ll ask about finding clothes to put on his sexy butt. 🙂

  • Trying to figure out an effect and I’m sure it’s something simple, but I’m having no luck. (SLPhoto NOOB)

    I see a lot of photos with an amazing “glossy” or “glassy” effect on them. Not just the avatar, the whole photo, even fabrics, etc. I’m including a small portion of a pic that demonstrates it pretty well. The photo is not mine, obviosuly, so credit: Corsario Lionheart ( )

    Sample :

    The bodyshine and windlights, I get. But the overall photo has a distinct gloss, glass, whatever, shimmer to it. How is that accomplished?




    hello God Bless Girls, I have a question i been more than 9 years out of the system know Iam back tr y to lean the mesh situation I both Erika from Kalhene I love it but i was wonder if you can used other skin with it and Wich one you recommended. I am 63-year-old is so much reading and may me confuse i don’t want to keep spending what i don’t have, lol

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