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Berry by Abby

Berry by Abby

I have so much to blog but real life work has me swamped so I thought I would do a quick post sharing an artistic portrait of my avatar that was created by the talented Martina G. also known as Abigale Heron in Second Life.

Abigale is a freelance illustrator and comic artist who has been doing freelance commissions for years. Now she is offering her talents to us Second Life residents at a very affordable rate. For full details about what she is offering and her rates, check out her flickr page. You can also see more of her work in her SL Sketch Commissions Flickr Album as well as her DeviantArt page.

Thank you Abby, I’m so happy with the portrait! <3

There are a few other things I’ve been wanting to share with you guys, so here is a quick weekly roundup!

Weekly Roundup

  1. BerryArt – I have so much respect and envy for illustrators and artists because I can’t draw at all! I love getting my avatar’s portrait drawn by them. I’ve had two other artists draw pictures of my avatar in the past so I thought I should create a special category on my blog called BerryArt where I’ll share images of all of the artistic portraits that have been done of me. You can get them to do your portraits as well!
  2. Dunk-a-Linden and Hug-a-Linden – Linden Lab is having an event today, February 12 from 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm SLT where you can hug or dunk a Linden as well as send virtual roses and candy hearts to your Second Life friends and sweethearts. The proceeds from the sales will go to The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. It’s happening right now so head there soon before it’s over!
  3. Leap Into Love Snapshot Contest – Linden Lab is also holding a Valentine’s contest which ends February 29th, 2016. Enter for a chance to win L$10,000 , L$5,000, L$3,000, or L$1,000!
  4. 7th Annual Oscar Fashion Photo Contest Announcement – Speaking of contests, don’t forget that Harper Ganesvoort is holding her annual Oscar Fashion contest again which ends on February 28th, 2016. This year she is offering L$50,000 in prizes so it’s definitely something you’ll want to check out!
  5. The Drax Files Radio Hour show #103: project bento – The Drax Files podcast with Jo Yardley and Draxtor Despres has returned and they have kicked off this season with a feature on Project Bento.
  6. The Drax Files: World Makers [Episode 35: Project Bento] – Draxtor also released the 35th episode of his World Maker series on youtube which focused on Project Bento as well. If you are not familiar with Project Bento, I suggest you watch this short but very informative video which goes into detail explaining what it is and features several Lindens and Second Life content creators.

8 Years of Second Life

It’s Berry’s 8th rezday today and I’m starting to feel quite old. When I first found Second Life, I was in my mid-twenties; quite immature, naive and still discovering myself. After 8 years, I still feel immature and naive and that I have lots more to discover. But I also feel like I have grown. […] Continue reading →

#SecondLifeProblems Meme

This week’s meme idea was given to me by none other than the infamous Mr. Draxtor Despres. The idea is based off of the real life hashtag #FirstWorldProblems where people share and complain about problems that aren’t actually real problems. It’s all kind of hilarious. You can check out the #FirstLifeProblems and #FirstWorldProblems hashtags on […] Continue reading →

Happy 6th Anniversary Tempura!

The Tempura Island family is celebrating 6 years in Second Life on May 25th. They first opened their doors in 2008 and I have pictures of myself at Tempura dating back to August of 2008. I spent many days and nights there just dancing, talking, kissing, and falling in love. I always found it to […] Continue reading →

It’s My 7th Rezday!

May 9th is my 7th Rezday. 7 years ago today I stumbled upon the virtual world of Second Life, created an account and logged in. I was lost and didn’t quite understand what I was doing so I logged out and didn’t think about it again until a week later. I’m glad I returned and […] Continue reading →

My Favorite Mesh Eyelashes

(click here for raw shot) I saw a teaser of these eyelashes on flickr a few days ago and have been anxiously waiting for their release. I just noticed this morning that they were finally released. The eyelashes are from Mon Cheri and available inworld and on marketplace for L$299. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice a […] Continue reading →

Gos Boutique

The ocean wind smells of people’s desires…I whispered my own. (For a raw shot of this pic, visit my profile) And what girl doesn’t desire a new pair of shoes? Well, this weekend we are going to be completely spoiled! Not only are we getting these beautiful rigged mesh feet, but a whole line of […] Continue reading →


I had the honor of being interviewed by Bare. Bare is a project started by Adorkable Peapod and TrinityBelle Meriman where they interview different SLers around the grid. They just recently started it but have a few interviews up already. They’ve started with approaching regular plurkers, so if you guys are on plurk make sure […] Continue reading →

Plurk Anniversary

I couldn’t resist using my ALT today to show the back of this hot new mesh dress. This sexy dress came out in perfect time to help me celebrate my Plurk Anniversary today. Four years ago today I found plurk. I admit, I have somewhat of a love/hate relationship with plurk at times. Since I’ve […] Continue reading → – Masquerade

I’m going to have to disinfect my blog now that Mr. Winter Jefferson has graced it twice in one day. Anyhow, I’m so happy and excited to share this post with you finally. I was asked to create another image for the main page, this time with the theme of masquerade. I knew right […] Continue reading →