Portraits by Melaniebianca Lyric

Doodle of Berry by Melaniebianca Lyric (Portrait by Melaniebianca Lyric)

Today I am blogging cartoons of my own cartoon. Recently Melaniebianca Lyric drew a picture of my Second Life avatar (based on this image) and I completely fell in love with it. She just did it out of the blue a few days ago and I’ve been admiring it since then. It’s the type of image that can easily be used as a fun logo or profile shot.

Then earlier today I posted a picture of my avatar to be used as a pileup for my rezday and she created another one as a rezday gift for me (based on this image.)

Berry's Rezday Doodle by Melaniebianca Lyric (Portrait by Melaniebianca Lyric)

Her portraits are so adorable and full of life, I really wanted to blog about them in case you guys were also interested in getting your own custom portraits done. She has very reasonable pricing and I think these would also be great to give as gifts since gift cards are also available.

> Orders can either be placed using the Portrait Request Form on Google Docs
> Or through the terminals at this inworld location
> Gift cards are also available at the same inworld location

Her prices are as follows:
Individual Headshot: L$1000
Individual Full Body: L$1500
Group Headshot (up to three avatars): L$1250
Group Full Body (up to three avatars): L$1750
There’s a L$100 surcharge for every avatar over 3 avatars in a group portrait.

Check out her flickr to see more of her work.

Don’t you just love my big strawberry?

8 thoughts on “Portraits by Melaniebianca Lyric

  1. Skye (McLeod) Fairywren says:

    Those are just adorable, Berry! Melanie is so obviously talented in this! Love them both!!

  2. Love it!! Form filled. Eagerly awaiting results!

  3. Thanks for the comments guys! Please note that I had the incorrect Google Docs link up there. I have updated it to the correct one now. So if you had filled it out earlier, please just contact Melanie and make sure she got your info. Sorry about that and thank you! <3

  4. wow those are great. good find

  5. Cougar Sangria says:

    This is adorable Berry. I am lovin it ♥

  6. Those are so cute!

  7. Charlotte, that looks fantastic!

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