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My Oscar Moment Has Arrived! (no, not really)

My Oscar Moment Has Arrived! (no, not really)

In July 2020 when Huckleberry Hax was on Lab Gab talking about STÖMOL (his award-winning machinima filmed in Second Life) I jokingly asked him if he would put me in his next movie. To my big surprise, he actually did! The sequel to STÖMOL is called WAARHEID and it will premiere next week.

Full disclosure: I have seen the whole movie and I have to admit it was incredibly awkward and amusing to hear myself voice act. Needless to say, I’m not winning any Oscars lol, so definitely a good thing that I’m only on screen for less than 5 minutes. The movie is so wonderfully done and it’s just amazing to see Huck’s creative mind at work and to see him use this platform to produce award-winning art. STÖMOL took second place at the SUPERNOVA film festival in 2020.

Although I have done some small voice acting for Draxtor Despres in the past, filming WAARHEID was definitely an interesting experience for me. From being trolled while Huck was filming Caitlin Tobias and me at Insilico (read about it on her blog), to recording myself and listening to it and then thinking: “well that just sounds like me – doesn’t sound like a cool futuristic doctor.” So of course, I re-recorded, several times, so I can sound like a more serious doctor. Yes, that’s my role in this film, a futuristic doctor. I actually had help picking my outfit for this role from my real-life best friend who is a doctor. So that confirms it, this is what doctors will be wearing in the future for sure!

Huckleberry Hax, Caitlin Tobias, and AvaJean Westland will be on Lab Gab tomorrow. I’ll be asking them more about the film and then we will take a tour of the WAARHEID art exhibition, which will open after the premiere.

The inworld premiere will take place on December 15th at the Film Threat venue in Second Life, which everyone is invited to attend. I will be there, as will the rest of the cast. Then after that Huck has plans to do an after-party, youtube premiere, and exhibition opening – read more about the key dates on his blog.

I hope you’re able to attend and support Huck. He’s written, filmed, and directed this and definitely deserves any more accolades coming his way.

The first image in this post is a shot of my small role in WAARHEID. Keep an eye on Huckleberry Hax’s YouTube channel for the final release next week, and watch the WAARHEID trailer before all the events start.

WAARHEID release date: 12 December 2022


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

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