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This week’s meme idea was given to me by none other than the infamous Mr. Draxtor Despres. The idea is based off of the real life hashtag #FirstWorldProblems where people share and complain about problems that aren’t actually real problems. It’s all kind of hilarious. You can check out the #FirstLifeProblems and #FirstWorldProblems hashtags on twitter and on KnowYourMeme for examples. Drax suggested I bring that into Second Life and do a Monday Meme on it. Thank you Drax for the idea!

Meme Instructions: Create a #SecondLifeProblems meme image. It can be an image of any avatar doing anything in Second Life. Write a Second Life Problem over the image and share your meme on your blog or any social network with the hashtag #SecondLifeProblems. Don’t forget to share the link to your post in the comments and add your pictures to the Blog Memes flickr group.

I loved the idea so much I asked the talented Ms. Zaara Kohime to make a mesh t-shirt for me that I can wear in the post. You do not have to wear the shirt for your post! If you would like, you are free to use my first image that I left blank for the meme. Or you can create your own image. I’m looking forward to seeing how creative you guys get with this.

For my contribution, I had a few ideas :P


#SecondLifeProblems (thank you to Mr. Winter Jefferson for suggesting this one)

#SecondLifeProblems (thank you to my handsome friend Mr. CrazyChef for suggesting this one and helping me with the idea, his style credits are listed below)

I’m going to watch the hashtag on different social networks. Quite a few people have already been using this hashtag from before, hopefully we’ll get some more good submissions in there!:
> #SecondLifeProblems on Flickr
> #SecondLifeProblems on Twitter
> #SecondLifeProblems on Plurk
> #SecondLifeProblems on Facebook
> #SecondLifeProblems on Google+
> #SecondLifeProblems on Pinterest

Please remember that you can participate in any of the memes/challenges at any time. You’ll find them all under my Blog Challenges category along with other memes and challenges I’ve done over the years. You don’t have to have a blog to do this challenge, you can share your image on any social platform you prefer.

StrawberrySingh.com T-Shirts

While Ms. Zaara Kohime was making me this t-shirt, we decided to collaborate together on a few more ideas I had. She has created 6 original mesh t-shirts for me with sayings that I’ve suggested to her. You can find them all in my marketplace store as well as a new store that Sawyer Campese has created for me at the LE.LOOK! Fashion District. I love the store, it looks like a Strawberry! Thank you so much to both Zaara and Sawyer for helping me set all this up.

StrawberrySingh.com at LE.LOOK! Fashion District
StrawberrySingh.com on the Second Life Marketplace

The shirts are in Standard Size mesh for both men and women and I was easily able to wear them with both the Classic Second Life avatar as well as my Maitreya mesh body. You can click over to marketplace and try on a DEMO.

After working on a release like this for the first time and then setting it all up on marketplace and inworld, I’ve realized just how time consuming it is to be a Second Life Content Creator. To make even such a simple item takes so much amount of work. I have even more respect for creators now, lol! But even with all the work though, Zaara and I had a lot of fun making these shirts. I hope you guys enjoy wearing them! I have quite a few more ideas for sayings on these shirts, so watch out for more fun releases in the future!

StrawberrySingh.com T-Shirts

All of the images in this post are raw shots from Second Life. I just cropped, added text and resized.

Credits for the 4th image:
What I’m wearing:
*Skin: Glam Affair by Zaara Kohime
*Hair: Truth by Truth Hawks
*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body by Onyx LeShelle
*Jeans: Maitreya by Onyx LeShelle
*Shirt: StrawberrySingh.com T-Shirt by Zaara Kohime & Strawberry Singh

What CrazyChef is wearing:
Hair: Mina Hair Ryan / Mina Nakamura ( Mens Only Hunt Item) NEW
Beard: Muschi Holt Beard ( Black) / Reynanrey Caballero
Shirt: #SecondlLifeProblems / Strawberry Singh NEW
Pants: Dozze Radical Jeans ( Black) / Zevock Trenkins

*Pose: Exposeur by RubyStarlight Writer
*Decor: Full details in this post: Indulgence

45 thoughts on “#SecondLifeProblems Meme

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  3. OMG LOL!! I LOVE this Berry! Here is my Flickr image…blog post coming soon!


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  5. Awesome shirts. Too bad there aren’t appliers for them, because I would LOVE to wear the “Do my Lolas look big in this?” with mesh boobs. :-D But, I know what a pita it is to make appliers for mesh clothing.
    Will see if this can be the kick in the butt I need to get my own blog off the ground.

  6. I’m looking forward to see all of us turned into image macros! I had such fun trying to make a quintessentially “Deoridhe” one!


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  9. http://cozeysl.com/2015/01/19/secondlifeproblems/

    the great hashtag chase begins! this was loads of fun ♥

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  11. https://www.flickr.com/photos/126196796@N05/16324081145/

    i enjoyed this monday meme….and ty berry for the shirt….

  12. inkie Loudwater says:

    Love this weeks meme My pc can handle this one http://pixelstyles.blogspot.nl/2015/01/secondlifeproblems-meme.html

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  14. Who’s Dunnit?

    My partner did this last week. It was so funny because we fell to ground floor and when I looked our furniture was floating mid air.


  15. I finally found a use for this photo after waiting around 30 minutes for nothing to rezz! :D https://www.flickr.com/photos/nathpev/15716346843/in/photostream

  16. And since I had another photo of my own dumb mistakes around, https://www.flickr.com/photos/nathpev/15713986664/ :D

  17. Paige Muircastle says:
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  23. I honestly was not going to do this meme due to the fact that I got to do the original one with you. However I decided to go through with it and do it. https://www.flickr.com/photos/crazycheffers/15726227893/

  24. Loved this one too Strawberry :) AND, you did a great job on the shirts!!


  25. I want to really thank you all so much for the support on this meme. I was shocked at the amount of shirts you guys picked up, especially the strawberry one lol. Thank you so much for making me laugh, some of you actually had me in tears from laughter! Y’all are hilarious!
    I have put up this week’s meme now, hope you get a chance to participate again. <3

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