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The ocean wind smells of people’s desires…I whispered my own.

Gos  Boutique
(For a raw shot of this pic, visit my profile)

And what girl doesn’t desire a new pair of shoes? Well, this weekend we are going to be completely spoiled! Not only are we getting these beautiful rigged mesh feet, but a whole line of shoes coming from the all new Gos Boutique. Gos Boutique is a part of the Gos enterprise and the main focus of the boutique will be on women’s shoes. So ladies, I suggest you guys make some space and join the Gos Boutique inworld group right now to keep up with the shoe craze that is about to hit the grid.

The ocean wind smells of people's desires...I whispered my own.

The best part about these feet and shoes is the actual tinting, it is so simple! Gos’ coders have scripted it so well and it’s all done through a website. It literally took me a few minutes to understand, pick my favorite five skins to add to the hud, press one button and voila, my feet were matched perfectly.

If you haven’t seen this video of the sexy Ms. Elysium Eilde showing step by step how to use the HUD, then you really must see it! You will see just how revolutionary this system is.

Here’s the link to the youtube video and I’ll also embed it below: http://youtu.be/W9KFK5GmmOA

For more information and a look at the shoes Gos will be releasing, check out his flickr and the Gos Boutique blog.
Gos Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/20446018@N08
Gos Boutique Blog: http://blog.gosboutique.com
Gos Boutique: inworld group

I do love all of the shoes, but I have to admit that my favs are the Mae heels, they just make me melt. You can see me wearing them on Secondlife.com right now!

Mark your calendars ladies and get your lindens ready, it all starts tomorrow! <3 Credits: *Skin: Glam Affair – Amberly – India 09 D by Aida Ewing
*Hair: “”D!va“” Hair “Asami” (Type A)(Brown diamond) by Marisa Kira
Bikini: Baiastice_Shechy Mesh Bikini-ruby by Sissy Pessoa
*Mesh feet: [Gos Boutique] Barefoot – Flat – S by Gospel Voom (to be released Saturday)
*Pose+Prop in 1st Pic: :Cheeky Pea: Bae Dock w/Blanket by Isla Gealach
Location in 2nd Pic: Crossing Currents

10 thoughts on “Gos Boutique

  1. wendz tempest says:

    *swoons* Yay!! Finally i can get over my fears of skin matching. Have always worn boots and tennis shoes because of that phobia but THIS, this is AWESOME!! Thank you for the heads up can’t wait to try this product!!

  2. Wow, thats amazing! I need new shoes now :)

  3. Jewel Appletor says:

    YAY! Can’t wait to check it out! Thanks for the post Strawberry

  4. Awesome! I will def give these a try…Tyvm Berry ♥

  5. Just bought them after your recommendation. I simply could not believe how easy and perfectly they matched. Absolutely blown away by the quality. Loved GOS stuff for a while now, but this is amazing.

  6. Thanks for the comments you guys! I hope everyone is loving their new Gos feet and shoes as much as I am! <3

  7. […] The  Longchamp skybox is HANDverk’s first store release of 2013 available in the single and double.  The Longchamp is a simple, elegant, all mesh skybox for either residential or commercial use. It is ultra low prim and the single size can fit on as small as a 512 sq.m. parcel. What immediately came to mind when I rezzed the skyboxes on our sim was that it could be so many different things! I will be using it for a library/study as well as a vacation apartment.  You can utilize it in so many ways and at the low prim count it is sure to appeal to many different needs. Going with the study first, I packed it full of Dutchie furniture, wanting to focus on the elegant roominess of the skybox itself and to focus on the mesh version of the maledom chair that Dutchie has packed full of animations to enjoy. As many of you already know, this weekend was GOS Boutique’s first release of this exceptional open toed line.  I dubbed it GOStastic Saturday, and sent Mrs. Raynier to buy all the fatpacks!  It was worth every single penny.  The shoes are exquisite but the added convenience of GOS’s fluid and fast new ONEtime skin matching hud makes it so the frustration is gone from wearing beautiful shoes.  Mrs. Raynier has always had a hard time matching her skin to her shoes, something always seeming off and her grumbling and cursing can be heard throughout our sim!  But those days are gone.  She loaded the hud up, hit configure, picked her Belleza skin, hit sync and wallah she was matched to perfection.  The photo below has absolutely NO Photoshopping done to the ankles or shoes.  The only place I used PS was to smooth out a line in the library stack and by the ceiling.  The shoes are that damn good! For in depth coverage of the new GOS Boutique line, please check out the official blog and the great posts from my fellow lady bloggers Harlow Heslop & Strawberry Singh. […]

  8. Jennifer Boyle says:

    As soon as I read about the shoes I teleported to the store. I was even more excited when I saw that there were arched prim bare feet, because I’ve been looking for mesh feet that would work with prim heels. Slink bare feet work fine with my low-heeled prim shoes. I picked up the demos of a pair of shoes and the prim feet. My skin is a LAQ skin color that was on the Easy Match list, but the match was unacceptably poor. In addition, the bare feet won’t work for my prim shoes because even the XXS size is too big. I would post a pic of the shoes, but I see no way to. I really hope they can solve the problems, because if the color matching worked as intended for me I would love them. The only mesh feet that I can get an acceptable color match (or, actually, the illusion of one) are the ones from Slink, which I learned of here.

  9. Hi Jennifer, I actually did not experience any of the issues you have. Mine fit and matched perfectly right away. I suggest you contact Gos customer support, I know they have been really super in helping people out. Just look up Gospel Voom’s profile and his csr’s and stuff are listed there, I’m sure they’ll help you with your issues. Best of luck! <3

  10. Luv the skin matching tech.

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