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My Obsession with Qala


Qala was released on Netflix on December 1st. I’ve watched it a few times since then and am absolutely obsessed with it. I feel like it is a masterpiece and one of my favorite films to come from the Indian film industry.

The film is about a girl named Qala who grows up wanting nothing but to see the look of pride in her mother’s eyes, but all she ever saw was disappointment. That disappointment shapes her growth and haunts her even in adulthood. The film showcases the complicated relationship we can all have with our mothers. It’s heartbreaking to watch but at the same time, it is a piece of art.

Every frame in this film looks like a painting. This is the second movie I’ve seen by director Anvitaa Dutt that I’ve fallen in love with. The other film, Bulbbul, is also on Netflix. Bulbbul is incredibly difficult to watch because of a rape scene, but aside from that, it is also a very beautifully picturized film.

Both films speak to the treatment of women and the actress in both, Triptii Dimri, brings so much painful depth to both characters. She’s slowly becoming my favorite actress.

I’ve been so incredibly busy these days, but I have been aching to do an image in Second Life inspired by this film. Here is the poster of this film that inspired me. Obviously, I didn’t do the original justice but it was still so much fun to try and recreate it using items from my inventory.

It’s an incredible work of art, I hope you get a chance to see it. Watch the trailer on YouTube.


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