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I Got Partnered!

I got partnered!

So there I was just a few days ago, minding my own business and reading what the plurkers were up to on my timeline. When I noticed the biggest bratty troll on plurk, Mr. Ewan Mureaux (whom you can never really take seriously) had put up an application because he was looking for slove. Of course, I laughed, shook my head and kept scrolling because it was just another day and another bratty thing he was up to.

You see, I don’t really know Mr. Mureaux that well, aside from the funny IMs he sends me once in a while declaring his love for me and then quickly declaring how some other blogger is a much better catch once I turn him down, yeah, DON’T THINK I FORGOT ABOUT THAT!

Anyhow, so I noticed three hours later that he didn’t get much of a response to his application (shocking, right?) and he was a bit fake upset about it so I left a few words of encouragement in his plurk which made him decide to send me a partner request. Not sure how he connected those dots together but once I woke up in the morning, looked at the request, thought about it some more, I decided…why the hell not? So now we’re partnered and he seemed happy about that, I guess? You can’t really tell with him or ever take him seriously though.

So then it started, our fake love started spreading from plurk to my.secondlife and now it has ended up on my blog. He suggested we take some fake wedding pictures to commemorate this auspicious event and of course I’m always up for a good laugh. I figured since I was going to have the troll of the century behind my camera lens, I might as well interrogate him and have him on for my men on the grid series.

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Meet My Friend Challenge

This week I decided to make an old series I’ve been doing on my blog into the Monday Meme. Basically for the past few years, every once in a while, I’ve been grabbing a male friend, photographing them and interviewing them by asking a bunch of goofy questions or just talking about them in general. […] Continue reading →

Male Fashion – Prad Prathivi

Mr. Prad Prathivi is probably one of the most renowned Second Life residents. His talent for building is hard to miss and his award winning blog, Metaversally Speaking, has kept us all informed and entertained on many occasions. These days his time in SL is quite limited. He’s been keeping himself busy in his RL […] Continue reading →