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Male Fashion – Gabe and Garrett


For today’s male fashion post I got to interview the stylish couple, Gabe Bookmite and Garrett Ceriano. I met and got to know Gabe and Garrett on plurk. Gabe has an innocence about him that is not only lovable but hilarious at the same time. His plurks and responses always leave me giggling to myself. Garrett on the other hand, well I’ll be honest here, he kinda intimidated me at first. LOL But after a while I realized he’s quite a nice guy and not so intimidating. 😛

Now they have come together and started their own fashion blog. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out: The Cerianos | Love and Fashion


So while I was taking their pictures, I of course had to do my usual poking, prodding and asking completely innocent questions. I love their responses because they really made their personalities shine. Here’s a glimpse of the Cerianos. <3 Berry: How long have you guys known each other in sl?
Garrett Ceriano: 5 minutes
Berry: lol
Gabe Ceriano: two years
Gabe Ceriano: well one
Gabe Ceriano: almost two

Berry: and what made you guys decide to start a blog together?
Gabe Ceriano: Um, Garrett has a nice style and I was getting bored of just me
Garrett Ceriano: I chose to blog with him because it’s what’s good for me.
Berry: were you threatened and blackmailed to do it?
Gabe Ceriano: Yes I did.
Garrett Ceriano: Well, my life is in danger
Berry: hahahahahaha
Gabe Ceriano: I told him he has to blog with me
Garrett Ceriano: We had intended on blogging together but I had never gotten around to doing that with him because I resisted and also had something “better” to do
Berry: hahahahhahaha I love your bluntness.
Garrett Ceriano: So we just decided since we get dressed up and such to go to functions together we could do the same for a blog
Garrett Ceriano: And i’ll give him credit for our new blog totally being his idea and it gives me something to use my creativity on, I’m more productive under pressure lol
Berry: awwww, you guys make a good team.

Berry: ok Garrett, tell me what you like most about Gabe. 😛
Garrett Ceriano: afk
Berry: hahahahahaha
Berry: I think he’s running away from the question
Gabe Ceriano: he is. He dislikes me T-T
Gabe Ceriano: So Garrett what do you like about me? lol
Garrett Ceriano: We just met like 5 minutes ago
Garrett Ceriano: The things I like most about him are…
Garrett Ceriano: He can stick to scheduling better than I can
Garrett Ceriano: He can wear anything and pull it off, I can’t…
Berry: I would have to agree with that (him being able to pull off anything)
Garrett Ceriano: He puts up with my temper
Berry: you have a pretty bad temper huh?
Garrett Ceriano: NO COMMENT
Berry: hahahha

Berry: ok Gabe you tell me now, what do you like most about Garrett
Gabe Ceriano: I typed this when garrett was talking so
Garrett Ceriano: He likes that I cut him off when I’m still talking
Gabe Ceriano: Garrett is very passionate with everything he does. He has his view points as is very unwilling to change his view points. Sometimes he lets me be the boss. Sometimes. He’s sweet and kind and childish and he fixes my typos. He always makes me laugh…like now <-< Berry: awwwwwwww you guys are totally adorable. Garrett Ceriano: I think we keep each other grounded Garrett2

I really had such a fun time chatting with both of them. They are both very down to earth and friendly, not to mention incredibly stylish. So do check out their blog when you get the chance.

Thank you Gabe and Garrett for posing for me. <3 And now here's what they are wearing: What Garrett Ceriano is wearing: (left)
*Skin: -Belleza- Ashton Medium Bald (chest hair) by Tricky Boucher
*Eyes: MADesigns- EYES_NATURE ~ Island Green by Maddox DuPont
*Hair: RAW HOUSE :: Flatliner [DkBrown 01] by Jay Khaos
*Hairbase: .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ Hair Base ~ Dark Brown VIII
*Piercing: =Razorblade Jacket= – Sweet Spiked Face by Kehl Razor
*Glasses: *Muism*- Alibi shade [L] by Icemocolo Voom
*Jacket: Dirty Hands – Punk Outfit Male – Leather Jacket by Traveller Bade
*Shirt: /artilleri/- Bowling shirt *Flames – Black/Color* by Antonia Marat
*Watch: *chronokit* watch no.36 Dio Red by Kit Pizzacato
*Tattoo: AITUI TATTOO – Guided Stars by Jesseaitui Petion
*Pants: HAVANA- Checkmate Pants Red & White by Ricco Saenz (currently only available on marketplace, sold by Keebo Kidd)
*Boots: *Muism*- Troy boots_Black by Icemocolo Voom

What Gabe Bookmite is wearing: (right)
Hair/hairbase: [CheerNo] Hair DIAS / Dark 3.1
Eyes: CheerNo ~ Ollie. Prim Eyes Loked Brown
Skin: Tableau Vivant~ Vincent December
Nails Mstyle~ Male Nails – B&W+
Beard: NANUK ~ birk beard black
Vest: *Muism* Biker Vest/Grey p01
Shirt: [pivaaca] -Homme- Printing Cut ‘n Sew *09*
Pants: Adjunct Denim – Santa Fe Jean – Smokey Quartz
Boots: COCO ~ Homme EngineerBoots
Piercings: [CheerNo] Ears GAUGE Full SET 2


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

4 thoughts on “Male Fashion – Gabe and Garrett

  • Renee Harvy

    Love this so much! 😀

  • Garrett is soo cutee!:DTall ,handsome and cute!♥
    On the other hand Gabe is very stylish,totally love their blog and styles.Great ideea with this post!

  • chillilly

    If only those CoCo boots weren’t to insanely script intense.
    I absolutely love their look and they looked so pretty for most of my outfits, but just those boots would kick my script load to at least 4x more than my “most script heavy” outfit.

    Hence why I stopped shopping for Coco’s boots… sadly. 🙁

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