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Male Fashion – Nathan Chaffe

Male Fashion - Nathan Chaffe

It was definitely time for me to do another male fashion post. The number of male victims that have graced my blog is now up to 26. I’m hoping to get some more over the summer.

Meet Nathan Chaffe, he is one of the most talented photographers I have had the pleasure of knowing. I first met Nathan back when I won the Belleza contest and he had so nicely immed me to congratulate me. Over the years, from time to time he would contact me again and we would have nice little chats. I was always amazed by the work on his flickr. He has great style and a great eye for photography. His pictures are simple yet creative. I adore them. That’s why I was really excited to hear that he has started his own male fashion blog as well! I also made him join plurk, so if you’re on plurk, make sure to add him and be nice to him so he doesn’t yell at me for inviting him! 😛

He also recently took a picture of me which I absolutely adore, but I will be blogging that for you guys tomorrow with some exciting news about something amazing that is about to hit the grid. So make sure to visit me again tomorrow for that update.

Male Fashion - Nathan Chaffe

Here’s all the places you can stalk Nathan:
Nathan Chaffe’s blog:
Nathan Chaffe’s flickr:
Nathan Chaffe’s plurk:

Thank you so much Nathan for taking the time to pose for me and for the absolutely amazing picture you did of me! <3 What Nathan is wearing:
SKIN: FRUK – Lennon skin – The Stubble – Tone 3
BLAZER: KAUNA – Black Blazer
SHIRT: Schadenfreude – White Oxford Shirt
PANTS: Valiant Grey V001 Jeans
BOOTS: Ju – Kboots – black
SUNGLASSES: ARMIDI – Lifestyle Aviators – silver (modified)


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