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Male Fashion – Liquidh3ll Carter

Male Fashion - Liquidh3ll Carter

I first noticed Liquidh3ll Carter in other people’s plurks chiming in with his hilarious comments. But I’m always too shy to add people on plurk. Luckily he sent me a friend request himself and that’s when I noticed all the questions he asks everyone on his timeline. In fact, he’s made a whole database of the questions, it’s hilarious! LOL I think he’s secretly planning to take over the world, or something.

Anyhow, I find him to be so sweet and charming that I couldn’t resist asking him to pose for me for another male fashion blog post where I pick on some male friends and ask them intrusive questions or just bash them, cuz you know…it’s fun.

Male Fashion - Liquidh3ll Carter

So here are some of the questions I asked him while I was taking these images:

Strawberry Singh: awwww, look at you getting all dressed up for this 😛
Liq (liquidh3ll.carter): confession, ive been wearing this for 2 weeks
Strawberry Singh: LOLOL, That’s so going in the post
Liq (liquidh3ll.carter): CBF CHANGING

Strawberry Singh: ok so my first question is…What do you love about SL?
Liq (liquidh3ll.carter): I love the people of Second Life. If it weren’t for the people, no matter how much of a creative outlet this virtual world is, my attention span wouldn’t survive it. I think it’s the different people and their dynamics that make this place and really everything I do at the root of it is for the people. It’s very “oldschool SL thinking”; for the people, of the people, by the people. They’re the reason for me, without a doubt.

Strawberry Singh: So what’s up with all the questions you’re always asking on plurk? 😛
Liq (liquidh3ll.carter): I like to know how people collectively think and what elicits response. When they contribute, I like to understand how they get to that point and their trains of thought. It’s never about a single person but more about the community as a whole – what makes us all tick? What are we passionate for? Why do we think we are the way we are? We’re in this virtual space so much and a lot of it we know intrinsically, I just like to field those ideas into a generic structure of curious questions!

Strawberry Singh: I hear you are collecting all this data, there might even be spreadsheets of answers involved. Is this true, and if so, what are you planning to do with it?
Liq (liquidh3ll.carter): Hahaha, there’s no spreadsheet of answers, although I did make every question I asked between Sept 2011 and Sept 2012 available for browsing for a short while. Everything I want to do with it, I kind of already have; when I read through the answers and the tangent discussions that follow, it gives me a pseudo-fleshed out idea of how our community comes together. That and the FBI watchlist projects.

Strawberry Singh: After reading and obtaining all this data, what have you learned about the community?
Liq (liquidh3ll.carter): We are a whole mess of people with different, often conflicting, wants and needs. And we all get thrown into this dorm room of Plurk. The public timeline is the hallway and occasionally you pop into a room or two when you overhear a conversation and want to contribute. Sometimes some doors are locked unless you have a special key. We’re a bunch of really nutty people trying to make do by clashing and melding with others. It’s a beautiful collision. The one thing I take away is that everyone has their own challenges and try not to judge – for the most part, people have a high moral compass and tenacity that puts them at odds with others sometimes. But I’ve seen both terrible and absolutely selfless things from the same individuals time and time again. Go figure, huh?

Strawberry Singh: I can absolutely believe that. So what is it that YOU do on SL when you’re not collecting data on people in order to take over the world?
Liq (liquidh3ll.carter): Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of contract content creation work. This is either graphic design for logos or templates or scripting contracts for other people’s products or events. I’ve been trying to learn mesh, but it’s slow going mainly because of the immense investment of time and energy that goes into that. I’m very impressed by mesh creators for this reason; I think they have incredible patience, their skills are amazing and their products beautifully engaging. I have some logos on my flickr and I scripted the Global Domination event by The Hottie Cooterati Experience that recently ended. I’m waiting for some feedback, but I hear people enjoyed the frustration of solving puzzles LOL

Strawberry Singh: Yeah it was a lot of fun. What are your future plans for second life? Planning to open up a store? What are you working towards?
Liq (liquidh3ll.carter): I currently have a Marketplace-only store which I release like one thing every few months for. SL is kind of a hobby and creative outlet from the stresses of my real life. I think it would be kind of cool to regularly create and release more products and even be involved in hunts, but at this stage, I don’t have the time to actively market and commit to deadlines. There’s nothing I hate more than flaking on people for committed releases, so I want to make sure I’m in a position to promise something. Otherwise, SL can be a glorified chat room where I connect and catch up with people who don’t have me on Skype.

Strawberry Singh: How did you learn about sl?
Liq (liquidh3ll.carter): I learned about SL by accident. I was bored while on mid-semester break at university, so I tried out some MMOs and SL stuck due to it’s platform for creation and social aspects. I didn’t expect to stay, but now Liquid is facing down his 6th rezday this July. I was lucky enough to meet some really fantastic people early on that helped shape my experience well, so I’m super grateful for those that help others.

Strawberry Singh: How old are you btw?
Liq (liquidh3ll.carter): I’ll be 27 on March 24th.

Strawberry Singh: So now I’m going to ask you the question that I’m sure all the girls want to know the answer to. Are you single?
Liq (liquidh3ll.carter): Hahaha! Oh, the exclusive, huh? I’m currently dating Scarlet Chandrayaan. She’s a little dirty ginger with a mesh home and garden store, Alouette. I have always kept my personal life on the private side and I’m glad that she’s of the same mindset. I’ve never hidden it; I’ve told anyone who has asked the right questions 😉

Strawberry Singh: And it’s ok if I mention it on the blog and possibly link to her profile and any incriminating pictures I find on google image search?
Liq (liquidh3ll.carter): I’ll even help you find the incriminating pictures, tbh.

Strawberry Singh: Awesome! I’m almost done. Is there anything else you want to mention?
Liq (liquidh3ll.carter): Strawberry Singh is a fruit-bovine pervert.
Strawberry Singh: I see. Well just for that I may have to edit some of your answers and put words into your mouth to make it look like you’re out to destroy the world. Or just you know, stalk people or something!!!
Liq (liquidh3ll.carter): Hahahahahah

Here are some places where you can stalk Liq:
He manages Alice Project:
His BareSL post where he shared more about himself: BareSL

Thank you so much Liq for taking the time to pose for me and also for bringing so much positive energy and fun to my plurk timeline. <3 This is what Liq is wearing:
Skin: LaVie Damiani #6 Chin Beard [BH]
Hair: ::Exile:: AJ (Drift), -Entente- Dark Brown Hairbase
Shirt: FATEwear Suit – Edward Shirt – Tundra
Pants: FATEwear Suit – Edward Pants (Stiff) – Void
Shoes: Kauna – Brogues Black
– FATEwear Suit – Edward Waistcoat – London
– FATEwear Suit – Edward Belt – Void
– FATEwear Suit – Edward Blazer – Open – Void
– FATEwear Suit – Edward Tie – LondonAlley
Poses: Diesel Works


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

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