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Absolut Creation Adam Bento Male Mesh Head

Absolut Creation Adam Bento Male Mesh Head

Ginger Chevalier of Absolut Creation released mesh bodies and mesh heads for both male and female avatars a while back. The male body and head were called Adam and the female body and head were called Eve. Now she has updated both the male and female heads to Bento. Last week I gave you a detailed post about Eve and today I will talk about Adam. I have also made a video showing you the HUD and everything it comes with, but before that, here is some information about the head:

  • Beta: This head is currently in beta so it is still being worked on and there may be some bugs but it is fully functional.
  • Price: While the head stays in beta, the cost will be 50% off so currently only L$850, with updates for life. It is available at the Absolut Creation mainstore as well as the marketplace. The DEMO is L$1 and available in the mainstore.
  • Omega Compatible: This head is Omega compatible and you can pick up the Omega System kit for it on marketplace.
  • Skins & Makeup: This head comes with 11 skin tones and many options for beards, eyebrows, hairbases, lashes, eyeshadows, lipstick, neck tattoos, face tattoos and all of these are also tintable.
  • Animations & Static Poses: It comes with a HUD that provides two face animations as well as 6 static poses.
  • Addons: There are mesh beards that you can purchase as an addon for this bento mesh head. Available on the Absolut Creation marketplace and mainstore.
  • Adam Mesh Body: I am wearing this head with the Adam mesh body which is also available at the Absolut Creation mainstore and marketplace. I have not tried it with any other mesh body as I am not aware of Adam body appliers available for other bodies.

Watch my video on YouTube:

In the video and picture I am wearing the Dave applier from Avenge for this Adam head. Avenge has quite a few appliers for Adam mesh heads out now. You can find them in their mainstore and their marketplace store. Adam Shape

UPDATE: I have released my Adam shape and it can be found in my marketplace store at this link.

Here are some links for Absolut Creation:

Shape: Adam Shape by Strawberry Singh
*Mesh Body: Absolut Creation -ADAM Mesh body -v1.4b by Ginger Chevalier
*Mesh Head: Absolut Creation ADAM-head -#beta v1.4 BENTO by Ginger Chevalier
*Skin Applier: [Avenge] Dave skin applier for ADAM head by AvengeStore
Eyes: IKON Charm Eyes – Coffee by Ikon Innovia
*Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Oliver hair by M4ri1yn Magic (@ TMD)
*Top: ColdAsh CONNOR Long Sleeve Polo by ColdAsh (@ Signature Event)
*Jeans:  ColdAsh ELIAS Skinny Jeans by ColdAsh
*Background: RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Concrete Corner by Faullon


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Signature Gianni Male Mesh Body

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