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Meet My Bratty Nephew Ron

Meet My Bratty Nephew Ron

Inworld he’s known as coolron28 and on plurk he’s known as RonZoon or whatever display name he has chosen that day. He’s the brat that charmed me with his adorable, witty humor and made me want to adopt him. I’m not sure how he became my fake internet nephew, but all I know is one day he called me “Aunt Berry” on plurk and I kind of sort of fell in love. So now he is my adorable, but incredibly bratty nephew, Ron. <3

I wanted to introduce him to you guys as well and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to interrogate him and add him to my “Men on the Grid” series.

Cool Aunt - Bratty Nephew

He’s a young fashionisto in the making and is well known on plurk for his love of elegant and classy male fashion along with his obsession with puppies and other cute furry animals. Since he is beloved to so many plurkers, I figured I’d ask them to help me out with some of the questions with this interview…that turned out to be interesting lol. The questions were a bit crazier than I expected but I did try to incorporate some of them. You can read the rest of them in my plurk.

Since this post is going to be very long, I’m going to continue it after this cut:

Here is how the interview started:

coolron28: HI AUNT BERRY
coolron28: I was worried if you’d make it
coolron28: AND NOW YOURE NOT
Strawberry Singh: I CRASHED OK
coolron28: That was an inauspicious start
Strawberry Singh: yes it was
Strawberry Singh: ok can I tp you?
coolron28: mhm
Second Life: Teleport offer sent
Strawberry Singh: helloo
Strawberry Singh: look at you all dapper
coolron28: heloooooo
coolron28: bollywood music, omg
Strawberry Singh: haha yes of course, have you not been to the zaara sim before?
coolron28: I don’t know
Strawberry Singh: tsk tsk
Strawberry Singh: ok so do you have a fav sim?
coolron28: I’m not on much okay!
Strawberry Singh: lemme see if I can think of a place you would fit in
coolron28: Idk if I trust you to pick though :p
Strawberry Singh: oh realllyyyy, are you getting smart with me mister??
coolron28: Yes’m
Strawberry Singh: have to show your bratty side already
coolron28: Isn’t it always showing? 😀
Strawberry Singh: lol this is true
coolron28: Wait
Strawberry Singh: what?
coolron28: Is this on the record, omg
Strawberry Singh: YES
Strawberry Singh: everything is
coolron28: oh god, what have i done
Strawberry Singh: yer screwed
coolron28: I was anyway
coolron28: Guess I might as well be as bratty as possible!
Strawberry Singh: lol I would be shocked if you weren’t

So then I teleported him to the NYC sim and this is the first thing he says to me:
coolron28: Since we’re in NYC Aunt Berry, can we go shopping?
Strawberry Singh: lol sure
coolron28: Can you buy me things?
Strawberry Singh: LOLOL

And then the interrogation started…. I was pretty tame though, gosh I am a pushover Aunt.
Strawberry Singh: First question, how did you find out about Second Life and why did you decide to join?
coolron28: Okay so it was many many years ago. I was just looking for free games to play and found sl. The experience seemed different and interesting from other games so i gave it a shot.
Strawberry Singh: Are you a regular gamer?
coolron28: I am indeed

Strawberry Singh: On plurk, wolfy wanted to know what your fav game console and controller is, is that a legit question or was it just crazy like the rest of his questions? lol
coolron28: Oh god, that was a semi-legitimate question. He knows what it is. It has to do with an incident in plurk where I admitted to using a PS3 controller in ‘unconventional’ ways
Strawberry Singh: oh lord! LOLOL!!!
coolron28: Yeah, IT WAS ONE TIME!
Strawberry Singh: More than I want to know about my nephew really
coolron28: Mhm
coolron28: Are all the questions going to be like this?
Strawberry Singh: yes they are

Strawberry Singh: How long have you been in Second Life and what do you do here?
coolron28: It’s almost 3 years on Ron. And my older account is 4 years old. I first tried sl sixish years ago. I don’t do anything really lol. I just hang out with friends and family. Explore. Ocassionally shop. Put myself up for auctions :p
Strawberry Singh: you have more family here?
coolron28: Mhm
Strawberry Singh: So you’re a bit of a roleplayer?
coolron28: Not really I don’t get too into the family roleplay, they’re just really close friends I trust a lot that have given me advice and just been there for me.

Strawberry Singh: So why did you make me your aunt? 😛
coolron28: I thought I’d be able to namedrop you to help get women 😀
Strawberry Singh: OMG LOLOL I’m gonna kick you!
coolron28: I haven’t done it yet!
Strawberry Singh: that’s seriously why you did it??? I THOUGHT IT WAS CUZ YOU THOUGHT I WOULD MAKE A COOL AUNT?
coolron28: You are! That’s why it was!
Strawberry Singh: SO FIRED
coolron28: You’re hilarious and give my brattiness right back to me
Strawberry Singh: haha ok, I forgive you then.
coolron28: Okay good
coolron28: When the right one comes along, I’ll pick her up using your name.
Strawberry Singh: lolol great, I feel so good knowing I can help you get laid.
coolron28: Hey you can do the same!
Strawberry Singh: Right Ron, I’m totally gonna namedrop you.

Strawberry Singh: I noticed that on plurk, you are very fashion conscious and really into RL fashion, name some of your favorite designers in RL.
coolron28: Oh god, this is going to take forever.
Strawberry Singh: Top 3! I don’t have all night 😛
coolron28: I wasn’t prepared for this: Stephan Schneider is top of the list. He’s like completely unknown. He’s been around for a while. His entire company has 4 employees including himself.
coolron28: Yohji Yamamoto, cause he’s da gawd!
coolron28: last one, I’ll go with Dries van Noten.

Strawberry Singh: Ok, good choices. Now your top 3 SL designers.
coolron28: Hmmm, though they haven’t put out some things in a while: Entente and Sleepy Eddy
Strawberry Singh: yeah they seem your style
coolron28: They’re just clean and classy, and also Fatewear.

Strawberry Singh: So when I asked the plurkers to give me questions for you…
coolron28: oh god
Strawberry Singh: Sylvia Olivier wanted you to describe your dream shoe, what’s that all about? lol
coolron28: So I’m really into shoes…
Strawberry Singh: So basically you’re a girl 😛
coolron28: Along with everything else clothing related. Pretty much lol. And I’ve applied to a shoe making course
Strawberry Singh: in RL? nice
coolron28: mhm
Strawberry Singh: Tell me about it
coolron28: It’s a bespoke shoe making course. Like shoes custom made to your feet and exactly how you like it. And all old school. No machines at all. It’s at one of the best bespoke shoe makers in the world. These are dress shoes and boots. (He just plurked that he got in, congrats Ron, so proud <3)
Strawberry Singh: So not only are you interested in fashion, but also in the designing aspect of it.
coolron28: Yes! I’d rather be on the buying side though
Strawberry Singh: you never thought about designing in sl?
coolron28: I’m not incredibly artistic. I have zero creating skills. I can make a box, that’s about it.
Strawberry Singh: lol ok

Strawberry Singh: More of the plurkers questions…Taisynn wanted to know which foreign country would you like to travel to first?
coolron28: Let’s see…Japan. But since the shoe making course is in Italy, I hope that one’s next.
coolron28: I’ve also been to the UK, Canada and I was born in India. And obviously ‘Murica right now
Strawberry Singh: oh you were? I didn’t know that
coolron28: Omg! You’re supposed to be my aunt!
Strawberry Singh: BORN in India I meant 😛 I knew you were FROM there!
coolron28: Fired

Strawberry Singh: Now, I’m gonna ask the most important question, that all the girls have been wondering about for so very very long..Are you single?
coolron28: Have they? I am!
coolron28: (save me from her)
Strawberry Singh: Yes you are up for a date auction at Haven Hollow right now and I have bid on you and I have some evil evil plans muahahahahahaha

Strawberry Singh: Shae Sixpence wants to know exactly how you manage to not date anyone when you’ve so many girls trailing at your heels constantly?
coolron28: Umm,well they never come forth!
Strawberry Singh: lol
coolron28: And I talk to girls
Strawberry Singh: so you’re saying…if a girl came forth, you would date her.
coolron28: Depends on who it is and if we click.
Strawberry Singh: ok fair enough

Strawberry Singh: What do you think you have gained from Second Life?
coolron28: So I’ve gained a lot from second life. People of plurk make it happen. I’ve gained so many friends. I’ve had relationships (SEE IM NOT ALWAYS SINGLE). It’s helped me become more confident and outgoing in rl and uhhhhh I got the coolest fake internet aunt ever <3
Strawberry Singh: awwwwww <3

Strawberry Singh: I think I’m done with the interview, did you want to say anything else to my readers?
coolron28: Mhm, I’d just like to thank my wonderful Aunt Berry for having me on her fabulous blog and I promised Miranda I would mention her so here you go!
Strawberry Singh: awwww, you’re a sweetheart <3

Even though I had tortured him in his plurk about how mean I was going to be to him during this interview, I just couldn’t get myself to do it. He’s a sweetheart and I adore him. I hope you guys enjoyed getting to know him better as well. He’s very friendly and outgoing so I encourage you guys to add him at the following links and hit on him mercilessly so I get to hear more hilarious stories. Also, he IS up for a date auction at Haven Hollow right now, and I DO have the highest bid on him currently because I have evil plans to dress him up in embarrassing clothes and take lots of pictures. However, if you do want to date him, then feel free to outbid me…I might not even hunt you down and kill you. <3

Thank you Ron for letting me interrogate you. Love you! <3

Here’s how you can stalk him:
Ron on Plurk
Ron on Facebook
Ron on Flickr
Ron on Tumblr

What Ron is wearing:
Skin: The Body Co. – Hunter Tropez
Hair: Burley – Gosling
Shirt: Sleepy Eddy – Pea Coat Navy
Pants: Entente – Couleur Jeans
Shoes: Entente – Soldat boots
Accessories: Slink- Male Hands Relaxed
Jomo- etched hair
Poses: Diesel Works

What I’m wearing:
*Skin: Glam Affair
*Hair: Truth
*Outfit: Mutresse (FaMESHed)
*Shoes: Maitreya
*Pose: Exposeur

Location: New York City in SL


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

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