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SL Go by OnLive

SL Go by OnLive

Linden Lab and OnLive have just announced SL Go by OnLive. SL Go by OnLive is the first Second Life mobile app viewer that enables you to experience Second Life on your Android device over a 4G/LTE or wireless connection. Because SL Go runs on the OnLive game platform and is rendered on their servers and the rendered video is sent down the network to the OnLive software, it comes close to giving a rich desktop experience.

I have to admit, I’ve been playing with SL Go for the past week now on an android tablet as well as on my tv and, at times, it actually worked better than it does on my computer. I crashed a lot less, things rezzed a lot quicker and I was able to move around and go about doing things faster with a lot less lag.

Here is an image of me landing on the New York City sim which takes me 8 minutes (I counted) to load on my computer (check my computer specs here) and when I landed using SL Go by OnLive on the Samsung Galaxy Tablet SCH-I905 it took exactly one minute to load.

Rez Time with SL Go by OnLive

Then I was able to walk around with no lag or issues. I did crash twice because my inventory was still loading (it’s over 100K.) While on my main avatar, Strawberry Singh, I crashed twice with this and I got these two messages: Network Problem and Network Quality Problem I’m assuming this also possibly had to do with my network connection during those moments. This didn’t happen to me when I was logged in with my ALT (ManBerry) who has less than 5K inventory. It was so smooth and fast and lag-free for me. I was on a 10 inch tablet and had shadows and was exploring around lag free.

While exploring with the tablet, I also took many pictures that you see in this post. These ones are actually screenshots I took by using the screenshot button on the tablet itself. However, I also took images by using the snapshot button inworld and then sending the snapshots directly to my.secondlife profile feed there are two that I took there.

I also tried the OnLive Gaming System by plugging it directly into my flat screen HDTV. It needs to be directly connected by wire to your network for it to work efficiently. I was not able to do that because my HDTV is not close to a wired connection, so I used a wireless bridge instead. It worked, but ran sluggishly with a bit of lag and some pixelation. Obviously this is my fault because I wasn’t connecting it the way it is supposed to be connected. I did however love the way the joystick made it so easy to navigate and explore Second Life. I might work on setting up some sort of wired connection close to my television so I can SL on my HDTV because the joystick made it so much more fun and easier to explore!

Here are some links where you can find more information about SL Go OnLive:
SL Go by OnLive website
SL Go in the Google Play store
Linden Lab’s announcement about SL Go by OnLive
Promotional Video by OnLive
Inara Pey also did a detailed post with loads of information, along with pricing.
Draxtor did a great review in his video which shows him building and exploring using the tablet.

So what does this all mean to the old-time Second Life resident, like myself? I think not much as I can’t see us using it that often unless we are travelling or wish to sit on our beds and laze around as we play SL. I tend to take a few vacations a year so now it will be great for me because I can just take a tablet with me and login when/if I need to. I can see it coming in very handy for those users that don’t have a high-end computer and wish to experience SL as it can be. It’s also great for when you want to get into an event or a sim that is very laggy, without constantly crashing.

However, the costs are also there; $3/hour to use it. I can’t see this replacing my regular desktop use but I can see it possibly grabbing the attention of new users and those residents that are more mobile than I am. I think it’s definitely a step forward in terms of mobility and possibly getting the attention of a new market of users.

You can download the app and give it a try for free. They give you a free 20 minutes on sign up. Try it out and see how you like it.

Is this something you can see yourself using?

*Skin: Al Vulo by Hlin Bluebird
*Hair: Truth by Truth Hawks
*Clothing: Mutresse by Eeky Cioc
*Purse: Hucci by Eboni Khan
*Shoes: Gos by Gospel Voom
Location: NYC Sim
*Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab SCH-I905 (Provided by OnLive)
*OnLive OGS: OnLive Game System (Provided by OnLive)

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