Strike a Pose Challenge!

Since Pose Fair just started this past Saturday, I was inspired to do a Pose challenge this week for my Monday Meme!

Harlow and Berry taking a selfie

Meme Instructions: Share a picture of your favorite pose or a list of your favorite posemakers on the grid! Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments and share your picture in the blog memes flickr group.

Posemakers often get forgotten in the credits of fashion blogs, which is such a shame. I feel that the pose is what really makes or breaks an image. That’s why I always try to credit poses and pose props whenever I can.

I probably own thousands of poses and I do try to blog from a variety of posemakers, but there are a few that are my favorites that I always return to.

Strike a Pose!

Some of my favorite posemakers and poses:

  1. Long Awkward Pose by Dove Swanson – (no longer available) – I have to include Dove’s store in here even though it is closed and no longer on the grid because it was her store that made me fall in love with poses in the first place. Before I found her store, I was using crappy freebie poses. I didn’t even realize how creative and well-done poses can totally transform our pictures. She was also the first posemaker I ever blogged about. I love all of Dove’s poses and still use them till this day but two of my favorite sets of hers were her Model School 1 and Model School 2 poses (which I still use) as well as one pose set that was called “Dog Eat Dog World” which had the most fierce poses. I just used one pose from that set recently in this post. I absolutely LOVE that set!
  2. Diesel Works by Rogan Diesel – I know I am biased with this one because I work for Rogan, however, I was buying and blogging his poses way before I started working for him. I feel like Rogan has some of the best singles poses as well as props on the grid. Also, his male poses are my favorites and the only ones I use anytime I am posing a male avatar. I love his singles because they look so natural and have a great sense of movement. You can feel the movement in the first picture I took of Bouncer Criss in this post. His pose props are some of the best on the grid, my favorites of course are the Serpent and the Modeling Chair. He always makes the sexiest chairs and seats. The chaise you see me sitting on in the third image is available at his booth at the Pose Fair right now.
  3. Exposeur by RubyStarlight Writer – Ruby has, hands down, the best couples poses on the grid. I have tried numerous couples/groups poses from other posemakers and most of the time they are a bit awkward or not natural looking. She manages to make hers always so natural and smooth. Her couples poses are the ones I usually use the most, as you can see from my pinterest. One of my most favorite poses from her is the one I used with the Droids. It comes with the bench and has such a natural feel to it. I especially love how her foot is covering his. It’s little touches like that that make me fall in love with the pose. The adorable selfie pose that I am in with Harlow Heslop in the first two images is currently available at the Exposeur booth at Pose Fair.
  4. Di’s Opera by Di Hoorenbeek – When I want high fashion poses, Di’s Opera is the one I turn to. Her poses are also very natural looking but have quite a bit of attitude as well. Di closed her store for a little while back in 2012 but I’m happy to see she is back on the grid and making more poses once again. One of my favorite poses from Di’s is from the Expose Line set, I blogged it at this link but you can see the rest of the poses in that set on her flickr.
  5. Geez by Grazia Horwitz – When I’m looking for a really classy pose, I turn to Geez. Grazia had also closed her store for quite a while, but Geez poses were always available on marketplace. However, she recently opened it up again on the Miamai sim.

Other places that I also love poses from are Del May, Kirin, oOo Studio, LostAngel and so many more. A big thank you to all the posemakers that are so creative and bring such fun and interesting poses to the grid. A simple pose or prop can really spruce up a picture. I hope you guys are able to share some of your favorite posers and poses!

Strike a Pose Challenge!

Please remember that you can participate in any of the memes/challenges at any time. You’ll find them all under my Blog Challenges category along with other memes and challenges I’ve done over the years.

If you haven’t checked out Pose Fair as of yet, here are some helpful links:

Pose Fair SLurl
Pose Fair Blog
Pose Fair Flickr Group
Pose Fair on Seraphim (pictures of vendors)

Finally, a big thank you to Harlow Heslop whom I messaged late last night because I needed a friend for the selfie pose and she got ready and posed with me in record timing. For credits to Harlow’s outfit, check out her blog.

What Harlow is wearing: (girl on the left)
Check her blog for details.

What I’m wearing: (girl on the right)
*Skin :-Glam Affair – Aria – Jamaica 02 F by Aida Ewing (@ Collabor88)
*Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes Brown by Ikon Innovia
Eyelashes: Mon Cheri “Falsies” Eyelash by Freya Olivieri
*Hair: TRUTH HAIR Harriet by Truth Hawks
*Top: Maitreya * Sand * Half Tucked Shirt S by Onyx LeShelle (blog)
*Jeans: Maitreya Boyfriend Jeans Slim – Dark S by Onyx LeShelle (blog)
*Belt: Maitreya Boyfriend Jeans_Belt S by Onyx LeShelle (blog)
*Necklace: .Olive. the Folded Golden Paper Letter Necklace – B by naminaeko
*Ring: MG – Ring – Karina Court – Small by Maxi Gossamer
*Mesh Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Small by Siddean Munro
*Mesh Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) S – High by Siddean Munro
*Shoes: Hucci Waltham Sandals – 21Shoe Edition by Eboni Khan (TODAY ONLY!)
Bag: .Olive. the Carry Me Satchel – Tan[R] by naminaeko

Poses & Props:
1st & 2nd image: {.:exposeur:.} #pinupbesties by RubyStarlight Writer (Currently at Pose Fair)
3rd image: Diesel Works Vanity Chaise by Rogan Diesel (Currently at Pose Fair)

Location in first two images: The Pixel Bean

43 thoughts on “Strike a Pose Challenge!

  1. Starr Ghost says:

    love your choices and another one of my favorites is Image Essentials by Kay Weston ~ guess am partial to her poses since I have helped her model several of them ~

  2. I love all poses, but 90% of the selfies I take are while dancing and the pose is a capture of a dance move.

    I did make my own poses for a pic some time ago. It was the classic lean against the lamp post type…. . Might try some more and add to this :)

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  4. I really miss new releases from Glitterati, it used to be my favorite pose store, I have every single prop from her. Yesterday I went to the Pose Fair and get some really good poses and some free too like the one I posted yesterday from !Bang here

  5. My oh my! Who’s that hot redhead with you?

  6. that was fun, LOVE the selfy pic! and You made me shop! –.–

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  9. I have been a huge fan of Virtual Props and Poses and I still use a ton of her stuff today. I never grow tired of her versatility, her eye for detail and the her love of whimsical items.

  10. Nice blog :) I want to ask you if you wanna follow each other? I would be glad! Have a nice day.

    My Fashion Insider.

  11. Vivena Resident says:

    i ♥ Project Puppet by Bren Dovgal (her posefair cabaret prop is awesome) and Focus Poses ( im really tempted to get the 50’s Diner Set later) who now once again have a brand new inworld store :-) I have so many single pose/sets that its hard to find ones that are really doing something different, so ive turned to prop sets, they are so much fun! I just spent a fortune at the fair but i got some really good ones and only got halfway through .. going again tomorrow hehe .. juxtapose had a great telephone booth set with prop that i just couldn’t resist and i love Nantra’s fun stuff like the shoe set and the catwalk poses which i use a lot. I could go on for ever cos im a pose addict, thank god im not into shoes as well or id have to rob a bank to pay for it all LOL!

  12. Hi Berry,

    I hope you had a good week end! I love this week’s theme for the challenge and here is my post:

    x o x o

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  14. VERY VERY long post which took for-e-ver, I am calling this tomorrow’s post too *wink*. Good freebie info included.


  15. It was fun figuring out which are my go to stores – and I ended up with more than I expected, ten! Astonishing.

  16. Very cute photo of yours and your friend :) very spring shot.
    So, thought about list of posemakers and couldn’t remember all, some of them not such popular as those in your list or list of others. Anyway, cant pick up fav pose too, they are all my fav, because I owned them for a concrete idea. Here is two of my pics I decided to make today, immediately after your post :) Honestly hadn’t any ideas, my muse left me slamming the door and made me jaw dropped lol. But after she saw me stubbornly taking pics and deleting them (or maybe my angry face), she decided to help me :D

    Thanks for great meme, Berry :)

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  19. Just one of the many things I got at pose fair is Bounce This poses Strolling

    Now to just unpack everything else! :D

  20. Thank you for the reminder. I need to make time for the pose fair! I’m getting bored with the same poses.
    Here is my post:

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  22. […] your favorite posemakers on the grid! Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments (of this post) and share your picture in the blog memes flickr […]

  23. It’s been a while, but I definitely wanted to do this meme with it being right at the same time as Pose Fair!

  24. […] Special thanks to Strawberry Singh for providing the inspiration for this post through her Monday Meme: Strike a Pose Challenge. […]

  25. For this challenge, I had a party in a box! Thanks as usual for getting me out of my comfort zone Berry; inspiration much appreciated :)

  26. Now this was REALLY a challenge. I probably have more poses than hair!! A good one Berry.

  27. Not a huge shopper of poses, though Shaylin is. So we decided, after taking a pic with direct inspiration from Berry and Harlow’s pic, decided to take a short tour of Pose Fair 2014.

  28. Well this has gotten me back into doing some more poses of my own. So I made a Pose Album on Flickr an will just ad them there, :)

    I even found one I could have used for the Dance meme, Berry. Thanks for the push back to this:)

  29. Poses are the heart of any pic, aren’t they? Hail to the posemakers! Here’s my list:

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  31. Hi, dearest fruit;)
    A lovely meme as always and a nice occasion for me to get busy while on vacation:)


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  33. Did a video and the meme. Yeah, ok… I’m a poser. Great post, thanks again.

  34. I felt like we were all vogue-ing together with this one. Thank you all so much for participating and sharing your favorites.

    I got this week’s meme up now, hope you can participate once again!

  35. chericolette says:


    I was reminded about this meme the other day and this photo/meme is perfect…as in timing for me. My last year (rl) at Uni and I will be Jumping For Joy :)

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