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My Phat Azz

My Phat Azz
(this is a raw shot)

I think at least 50 people have asked me if I was going to blog the infamous new “Phat Azz” so here it is, my Phat Azz post! Phat Azz is a mesh derriere that was released by CK Winx about two weeks ago.

I was planning to demo it eventually, but yesterday, Ms. Zaara Kohime sent it to me as a belated birthday present. I’ve been playing around with it all day and I’ve decided to share some of my thoughts on it.

It’s natural for people to feel uneasy or turned off from products they don’t feel suit their style and taste, however there is a huge SL population that prefer to have curves. Plus, it’s always fun to play dress up!

I do like the ass. I think it’s a really creative idea, well executed and encourages community involvement by letting skin designers create appliers for it. However, if I had just picked up the demo then I probably would not have bought it myself. The only reason I say that is because I really don’t think it suits me or my shape. I might break it out once in a while for a photoshoot though (like I do with my lolas).

Here are a few points I wanted to share:

  1. I noticed a glitching/blinking while wearing it. I am not sure if that was caused by my video card or if there was some sort of conflict with another item I was wearing or if it’s the product itself. I did take off everything and still saw the glitching, however it would go away if you zoomed out and back in again.
  2. To get the Phat Azz to fit you, you have to set your body fat to 0 and belly size to 15. I actually changed my shape quite a bit to make it fit me a bit better. After making my body fat 0, I pumped up my body thickness and muscles to try and even it out. I also increased my breast size. The ass just looked very awkward on my tiny frame when I first put it on, so I tried to make myself a bit bigger to make it flow a bit more. I still think it looks a bit too big on me and looks awkward but I don’t feel comfortable with making myself any thicker. I tried to, but I didn’t feel like myself.
  3. The Phat Azz is very round at the back. To reduce the roundness a bit, you can lengthen the size of your legs and your hip width. That will make the ass look less round and more natural. I did try and do that a bit, but again, didn’t want to do it too much.
  4. It comes with four basic skins and tattoo blending layers to make it easier to match your current skin. I didn’t use these but I have to tell you, I absolutely love the shading on the skins it comes with. The ass is so well done. I used Glam Affair Phat Azz appliers which you can see in the third picture in this post. I also have a raw shot of me wearing the Glam Affair appliers at this link.
  5. I don’t think I wear the ass as well as some of the others I’ve seen. These are two of the ladies I’ve noticed that wear it so well: Xaqueline Seda and Vida Lyric

Now here’s a naked up-close shot of my Phat Azz. I am going to attempt to put it after the cut so it’s not so “in your face” when people visit the blog, let’s hope this works. lol

All in all, I like the Phat Azz and I am looking forward to future updates that might fix the glitching for me as well as the roundness of it to make it work with a smaller avatar like myself. As y’all know, I am kind of obsessed with my booty and have spent many hours liquifying it to perfection in countless pictures so having a perfect mesh booty is something I’m definitely open to.

I don’t feel I’m observant enough to pick up all the details of an item to review it, so this is definitely not a review. I just wanted to share my thoughts in the big ass debate. 😛

1st picture & video:
*Skin: –Glam Affair – Angelica – India 11 H by Aida Ewing
Eyes: Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Midnight Hazel, w4) by Arkesh Baral
*Hair: TRUTH HAIR Anessa by Truth Hawks
*Outfit: ::HH:: Hucci Side Cut Unitard – Red with Phat Azz applier by Eboni Khan
*Shoes: [Gos Boutique] Ursula Wedge – Colour Collection – S by Gospel Voom
*Nosering: (epoque) Couronne Septum – Chrome by Riot Core
*Necklace: [MANDALA]Gyatei-Necklace_Black by kikunosuke Eel
*Bracelet: [MANDALA] Pearl rain season 2/ Cherry Red by kikunosuke Eel
Mesh ass: Luck Inc. Phat Azz by CK Winx
*Mesh Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Relaxed – Small by Siddean Munro
Dances: Sine Wave by Easy Babcock
Song in the video: Exotic by Priyanka Chopra

3rd picture:
What ManBerry is wearing:
Skin: Fruk – Jeremy skin shade 6 Black by Chucky Hollak
Hair: *Dura-Boy*33(Dark Brown) by chiaki Xue
What I’m wearing:
*Skin: –Glam Affair – Angelica – India 11 H by Aida Ewing
Mesh ass: Luck Inc. Phat Azz by CK Winx
*Mesh ass applier: Glam Affair by Aida Ewing
*Hair: D!va by Marisa Kira
*Pose: Exposeur by RubyStarlight Writer


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

23 thoughts on “My Phat Azz

  • LOVE the phot of you smooching Berry!

    As for the dancing, wow you got moves girl! BUT I do agree it’s just a little too big for you.

    That said in the nekkid shot I so would..OM NOM NOM! xxxx

  • truffles

    I kinda love the idea of having a mesh ass. It seems like it is the next step in the perfection of our sl bodies. I wish it was also made for those who, like you, have smaller frames. From the side, the view seems very peculiar (especially on a small av). I would totally be all over this ass if it were made for smaller avs (I feel the same about the lola tangos as well, even though i have them and you can resize, i really wish there were smaller ones available because resizing them doesn’t quite look right now matter how much you tinker with them). Great for ass pics though, as seen in your post 😉

  • Berry…. You’ve spent “all day playing with it”, erm, your arse? Like you, I don’t think I could pull it off, I am way to slight. It’s the same reason I never bought the Lola’s. They seemed too pricey for me to blog something I might never be able to use. It’s is a little larger on you than your normal silhouette, but it looks good though. It looks really natural on Seda. Interesting blog as usual and you pretty much got me to decide to wait to see if they come out with a smaller version. Thanks Berry!

  • Marianne Little

    I think my main avatar is a bit too thin for this. I got that azz on an alt though. We really need demos for the appliers. I don’t like a big “bush” down there or shoddy made genitalia. I need to demo and see how well it is done. The Glam affair is good, but pricey. GA is pricey in general on both Lolas and now Azz. At least I can wear those appliers, I had to delete others because they weren’t to my taste.
    I noticed that the alpha layer may be a bit too big. In very bending poses, it was a thin line where my avatar was invisible.
    I really like that I can have nice knees in bending poses. Mesh jeans, pants and leggings hide the awful knees and butt, for short skirts and shorts I still have weird angled knees. I hope it will be an update with only the legs as an option, so I can wear them under a mesh minidress. I really dislike the crotch flap and now I have to wear them again?! No thanks!
    Wish list: More sizes of Azz. A smaller alpha layer, just an inch lower. The possibility of wearing legs and butt separately.

  • Marianne Little

    Unrelated to the Azz: What does your male alt have in torso muscle? The slink hands looked awful on my malt, he got too thin wrists. Even if I took the muscle number down, down, down. How low must I go to get a nice look like your guy?

  • Loki Mortmaomglookadatbootylol

    wow, lol. that IS really well made.

    If you can email me a very detailed, as detailed as humanly possible description of the glitching, maybe I can figure out what’s going on.

    never be ashamed of the things about your body which you fetishize… we all have at least one of those. some have more than one or like me, pretty much everything from nose to toes gets a turn at being the obsession du jour.

    I spent years, literally, making shapes. ANd still not found what I consider to be a perfect shape. Yet. lol.

    It’s there, damn it. And I will find it.

  • Kitty, I’m all yours! 😛 <3

    Truffles & Caoimhe, yeah I think if he made a smaller version of this, I would definitely wear it more often, same with the lolas.

    Marianne, there is a notecard in the hands folder from slink that has all the numbers to the standard sizing. I had to change Manberry slightly to fit close to the medium size. I have his torso muscles at 47 right now. But here are the standard sizing numbers that are listed in the notecard for the men:

    Body Fat: 0
    Belly Size: 0
    Torso Muscle: 28
    Love Handles: 11
    Leg Muscle: 43
    Butt Size: 30
    Saddle Bags: 11
    Knee Angle: 50
    Package: 6
    Pectorals: 50

    Body Fat: 1
    Belly Size: 0
    Torso Muscle: 37
    Love Handles: 19
    Leg Muscle: 49
    Butt Size: 41
    Saddle Bags: 16
    Knee Angle: 50
    Package: 16
    Pectorals: 40

    Body Fat: 5
    Belly Size: 3
    Torso Muscle: 51
    Love Handles: 28
    Leg Muscle: 61
    Butt Size: 55
    Saddle Bags: 31
    Knee Angle: 50
    Package: 31
    Pectorals: 27

    Body Fat: 13
    Belly Size: 9
    Torso Muscle: 72
    Love Handles: 35
    Leg Muscle: 76
    Butt Size: 65
    Saddle Bags: 49
    Knee Angle: 50
    Package: 49
    Pectorals: 10

    Body Fat: 22
    Belly Size: 14
    Torso Muscle: 88
    Love Handles: 42
    Leg Muscle: 85
    Butt Size: 73
    Saddle Bags: 56
    Knee Angle: 50
    Package: 56
    Pectorals: 1

  • Loki, I spoke to someone else who has the Azz and she stated that she has the same glitching as well, so I believe it is in the item itself. Hopefully with further updates, that will be fixed.

  • Seicher Rae

    I’m crawling out of a long, semi-hibernation to exclaim, “Nooooooooooo!”

    Ok, let me elucidate that. One thing I love about SL is that everyone is free to choose how they look and I’m cool with that.

    But I still don’t “get” the Lolas. So I sure don’t “get” this one either. If I slapped either of these on it would be as a caricature and would be just as much a costume as when I wander around as a tiny plaid bunny. In other words, for me, it isn’t a look that I’d care for on a daily basis.

    I think your normal shape on your avi is gorgeous, Strawberry. These may be options, and things to play with, but in my opinion they are not enhancements. (Good thing I’m hibernating because I’m sure this response will draw some fire, probably for a lot of things I never said. 🙂 )

  • You are brave. Very brave.

  • Xaqueline Seda

    Berry, thank you so much for the compliment… and for noticing my azz! I love that you tried it on and I think you look gorgeous in it, too. <3

  • I tried the PA demo and was impressed by how it seems to work like mesh clothes to fit your shape unlike the Lolas that resize but maintain a constant shape. Neither of them reduce well, although I would have thought the PA did a better job. I’ve been complaining/asking about mesh boobs for smaller dimensions because I agree with Seicher Rae, right now they do seem more like a caricature than an enhancement of the limited system shape.

  • I would agree, if there are smaller mesh boobs and smaller mesh ass, I’d buy ’em. I don’t really want to look like a virtual Dolly Parton. 🙁 And you danced to that song, I’m going to have it in my head all day long.

    But the naked pic wins and it didn’t look so out of proportions then. So maybe it is useful for more risque photoshoot….hmm…decisions…

  • The glitching is cause of the advanced lightning in your graphics preferences..when you turn that off the glitching is gone. So, yes it is the azz lol

  • Missymidnight Skytower

    Ahh, I saw an avi running around earlier, and thought her shape looked odd in the torso/butt area, but I couldn’t work out exactly why.
    Now having seen the above pic with the red jumpsuit, I realise she probably had an Azz attached.
    She too was a slightly built avi, and rather than looking like she had a plump, shapely butt, it just looked thick and slightly saggy.

  • garvie garzo

    err shouldn’t it (her – they?) move when you dance… or did i misunderstand that whole shake yer booty/moneymaker thang?

  • Garvie, I’ve never been one for physics layer. If it had that option, I would turn that off.

  • garvie garzo

    lol.. ok, when you put it that way… count me in

  • Freya

    The glitching occurs on any graphics set to higher than “high”. A friend of mine showed the ass to me, trying to convince me to get it and she didn’t see glitching on her graphics set to low.

    I and another person both have graphics on extra high (between high and ultra) and we both saw a lot of blinking and twinkling happening.

    I have lolas and don’t see this issue, so not sure why. Maybe the layers are too snugly fit?
    I will be waiting with “the ass”, I love my graphics high! I can’t stand the water or windlight or general choppy graphics

  • Freya

    Oh I might add that when I turned graphics to low the glitching stopped..

  • Berry, as always an interesting and entertaining post. I seriously laughed out loud when you mentioned liquifying your arse. 😉

  • Trixie Redrose

    I wish they had some way to resize them =/

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