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What’s in a Shape?

What's in a Shape?

Last month I released a standard second life shape directly to my marketplace store. The only reason I did that is because people kept asking about my shape and so I thought I would experiment and see what I could come up with. I didn’t expect to, but I sold quite a few of them.

Allesist Klaar was one of the people that bought one. She then contacted me with a photo idea she had. She wanted us both to wear the same Pretty Shape I had released and then take a photo together. I have always admired her photos, so even though my schedule is insane, I made sure to make some time for it. I’m so happy I did because it was a pleasure shooting with her. However, my image is not that great compared to hers, so please do click over to her flickr to see her version of the first image and her thoughts about it. I absolutely loved her lighting and angle. If you’re looking for her style credits, you can find them on her blog.

It’s interesting to see in the images that we both are wearing the same shape, even the same Mesh Project mesh body but our styling and skin tones immediately give away who is who. In fact, I’m not wearing my regular shape in any of the images in this post, but I think I still kind of look like myself, no? So I guess our shapes don’t really define “us” or make us who we are. However, I’m still pretty attached to my regular shape.

Evil Berry (click here for a raw shot)

Since I did that first shape, a few people contacted me to see if I would be making more. I really wasn’t sure if I would be able to but since I got such a positive response, I thought I’d try again. This time I wanted to go a different route. My first shape was very cute and pretty so I wanted the next one to be a bit more evil/devious and mature looking. So I used my favorite League skin and tried to make the shape look a bit like Sushmita Sen, I love her vixen look! I don’t know if I succeeded, but I had fun trying.

StrawberrySingh - Devious Shape

The devious shape is up on my marketplace store now, and I have provided two eyebrow bases with the shape just in case you don’t like the high arch. I no longer offer DEMOs for my shapes.

A big thank you to Alles for asking me to do the pic with her, it was so much fun. Also, thank you to all those that bought my first shape and enjoyed it. I really appreciate all the support! <3

1st Pic:
What Alles is wearing:
Check her blog for her style credits
What I’m wearing:
Shape: Pretty Shape by Strawberry Singh (UPDATE – NO LONGER AVAILABLE)
Mesh Body: #TheMeshProject (BETA) Basic Body(f) by TheShops
Skin: The Shops Pussy Skin by TheShops
Hair: Exile::Blown Away by Kavar Cleanslate.
Jewels: Maxi Gossamer Ashira Set
Lingerie: #TheMeshProject – Striped Set (Black)
Shoes: ::HH:: Hucci Tandil Sandal – Collection (TMP-Mid) by Eboni Khan
Alles’ Snake on me: Diesel Works Serpent by Rogan Diesel
Pose: Infiniti . – No Gravity – Couples/Friends Pose by Brandi Monroe (@ TLC)

2nd & 3rd pics:
Shape: Devious Shape  (UPDATE – NO LONGER AVAILABLE)
Skin: League Skin Erin Dark Feline Brunette by Nena Janus
*Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – Brown by Ikon Innovia
*Hair: Exile::Blown Away by Kavar Cleanslate
*Lingerie: Baiastice_Apocalypse Net Lingerie-black by Sissy Pessoa (@ Uber)
*Shoes: erratic / valena – gladiator sandals / black (S) by Erratic Rain (@ Uber)
*Mesh Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Small by Siddean Munro
*Mesh Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) S – Flat by Siddean Munro
*Headdress: MG – HeadDress – Ashira – Simple by Maxi Gossamer
*Nosering: MG – Nose Ring and Chain – Ashira by Maxi Gossamer
Pose: Del May Understated (head variant) by Del May


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

8 thoughts on “What’s in a Shape?

  • SO gonna buy your shape and wear you to Bukkakke Bliss.

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  • *chokes with laughter at Winter’s comment*

    You know, Alles’s image reminded me of something, and I just realised what it was: it’s like a female version of Michaelangelo’s ‘The Creation of Adam’. And, when you think of it as ‘The Creation of Eve’ then the serpent is the perfect touch, really 😉

  • Staceybee Nikolaidis

    LOVE both of your shapes! I have a question though- what is the benefit of a mesh body? I have been trying several versions out, but I can’t see a benefit over the original SL shape. What’s all the hype about? 🙂

  • wow.. stellar composition on that one.. but i think the snake should be shared, in the water or missing altogether. what the 2 bodies are doing is plenty interesting by itself.

  • Skell I can see that, very interesting for sure. Alles just seems to have an eye for images, so amazing. I would never have thought of putting the pose in that position. It was all her, I just sat on the ball and tried to look pretty, lol!

    Stacey, I think with the mesh body, it just looks a lot smoother and more natural looking. However, if you’ve already tried all the DEMOs and you don’t really see a difference, then it’s probably best if you skip them. They can be quite a chore to wear and change clothes with. If you’re happy with the default av, then stick with it.

    Garvie, now that is an interesting idea, both bodies being intertwined with the snake.

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