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Chrysanthemum’s & Catwa’s Face Animations

Chrysanthemum's & Catwa's Face & Singing Animations

I wanted to cover a series of Facial AOs and singing animations that have recently hit the grid. There will be two videos in this post showing both of those kinds of animations in detail.

Watch the first video on youtube that shows both of these animations:

The first ones are Chrysanthemum’s Facial AOs and here are some details about them:

  • Chrysanthemum’s Facial AO’s consists of subtle & natural facial movements combined with detailed eye movements that add realism to your face.
  • These AOs are designed for specific bento mesh heads, however the animations will still run on any bento head but they may not look as good.
  • The AOs are L$1200 each and are available in Chrysanthemum’s marketplace store as well as the mainstore. Free DEMOs are available at the mainstore and I highly encourage you guys to try them on before purchasing because they may not be suited for all shapes.
  • Make sure to read the vendors carefully before purchasing to ensure you are purchasing the correct one for your head and shape.
  • Chrysanthemum also has a YouTube channel where she has uploaded a couple of videos showing her AOs in more details.
  • If you have any questions about these animations, please contact the designer directly, her name is Chrysanthemumme Resident.

The second animations are Catwa’s new singing animations and here are some details about them:

  • The singing animations are a new release from Catwa and they are available at the Catwa mainstore for L$600. The DEMO is free.
  • You can watch a video on Catwa’s YouTube channel that also shows the singing animations in detail.
  • These are the features that come with the head:
    – Singing Facial Animations [NO BODY ANIMATIONS INCLUDED]
    – 11 Animated Eyes
    – 11 Animated Lips
    – 17 Static Eyes Poses
    – 17 Static Lips Poses
  • All of these animations and and poses are arranged into a HUD and can only work when the HUD is attached.
  • You do not need to enable Second Life voice for your lips to animate when using these singing animations.
  • Catwa has also included the animations files in case you want to use them with your HUD [B]. If you are not familiar with how to add animations to your HUD [B], you can watch my instructional video on youtube at this link:
  • If you have any questions about this singing HUD, please contact Catwa Clip for more assistance.

I have also done another video, this time pretending to be an Opera Singer in Second Life using Catwa’s singing animations and the Opera Singer body animations from Dyer Maker Animations.

View it on youtube at this link:

I hope you guys have fun with all of these animations, I enjoyed playing with them myself. Don’t forget to try a DEMO before purchasing anything because your shape will also affect the way the animations work.


Have a great weekend and happy singing!

Style credits:
Shape: Catya 2 Shape by Strawberry Singh
*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1 by Onyx LeShelle
*Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16 by Catwa Clip
*Skin Applier: Glam Affair – Lucille by Aida Ewing
*Mesh Eyes: CATWA RIGGED EYES Catya v1.1 by Catwa Clip
*Hair: TRUTH / Imani by Truth Hawks (@ Uber)
*Gown: United Colors Ivyana gown by unitedcolorsteam (@ FaMESHed)
*Shoes: ::HH:: Hucci Kaure Pumps – Collection by Eboni Khan (flickr)
*Jewelry: EarthStones Bacall by Abraxxa Anatine
Stage: Dilly Dolls Basic Stage by Oriana Kuhr
*Singing HUD: CATWA HUD Singing by Catwa Clip
*Facial AOs: Chrysanthemum’s Facial AOs by Chrysanthemumme Resident
Opera Body Animations: Opera Singer body animations from Dyer Maker Animations


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

2 thoughts on “Chrysanthemum’s & Catwa’s Face Animations

  • hi Berry,

    I`m not sure the opera animation wil get delivered, i would love it but i went to check, the avatar selling it ( no longer exists, the inworld location of dyer maker either… last post on any social media is from 2015… no way to demo it and if avi doesnt exists, have no idea how a buying delivery could happen O.o

  • Hey Kitty, Oh I didn’t even notice that the avatar selling it no longer exists. I did purchase the opera animation right before I did the video the same day, so it did deliver to me, but i guess it’s risky to try in case you get a delivery fail. Sorry about that! Hopefully someone else sells an opera animation on marketplace.

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