I love photography and always try to take as many clients as I can, however, I am often pre-booked and sometimes I may not be able to provide you with what you are looking for.

Here is a list of residents that I know for certain are offering photography services:
Lessthen Zero – FlickrPhotography Info
Trinetty Skytower – FlickrPhotography Info
Veenya – FlickrPhotography Info
Kaiden Diavolo – FlickrPhotography Info
Kei Kojishi – FlickrPhotography Info
Nimil Blackflag – FlickrPhotography Info
Asia Rae – FlickrPhotography Info
Skip Staheli – FlickrPhotography Info
Elysium Eilde – FlickrPhotography Info
Mavi Beck – Flickr
Stephen Venkman – Flickr
Miaa Rebane – FlickrPhotography Info

If you are looking to create a logo or banner for your store or business, I recommend:
LiquidH3ll Carter – FlickrPricingMy Logo

If you are looking for an artistic drawing of your avatar, contact the following artists:
Abigale Heron – Photography InfoMy Portrait
Miriam Lemondrop – Photography InfoMy Portrait
Melaniebianca Lyric – FlickrMy Portrait

More Photographers and Graphic Designers here: SL Freelancers Network

I am leaving the comments open on this page, please feel to add anyone (or even yourself) with a link to their flickr and/or blog (or where they list their photography rates) so we have a comprehensive list here that people can refer to anytime they need. Please confirm that they are offering photography services before adding anyone’s name below. There are a lot of people that take amazing pictures, but not everyone offers their services as professional photographers.

Thank you!

– Linked from Strawberry Singh Photography Services.

11 thoughts on “Photographers

  1. Stephen Venkman says:

    Honored to be on the list with all these great photographers. Thank you.

  2. i offer photography and photoshop touch up services. my rates and info can be found here:

    i am sadly struggling with shadow photos due to graphic glitches that appear when i take photos, however i believe i do some good work without shadows. you can also check out my flickr for my most updated work (though do realize i upload unedited goofy shots as well as finished pieces)

  3. and now that i have whored myself i would like to also take a moment to recommend MY personal favourite photographer: she is very much worth a comission or 12 :p i’m still saving up for mine! this chick will turn you into a work of art.

  4. I do commissioned work; you can see some of my work here.

    – Truth

  5. I really feel the need to add another person to this page. I believe she is one of the BEST photographers on the grid at the moment. She has incredible style and a great eye for detail. Her name is Miaa Rebane, check out her flickr here:

  6. Hi, I offer photography services aswell. You can check out my rates here
    And my flickr page here

  7. There are so many good photographers.

    I like Ivoni Miles for general photography, Angeli Optera & Taken by Lia Camille for portraits.

    I had a session some time ago with Strawberry and I was very happy with the results.

  8. Shameless self promotion :) Consider me a art-focused photographer, I just finished building up a small portfolio of stuff to give people an idea of how I do things. I post-process photos in photoshop. I like taking a large number of photos and finding the ones with avatar expressions that have a story, a feeling. I am just starting to offer photo services professionally, you can find me at and THANKS!

  9. I dunno if i worth enough to be in this list, but i’ll try:
    I offer photography commission (and RL illustrations commission).

    I would like to suggest a friend of mine too, he also do photography commission:


  10. […] Photographer of the Week – Kei Kojishi – Kei’s pictures are just full of life, so much so that the avatar looks like it’s just going to start moving and pop out of the page. She is one of the new photographers I just added to my Second Life Photographer’s Page. […]

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