Photographers, Vloggers & Graphic Artists

I no longer offer photography services in Second Life. I also do not offer logo designing services or vlogging or video making services. Here are a list of residents that I know for certain are offering all of these services:


Yannick Sands – FlickrPhotography Info
Lessthen Zero – FlickrPhotography Info
Trinetty Skytower – FlickrPhotography Info
Veenya – FlickrPhotography Info
Kaiden Diavolo – FlickrPhotography Info
Kei Kojishi – FlickrPhotography Info
Nimil Blackflag – FlickrPhotography Info
Asia Rae – FlickrPhotography Info
Skip Staheli – FlickrPhotography Info
Mavi Beck – Flickr
Stephen Venkman – Flickr
Miaa Rebane – FlickrPhotography Info
Peep Sideshow – FlickrPhotography Info

Graphic Artists

If you are looking to create a logo or banner for your store or business:
LiquidH3ll Carter – FlickrPricingMy Logo
Bodytothestars Resident – Flickr – Please contact for pricing
Till Hapmouche – Flickr – Please contact for pricing
Toxxic Rhiannyr – FlickrInfo & Pricing

If you are looking for an artistic drawing of your avatar:
Abigale Heron – Photography InfoMy Portrait
Miriam Lemondrop – Photography InfoMy Portrait
Melaniebianca Lyric – FlickrMy Portrait
Nylon Pinkney – Pricing InfoMy Portrait

Vloggers & Machinima Makers

Hollowbloods Resident – Videos – Please contact for rates
Vixie Rayna – Videos – Please contact for rates
Alicia Chenaux – Videos – Please contact for rates
Chic Aeon – Videos – Please contact for rates

To find more Photographers, Graphic Designers and Machinima makers, check out this flickr group where they share their work: SL Client Work

I am leaving the comments open on this page, please feel to add anyone (or even yourself) with a link to their flickr and/or blog (or where they list their rates) so we have a comprehensive list here that people can refer to anytime they need. Please confirm that they are offering these services before adding anyone’s name below.

Thank you!

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