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SL14B Community Celebration

SL14B Community Celebrations!

This year Second Life turns 14 and the SL14B celebrations have already started. The celebrations will run from June 18th till the 25th, 2017. There are quite a few events going on that I’ll try and cover on Friday, June 23rd, 2017, which is Second Life’s actual birthday!

You can check out all of the events, with slurls, on the SL14B Destination Guide and also check out the daily schedule on the SL14B website.

On Wednesday I went to the Meet the Lindens event with Xiola Linden. I live streamed there for the whole talk she had with Saffia Widdershins. I will embed that here so you can watch as well if you like:

Here are some other events that I will try and visit and live stream from on Friday. If I do end up live streaming, I’ll embed the videos below them.

SL14B Shopping Event – 60 merchants were invited to provide a free gift as well as discounts on many of their top items.

SL14B Community Experiences – I will try and check out the different experiences and displays setup by various Second Life residents and artists.

SL14B Events – Music Fest starts tomorrow so I will try and visit that as well.

SL14B Linden Gift Areas – More gifts! Pick up your exclusive free SL14B gift at a kiosk in any Linden Gift Area.

I am not sure if I will be able to visit and live stream from all of these areas, but I will do my best. Again, I will link the videos if I do.

While I was live streaming Xiola’s talk, I was having some buffering and lag issues, I have messed with my software settings so I’m hoping the next live streams will go a lot smoother. Once the live streams are over, they will automatically be uploaded to my youtube channel so you guys can view them later if you don’t get a chance to watch live.

A lot of you were asking if I can meet up with you guys inworld, I would be happy to do that while I live stream tomorrow. Keep an eye on my YouTube LiveStream Link to see when I go live!

Happy Birthday Second Life! Thank you for providing us a platform where we can enjoy ourselves and release our creativity. <3

UPDATE: Live stream of me exploring the shopping event and some of the Community Experiences:

UPDATE: Live stream of me and Draxtor exploring some Community Experiences with our live stream viewers, it was hilarious and so much fun. We were also competing with each other to see who had more subscribers and viewers lol!

Don’t forget to click over to Draxtor Despres’ youtube channel as he is also live streaming SL14B right now. But whatever you do, don’t subscribe to his channel because I want to have more subscribers than him! (joking) (not really) (seriously tho, you can totally subscribe to his channel) (maybe) (JUST MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE TO MINE TOO) (K, I’m done) (for now)

UPDATE: I also spent some time at Music Fest:

UPDATE: I took some more pictures while I was streaming:
SL14B Live stream group!


Off topic, a few other things I wanted to mention:

Thank you! See you at SL14B! <3


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

One thought on “SL14B Community Celebration

  • i am loving everything at SL14B so far. Grabbed tons of free gifts from the shopping districts but the one store i was really curious to see how much of a sale They had going on for Their top creation line… had no sale, Catwa mesh heads. Pitty.

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