Anytime I get in the mood to travel the grid to look for a perfect photo spot, there are two places I always look. First is the flickr group called SL Photographer’s Heaven. And in the discussion of that group the sweet and talented Voshie Paine has created a long list for us to visit […] Continue reading →

Fun in the Sun!

The weather has just been way too cold for my taste (yes, even in Florida). I miss going to the beach and just lounging about under the warm sun. At least in SL I can drag my friend Lakshmi to Las Arenas Rosadas and pretend it’s beach weather! Here’s dreaming of an early summer. TRUTH< […] Continue reading →

As the new year came zipping along, I contemplated the time I spent in my SL and where I’d like to focus on more during the coming year. I came to the realization that shopping, snapping pictures and blogging were amongst my favorite activites (big surprise there lol). So with the help of a few […] Continue reading →

Sale @ Storin!

When I heard there was a sale @ Storin I dragged my friend Lakshmi to come shopping with me. I realized when I got there that I already own most of the store since I am such a shopaholic! However what I didn’t have was this amazing sweater for men. Therefore I have once again […] Continue reading →

Curiouser and curiouser…

New Wonderland is a new sim that is loosely based on the beloved story of Alice in Wonderland. The sim is open to the public now, however it’s official opening is on Friday. This will be an adult content roleplay sim. Visitors are allowed so please once you arrive, read the notecard for all the […] Continue reading →

The Future is Now!

Stunning, mesmerizing, imaginative and surreal are only a few of the words you can use to describe the amazing creations available now at Greenies home @ Rezzable. Over 30 designers have come together to present how they see fashion in the future. From skins, to hair to outrageous outfits, I promise you won’t leave empty […] Continue reading →

Goofing off!

It’s always fun to meet up with old friends and do absolutely loopy and insane things. A big thank you to the unforgettable Czarina Baxton for taking me on a shopping spree to Fade Dana’s store where we bought these absolutely crazy (but totally awesome) hats and goofed off in my photosphere with Diesel Work’s […] Continue reading →


I have to admit, I never really owned anything from Azul before tonight. I just saw a random plurk talking about a sale there so I thought I would go take a look. I’m so glad I did because there is a 50% off sale on one color in each gown there till Sunday night […] Continue reading →

One Love

On January 12, 2010 a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti. Whenever there is a crisis of some sort, the Second Life community manages to put their differences aside and band together for the greater cause. I’m not even sure how many items are for sale and how many designers have contributed towards this effort, but […] Continue reading →


I didn’t get a chance to go visit the Ozimals adorable sim till just recently and it was such an adventure. If you’ve been living under a rock (like me) and haven’t been there yet, take a moment to read the Ozimals website to learn more about them. Then take the slurl for a bunny […] Continue reading →