Male Fashion – Winter Jefferson

Male Fashion - Winter Jefferson

I asked him to be my next victim for my male fashion posts and he in turn asked me to be his victim. Of course right after the shoot he told me my blood tasted like mango. :/

Who doesn’t know the infamous vampire, Winter Jefferson? Well if you don’t then look at his blog and you’re in for a treat! Not only is he charming, funny and totally adorable but he loves taking fashion risks and manages to pull them off beautifully. I absolutely love reading his blog and look forward to his posts (well, except for the last one that’s up now :P).

Vampire stories

He teleported me to this intriguing sim where he then proceeded to suck my blood and made me smile and laugh with his teasing nature. He’s been my Love Thursday before for a reason; I’ve known him for 2 years now and love everything about him. But I still hate his vampire guts. :P

Thank you Mr. Jefferson for posing for me and sucking my blood. You are the yummiest vampire I’ve ever been bitten by! <3 What Mr. Jefferson is wearing:
Hair – Ana in Angelfood from Ploom
Skin – Kissed by Raven from Pulse
Blood – Cuts from Sabotage
Eyes – Elfin Blood from Negaposi
Bow – Warmonger from Cryptic Weaponry
Outfit – Dark Saga from Gothikatz
Ring – The Lord’s Ring by Earthstones
Boots – Biker Boots from LaPointe and Bastchild
Fangs what I growed m’self.

What Berry is wearing:
*Skin: Lelutka – Lola – Light
Hair: Waka & Yuki
Dress: Baiastice Aulou silk-midnight
Shoes: [Pixel Mode] Baby T Plain: Black

Location: PRAVDA dark couture

5 thoughts on “Male Fashion – Winter Jefferson

  1. Two of the sweetest bishes I know! I <3 you both!

  2. stop making him look so dayum sexxxy.. and you yourself..Mango LIPS!!

  3. Shhhhh Whispers! I’m not sweet, I’m totally bloodthirsty and hardcore and monstruous and stuffs, see?

    Thank you Miss Berry – this was hella fun. <3

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