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Lelutka summer

Lelutka summer

The gorgeous Lelutka summer collection has been all over the feeds totally enticing me. I finally caved and went on a major shopping spree, spending quite a fortune! So over the next few days you’re going to be seeing a lot of Lelutka popping up on my blog cuz I am lovin it!

While you’re here, can I rant a little? Kthx

This rant is about Second Life viewer 2.0. I am trying my best to adapt and learn and be really really patient, but it’s really getting on my nerves. The pictures I love taking the most in SL (aside from portraits) are water pictures and with this new viewer, I just can’t do that anymore. Any snapshots taken above my regular screen resolution cause glitches in the water. It’s so frustrating. This was the only view/angle I could take on this gorgeous beach which I found out about on Gabby’s blog post.

BTW, I’m not just having water issues, I also get these weird shadows and glares in my pictures that I have to then photoshop out. I believe I have turned off shadows, but I’m not exactly sure. Does anyone have a link to a resource that will explain how the shadows work in the new 2.0 viewer and if there is a way to turn them off?

Another thing I’ve noticed is issues with attachments. I will be wearing shoes or some other sort of attachment, but then all of a sudden it will just disappear on my screen. If I look in my inventory it will say that I am no longer wearing it but other people can still see it on me and in order for me to detach it or see it again I have to relog or right click on myself to get into the “take off” menu and detach the item from there.

I have tried other viewers, but they just don’t seem to work for me. I need the tattoo layers so I can’t go back to the old viewer. The Emerald viewer does not let me rez anything. Kirstens 2.0 viewer gives me the same weird kinda glitches and shadows. Not being able to take a decent high res snapshot is just about the most frustrating thing in SL for me! Help?

*Skin: Lelutka Lola
*Hair: >TRUTH< Eloise - chocolate Clothes: Lelutka
*Jewels: {Zaara}
*Shades: Mojoti Eyewear
*Pose: Diesel Works
Location: Sol Mananero

*Promotional Copies


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

6 thoughts on “Lelutka summer

  • oh oops, didn’t realize that it was private. The waterfall was so gorgeous it just called me. Sorry about that, lemme change the slurl in my post.

    Thank you <3

  • Thank you for the mention, Berry! Have you tried Rainbow viewer? The tattoo layers are there, but I don’t know that it is on the TPV list.

    Gorgeous photo, as always! <3

  • Smoothy Habsburg

    Try Kirsten’s viewer, it is on the TPV list. The latest version has loads of cool features including multiwearables – you can wear as many shirts, for example, as you like!

  • Thank you Gabby and Smoothy. I did try Kirsten’s and it was giving me similar glitches, although it was a while ago. I guess I will give both of the Rainbow viewer and the Kirsten’s viewer once again and let you guys know. Thank you <3

  • Great blog. Come back to it! I stumbled here also frustrated by water glitches in my photos. In the SL viewer I get weird geometric places of different colored water. In Phoenix my high res photo is all tiled. Perhaps this so frustrated you, you simply left the blogosphere and SL entirely, lol.

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