Ispachi is a brand that is new to me, but they have been around for about 2 years. They carry a wide selection in clothing, jewels, eyes, shapes and these gorgeous skins for both men and women.


On my male shape I am wearing their newest skin release called Trey in the lightest and darkest tones available. This skin comes in 6 skin tones and 15 facial options. There are also options for hairbase and bodyhair.


The female skin I am wearing is Megan and she is their latest female release. She comes in 6 tones and 15 makeups. I am wearing the lightest tone. I really liked the look of innocence on this skin.

Both of these skins offer a variety of different makeups as well, which include dramatic, bruised, bleeding and battered. So if you are into realistic roleplay skins, these are a good bet.


Along with the skins, they have a great variety in clothing as well which I am also wearing in this post. One really neat thing I noticed about their clothing vendors was that they looked kinda like old school print holograms. I thought it was very creative.

Please keep in mind that these pictures were taken using the Caliah Windlight settings and then they were also photoshopped. Therefore, please remember to demo using your favorite shape and windlight setting so that you are completely satisfied before your purchase. They also have great shapes in the store to go along with the skins. Demos are available for free.

*Skins: Ispachi by Diarmuid Miklos
Eyes: Poetic Color eyes – quicksilver by Lano Ling
Hair on female: Exile breeze by Kavar Cleanslate
*Clothing: Ispachi by Diamuid Miklos
*Boxers on male: {Zaara} by Zaara Kohime
Jewelry on male: Gabriel by Takuya Jinn
*Jewelry on female: Dark Mouse by Mouse Mimistrobell
*Poses on male: Diesel Works by Rogan Diesel
*Poses on female: Miamai by Mavi Beck

*Promotional copies

19 thoughts on “Ispachi

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  2. gorgeous skins and clothing, going to be checking them out. Another store to feed my skin addiction :)

  3. Carthalis, can I just say….I am such a fan of yours. Every time you leave a comment on my blog, my heart skips a beat! LOL

    Thank you, I hope you like the skins as much as I do. :)

  4. First… adorable freckles on the girl skin.. I *must* go demo now!! Second..dammit, your boy alt is cuter than mine..*sigh*.. Im going to have to beefcake him out now!!

  5. OoO Guurl that boy alt of yours is FINE

  6. You can have my boy av if you want Elu…he’s all yours! (evil_grin)

  7. LOL Gabe! Thank you…coming from YOUUUU that means a lot. You are totally sexy sir. <333

  8. OMG you were holding out on male skins on me, Singh? :o



  9. Oops Mr. Jefferson. :(

    In my defense I just got them a few hours before I blogged this. Sowwy :(

  10. Simply gorgeous pics! Thank you for wearing the necklace!

  11. Thank you for sharing it with me Mouse…it’s so pretty. <3

  12. Oh! thanks for sharing, Berry!!! *mwah*

  13. Thank you Berry :) Well I went and bought the fat pack of skins along with some clothing and jewellery :D

  14. You’re welcome Mr. Crimson. <333

    Oh wow Carthalis, that's awesome! Can't wait to see how you blog them. :D

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  18. […] line of skins from Ispachi. It’s one of the few skins I wear and adore. Since Berry’s original post where I saw them, I bought the entire pale line of skins and loved wearing […]

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