Black & White Portrait Challenge

Black & White Portrait Challenge (click here for raw shot)

When I asked back in December what kinds of memes you guys would like to see more of in 2014, a lot of you requested more photography themed memes. So even though I do the memes to get people to write more on their blogs, I will try to sneak in a photo meme from time to time. Here is one I’ve wanted to do for a while.

Meme Instructions: Share a black & white portrait (headshot) of your Second Life avatar. You can post a raw shot or process the image as much as you like. Don’t forget to leave a link to your image in the comments and also share it in the Blog Memes flickr group.

For the raw shot, you can dress your avatar up inworld so you are all black and white. I have done that before for another black and white challenge, (raw shot here).

Or you are free to use a photo editor to desaturate the image and process it any way you like. If you do not have access to photoshop, (or another photo editing program) I suggest using, it has a black and white option in there, for free.

Here is the image before I took all the color away:

I actually prefer the color image this time, but usually black and white photos are some of my favs. I’m just not very good at processing them, so I figured this would be a good time to practice. I feel that black and white images add a lot of charm to an image and also let your imagination wander a bit more.

Please Note, this may be my last Monday Meme for a while as I am going on vacation soon and won’t be available. So while I’m away, there will be no memes, friday finds and other blog posts. I should be back and will continue all that before the end of February. I’ll let you know before I leave for vacation, still have about a week to go. <3 In the meantime, feel free to participate in any of the memes/challenges at any time. You’ll find them all under my Blog Challenges category along with other memes and challenges I’ve done over the years.

The jewelry I am wearing is available at FaMESHed this round by Maxi Gossamer. Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner, she has been especially generous this round by providing transferrable/giftable versions of the jewels in the folder as well. So you can purchase them for yourself and have an extra transferrable set to send to a loved one. Check her plurk for the details and remember that girls love jewelry. :P

Skin: Essences – Taurus 01 *brown* by Inka Mexicola
*Eyes: Mayfly – Luminous – Mesh Eye (Monet Dawn, w4) by Arkesh Baral
Eyelashes: Mon Cheri “Falsies” by Freya Olivieri
*Hair: TRUTH HAIR Yelena by Truth Hawks
*Mesh Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Small by Siddean Munro
*Jewels: Maxi Gossamer at FaMESHed for February
Pose: It’s a secret. (IM me and I’ll tell you in exchange for sexual favors.)

136 thoughts on “Black & White Portrait Challenge

  1. I do lots of black and white photos. Love them and that’s what I did nearly exclusively when I began doing real life photography. My feeling is that I can appreciate forms and tonality much better when I’m not distracted by color :) I posted two pics to the meme Flickr group, here is the link to one on my Flickr

    Great idea for a meme Berry!

  2. Nice items shown and beautifully presented as always. I really need to get lashes on your look. :)

    here are links to my photos on

    I have dressed up this look and kept in inventory for a while. So just brought out and took.

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  4. I knew me complaining about PS would come back and bite me in the ass! But I am really happy with this challenge as it forces me to continue practicing! Thank you for that Berry, and I hope you don’t mind using your pic as a base for mine (way too tired to think!).

    Hope you like it:

  5. It’s been a long time since I’ve tried to take a b/w shot ^^ It’s not enough for a complete blogpost but a pic at least … here’s my attempt:

  6. I am only beginning to learn SL Photography, and I considered not posting, but I’m trying new things… so here it goes, my humble submission…

  7. […] You can read all about the Monday Meme here on Berry’s Blog:  Black & White Portrait Challenge  […]

  8. Thanks Berry, I enjoyed this one. It made me realize I had not really done a black and white portrait before.

  9. I don’t often do these memes but thanks to Strawberry I now have a good reason to use a photo that has been hanging around for a little while!

  10. […] Strawberry Singh has challenged us once again! This time, it’s a Black & White Portrait Challenge, and of course I couldn’t resist – I love B&W photography! If you’d like to […]

  11. […] do that many blog memes anymore, but today I was inspired by the lovely Strawberry Singh’s Black and White Portrait Challenge.  I love how this picture turned out, and it’s nearly raw, except for a couple of tweaks and, […]

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  13. Whew … busy day iRL, but I finally finished this wonderful challenge.

  14. Hi..just saw this blog today and so now been to gymp to enter a photo. This is portion of my sl portrait taken in secret garden somewhere.

    and original

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  16. […] “I know!” I thought to myself… I’ll do Berry’s blogmemething! […]

  17. Here is my small offering to the pool of photos, new to SL photography. What a challenge and an experience. Thank you to all who share their knowledge.

  18. […] (click here for raw shot) When I asked back in December what kinds of memes you guys would like to see more of in 2014, a lot of you requested more photography themed memes.  […]

  19. I took a stab at black and white …I changed the pic to greyscale, adjusted levels a bit, then cheated just a hair and added a little bit of a blue tint :D

  20. A bit busy so no blog post this time. Here is my pic:

  21. […] I don’t do blog memes but I couldn’t pass up the Black & White Portrait Challenge by Strawberry Singh. I love black and white photos. They usually tend to add a touch of class to the subject matter. […]

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  24. I’m a little late to the party – I had to wait until it was dark so my photo would be black & white :D

  25. […] this side of way too late… I thought I’d try and get one in on the actual Monday.  This week the challenge was to present a black and white portrait.  I’ve been in a very head shot kind of mood of late and I’ve been itching to do […]

  26. Hooray! I memed on a Monday!! Hope you enjoy and thank you to all for sharing.

  27. This was fun to do. Thanks Berry :-))
    Here is my portrait:

  28. What’s Black and White and Rudh all over… Me this week LOL…

  29. […] asked us to post a Black & White portrait so here’s […]

  30. Very happy with this one! I love Black & White pics so much! Still hope you will pose for my series sometime Berry! <3

  31. My first Monday meme! It was tons of fun except it became Tuesday while I was doing it. XD I never tried b&w photography in SL & now I can’t wait to do it again.

  32. […] entspannt mich mehr. Darum kam mir die gestrige Blogchallenge von Strawberry genau recht … “Black & White Portrait” … sprich: mach einen Headshot von Dir in Schwarz-Weiß, wobei einem selbst überlassen war, […]

  33. […] to log off for the evening and send my real life self to bed I happened to come across this weeks Monday meme by Strawberry Singh. It has been many months since I last participated in these weekly memes and I simply […]

  34. I promise not to groan to loudly when my alarm goes off in four hours after staying up later than usual to particpate in this meme. Loved the creative aspect of it and scored a new profile pic in the completion. Thanks Strawberry.

  35. Just another thought on b&w photo themes…so here’s a suggestion for another Monday Meme. How about a b&w photo based on a movie of our choice. so perhaps Casablanca or Roman Holiday or maybe something more modern like Titanic? In my mind’s eye I am being inspired by Bette Davies and co! Just some random musings.

  36. Heya everyone who reads! After checking all posts I had to do one too:) thanks Berry for the great idea!

  37. […] Strawberry Singh’s monday meme this week challenges you guys to take a black and white portrait! This was a lot of fun for me because I’ve been wanting an excuse to try out black and white images (I’ve always be too scared I’d ruin it by removing the colour), especially since I usually have a very bright and cartoony style! But I think this came out rather nicely. […]

  38. Here’s mine!

    I also made some photoshop actions for you guys to download and make your own black and white portraits too!

  39. Hello, I am unable to entire via the flickr due to my flickr filter setting.
    So, I’ve left the image entry on my own flickr page with the link mentioned above. Thank You.

  40. […]   Hola y’all! Today I decided to participate in Strawverry Singhs “Black & White” Monday Meme. I usually never do these because of no time or to chicken to toss my hat in the […]

  41. […] Strawberry Singh’s monday meme this week challenges you guys to take a black and white portrait! This was a lot of fun for me because I’ve been wanting an excuse to try out black and white images (I’ve always be too scared I’d ruin it by removing the colour), especially since I usually have a very bright and cartoony style! But I think this came out rather nicely. […]

  42. I got a lil spiffy for ya, BerryBoo ♥ ~ enjoy the vaca!

  43. Did not realize how hard B&W pictures really are. Was a fun meme and a nice distraction from work :) TY <3

  44. […] for example. I am taking some photos in black-and-white (I LOVE that!) for Strawberry Singh‘s B&W Portrait Challenge – in black-and-white, of course. You have to realise that I am a NEWBIE when it come to […]

  45. This was truly a challenge for me, as I am still a newbie when it comes to photography in SL. Yes, after FIVE YEARS I am still lagging in that department, although I dearly LOVE to take photos!
    Anyway, I have posted mine for the challenge here:
    I’m open to suggestion, so leave a comment if you pop round to look, and I hope you do. I’m having fun looking at all the lovely shots you’ve taken. Inspiring!
    Thank you all – especially you, Berry – for the great information you have shared. I am learning so much, and I love it!
    So, Berry… How about a class? I know you’ve got tutorials out (and I will check the ones on photography), but…maybe a class might be fun? Maybe? Hmmm?

  46. I was challenged twice! Not only this Meme, but also by the lovely Peep Darkward to actually participate in it, so here is my entry;

    I have looked in awe at all the others. Portrait photography is something completely different then decor and very very hard.

  47. Could not resist this! You really tempt me to be less of a slacker when it comes to using paint programs to work on my photos. OTOH, I could have been up all night with this, I had so much fun.

  48. […] wanted to be a little more involved in the blogger community and try my hand at one of Strawberry Singh’s photo challenges. This is my first one I have done and I will try to do more in the future.. […]

  49. Leonorah Beverly says:

    Late, but i hope not TOO late, here’s my very first meme in black and white (a little grey is also in the picture):

  50. I’ve included both the B/W and original color. What do you think?

    I’ve included both the B/W and original color. What do you think?

  52. OK here is my late entry into this challenge. I admit I was very lazy. Take a look.

  53. Yay! I finally managed to take my Black and White head shot and upload it. My first attempt.

    here is the link:

    Raza Lane

  54. I am really enjoying everyone’s submissions! Beautiful work. Thanks so much Berry. We’ll miss you while you’re on vacation! Here’s mine:

  55. My firsy entry in this group

    Can’t post in the Flickr group sadly

  56. […] a big fan of black & white photography, in both worlds, so when I saw Strawberry Singh’s latest blog challenge I couldn’t […]

  57. My first time, but will try my best to take part in more!

  58. […] became more important for the setting of a mood.  So, when Berry Singh threw out this week’s Monday Meme — share a black-and-white head shot of your avatar — I leaped at the […]

  59. Like to read and watch ue memes, but this time decided to participate :)

  60. […] since Miss Strawberry Singh decided to do a Black and White Portrait Challenge for her meme this week, I took a close up version to de-saturate and play along.  I don’t […]

  61. […] … for Strawberry Singh’s Monday Meme. […]

  62. […] on black and white portraits so below I’ll have my version on there too! Check out her meme here. […]

  63. […] joined in on the Black & White Portrait Challenge by Strawberry Singh. I love doing portraits and when I read about it I so wanted to do a b/w one! […]

  64. […] Strawberry Singh has posted another challenge for bloggers and this was one that I thought would be fun to try, and not too time-consuming. A great skin is going to look good whether your picture is in color or in black and white, and such is the case with my new skin from Atomic. Also gorgeous regardless of color is just about anything that Maxi Gossamer releases, such as the Anael Angel necklace, which will be available at the With Love Fair starting on Friday. […]

  65. This was fun, thanks for the chance to do something different.

  66. Caitlin Mirabella says:

    Monday Meme…on a Wednesday!! Thank you so much for this post, Berry! <3

  67. I always enjoy the photo challenges you post: you come up with stuff I’ve never tried out! Here’s my response to this one.

  68. I’ve never entered into one of these challenges before, but I figured, since it would be easy enough for me to pick an old picture that I’d taken, which would look decent in B&W, and submit it… why not let this be my start?

    This is a pic of me and my sister, Grimhilda, at the Starlight Lounge in the Peacock Hotel…

    The original is here…


  69. Well, this was fun, and got me taking pictures again. The hardest part was finding a pose and an angle that I liked… oh and a hairstyle as well.

    This is me.

  70. Tamarind Silverfall says:

    I loved the photos I saw on the site, so I had to do one.Here’s the link to my Flickr page

  71. Tamarind Silverfall says:

    This is the correct Flickr address, the other one was for the whole page, sorry about that!

  72. […] My translation of the name ‘Sean’, Tableau Vivant’s latest (and darlingest) skin release along with a new hairdid to boot! Whatever they’re drinkin’ over there, I would like the same Rx please lol. Rarely disappointed with anything released by the creative minds behind the TV and GA brand. Sean comes with lots of options including brow sets, which is awesome. Click here to see Sean as my entry for Strawberry’s Black and White Challenge. […]

  73. […] decided to take on Strawberry Singh’s ( ) challenge this week of a black and white shot, so here it is. Hope you […]

  74. […] I also discovered a new blogger (well, new to me) named Xantheanne.She participated in another of Strawberry’s memes that I’m actually wanting to do, and in her post she provides downloadable actions to help […]

  75. Hi Strawberry,

    not sure if one may join without running a blog, but here is my shot anyway :-) Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  76. […] Self portrait of me (Allison Selene) wearing Alli&Ali Valenka Hair. Inspiration for the this pic comes from the Black & White Portrait Challenge at… […]

  77. Oh what a fun challenge! Here’s me in b&w…altho I do miss color, Bear is the bigger b&w fan. How can I live without green???

  78. Bear Silvershade says:

    A little last minute, but this wasn’t a challenge/meme I could pass up on. Here’s my effort!
    On Flickr at and Google+ at

  79. […] shot or process the image as much as you like. Don’t forget to leave a link to your image in the comments and also share it in the Blog Memes flickr […]

  80. This one took me a while to do since I decided to change my avi before completing it. I used PhotoShop CC to create the black and white pic by using the filter and tweaking the RGB values. Thanks, Berry!

  81. […] time has continued its inexorable advance and Strawberry has issued another week’s Meme-challenge, one calling for black and white photography.  Since I am a consummate professional, devoted to carrying on through adversity, and Firsty has […]

  82. Naraelina Ordinary says:

    I sort of did it. I don’t usually edit with white bg’s though. x.x

  83. Kitti Wytchwood says:

    Hey…so I wrote a blog post inspired by your black and white meme, but it’s not wholly on task. I did produce some b&w portraits though!

  84. Here’s mine – a little late, and one full body shot, and a little bit sepia toned, but I did it!

  85. Thank you everyone for participating. I am back from vacation now and my best friend Mr. Winter Jefferson has posted the meme this week:
    I hope you can participate. <3

  86. I finally got to doing this meme… only a week late, not too bad, right? lol

    MiLliE xx

  87. Posting a little update about the cool effects this meme had in SL; I love black and white photos and lately been seeing a lot more clients ask for this type of images for their profile or just random Facebook photos people post. Even people who book regular colored photos ask for a black and white version, which was really rare before!

    Just yaaaay <3

  88. […] In the meantime, for those of you who would like to try this challenge for yourself, you can find it by clicking on this link […]

  89. Piper Hanriot says:

    I enjoyed playing with editing for this challenge.

  90. […] toes into playing along with the big names, at least this once! This Monday’s challenge is a black and white portrait and the rules […]

  91. I know i am coming late to this party but here is my attempt at this challenge/meme

  92. […] took the picture above for Strawberry Singh’s Black & White Portrait Challenge. It was time for me to have a new profile picture and this was an easy and quick blog challenge to […]

  93. […] by Strawberry Singh is a Black & White Portrait Challenge.  Check out Berrys Challenge HERE.  I thought I would give you a look with some of the stuff that will be available at The Mens […]

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