Black & White Portrait Challenge

Black & White Portrait Challenge (click here for raw shot)

When I asked back in December what kinds of memes you guys would like to see more of in 2014, a lot of you requested more photography themed memes. So even though I do the memes to get people to write more on their blogs, I will try to sneak in a photo meme from time to time. Here is one I’ve wanted to do for a while.

Meme Instructions: Share a black & white portrait (headshot) of your Second Life avatar. You can post a raw shot or process the image as much as you like. Don’t forget to leave a link to your image in the comments and also share it in the Blog Memes flickr group.

For the raw shot, you can dress your avatar up inworld so you are all black and white. I have done that before for another black and white challenge, (raw shot here).

Or you are free to use a photo editor to desaturate the image and process it any way you like. If you do not have access to photoshop, (or another photo editing program) I suggest using, it has a black and white option in there, for free.

Here is the image before I took all the color away:

I actually prefer the color image this time, but usually black and white photos are some of my favs. I’m just not very good at processing them, so I figured this would be a good time to practice. I feel that black and white images add a lot of charm to an image and also let your imagination wander a bit more.

Please Note, this may be my last Monday Meme for a while as I am going on vacation soon and won’t be available. So while I’m away, there will be no memes, friday finds and other blog posts. I should be back and will continue all that before the end of February. I’ll let you know before I leave for vacation, still have about a week to go. <3

In the meantime, feel free to participate in any of the memes/challenges at any time. You’ll find them all under my Blog Challenges category along with other memes and challenges I’ve done over the years.

The jewelry I am wearing is available at FaMESHed this round by Maxi Gossamer. Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner, she has been especially generous this round by providing transferrable/giftable versions of the jewels in the folder as well. So you can purchase them for yourself and have an extra transferrable set to send to a loved one. Check her plurk for the details and remember that girls love jewelry. :P

Skin: Essences – Taurus 01 *brown* by Inka Mexicola
*Eyes: Mayfly – Luminous – Mesh Eye (Monet Dawn, w4) by Arkesh Baral
Eyelashes: Mon Cheri “Falsies” by Freya Olivieri
*Hair: TRUTH HAIR Yelena by Truth Hawks
*Mesh Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Small by Siddean Munro
*Jewels: Maxi Gossamer at FaMESHed for February
Pose: It’s a secret. (IM me and I’ll tell you in exchange for sexual favors.)

136 Comments on “Black & White Portrait Challenge

  1. I do lots of black and white photos. Love them and that’s what I did nearly exclusively when I began doing real life photography. My feeling is that I can appreciate forms and tonality much better when I’m not distracted by color :) I posted two pics to the meme Flickr group, here is the link to one on my Flickr

    Great idea for a meme Berry!

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  9. Here is my small offering to the pool of photos, new to SL photography. What a challenge and an experience. Thank you to all who share their knowledge.

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  17. My first Monday meme! It was tons of fun except it became Tuesday while I was doing it. XD I never tried b&w photography in SL & now I can’t wait to do it again.

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  20. I promise not to groan to loudly when my alarm goes off in four hours after staying up later than usual to particpate in this meme. Loved the creative aspect of it and scored a new profile pic in the completion. Thanks Strawberry.

  21. Just another thought on b&w photo themes…so here’s a suggestion for another Monday Meme. How about a b&w photo based on a movie of our choice. so perhaps Casablanca or Roman Holiday or maybe something more modern like Titanic? In my mind’s eye I am being inspired by Bette Davies and co! Just some random musings.

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  23. Hello, I am unable to entire via the flickr due to my flickr filter setting.
    So, I’ve left the image entry on my own flickr page with the link mentioned above. Thank You.

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  27. This was truly a challenge for me, as I am still a newbie when it comes to photography in SL. Yes, after FIVE YEARS I am still lagging in that department, although I dearly LOVE to take photos!
    Anyway, I have posted mine for the challenge here:
    I’m open to suggestion, so leave a comment if you pop round to look, and I hope you do. I’m having fun looking at all the lovely shots you’ve taken. Inspiring!
    Thank you all – especially you, Berry – for the great information you have shared. I am learning so much, and I love it!
    So, Berry… How about a class? I know you’ve got tutorials out (and I will check the ones on photography), but…maybe a class might be fun? Maybe? Hmmm?

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  36. I’ve never entered into one of these challenges before, but I figured, since it would be easy enough for me to pick an old picture that I’d taken, which would look decent in B&W, and submit it… why not let this be my start?

    This is a pic of me and my sister, Grimhilda, at the Starlight Lounge in the Peacock Hotel…

    The original is here…


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  41. Hi Strawberry,

    not sure if one may join without running a blog, but here is my shot anyway :-) Have a lovely weekend everyone!


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  45. Posting a little update about the cool effects this meme had in SL; I love black and white photos and lately been seeing a lot more clients ask for this type of images for their profile or just random Facebook photos people post. Even people who book regular colored photos ask for a black and white version, which was really rare before!

    Just yaaaay <3

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