WindLight Settings

WindLight is a revolutionary atmospheric lighting and rendering system within Second Life that can assist photographers of all skill levels to create stunning visuals. What does that all mean? You have a powerful mood-setting tool at your disposal. Take advantage of it!

I’ve created this page to share not only my windlight settings, but also to link to settings that were created by other SL residents. I will keep updating this page as I create more settings.

Download my WindLight Settings:

How to install Sky WindLight settings:
To install these settings you will need to download them, unzip them, and then copy them into the following folders. Please make sure you have shut down Second Life before doing this and follow the instructions for the system that you are running:

Windows XPC:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\SecondLife\user_settings\windlight\skies

Windows Vista & 7C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\SecondLife\user_settings\windlight\skies
C:\Program Files\SecondLifeViewer\app_settings\windlight\skies

Mac – use Go menu > Go to Folder and paste in: ~/Library/Application Support/SecondLife/user_settings/windlight/skies

If you are using a third party viewer such as Firestorm or Exodus, remember to place the settings in the correct folders by substituting the “SecondLife” folder for the name of the viewer you are using.

Water Settings:

Water settings go in the SecondLife\user_settings\windlight\water folder.

Sky WindLight Settings created by other SL residents:

With all that being shared, I really believe that everyone should get very comfortable with the environment editor to create and use their own settings. It’s great to have lots of windlight settings to choose from, but what I’ve noticed is that usually, it’s not enough. I still go in and edit each setting to get it to just my liking.

So get into the editor and start playing with these settings below!
World > Environment Editor > Sky Presets > Edit (or new) Preset

WindLight Settings

If you have any questions, problems or difficulties, please don’t hesitate to email me.

I am leaving the comments open on this page. If you know of any other WindLight Settings that you like to use or if you have shared your own somewhere, please feel free to link them in the comments below.

Thank you! <3
Strawberry Singh

112 thoughts on “WindLight Settings

  1. Hi I tried to go to the link for Mesc’s Sunglasses, and I got a page not found error.

  2. My apologies, I had messed up the link. I have double checked all the links and hopefully they should all be working now. Thank you for letting me know!

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  10. The Codebastard Redgrave link is now broken (their wordpress install has reverted to the default, non-SEO-friendly links). This one should work fine:

    Thanks for the list of settings – I use yours and Elysium’s all the time!

  11. Laverne, thank you for letting me know. I’ve updated the link now.

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  21. I just found this, so glad you have mine listed here! <3

  22. Awesome guide! Thank you thank you!!

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  26. So glad I found this today (better late than never!)

    Thank you thank you thank you x a million Miss Singh and to all of those who work on things like Windlight Settings and such so we bloggers & photographers can see things in an even more beautiful way.

    Kitty DeVaux

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  28. thank you! been trying to save my own settings and didn’t know how to do it until I found this tutorial <3

  29. The “How To” for the changing ones default settings is gone.

    If anyone has a link for instructions on this please consider putting it here for us.

    Thank you

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  48. Helpful information. Lucky me I found your web site accidentally, and I am stunned why this accident didn’t happened earlier! I bookmarked it.

  49. Hello there, I stumbled upon your site through Yahoo even while looking for a related theme, your website came upward, it looks similar to wonderful. We’ve added to our favourites features.

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  52. AleXxXandeR Stratten says:
  53. […] Singh has a thorough article about Windlight Settings, make sure to check that out before […]

  54. What a great post, that I have referred back to many times! Thank you Berry! One thing that I have gone back and forth on through the years is whether or not to save in SL with PNG, JPG, or BMP. Since Photoshop and other graphics programs can open up almost any type of file, I am wondering if BMP might be better. BMP file sizes are larger, but I am not sure that makes a difference in quality? (Less artifacts maybe, or not?) I know saving to a larger width and height (resolution-wise) in SL, as much as you can go without crashing or glitchiness, is good to have a file to start with when editing pics, but does anybody have a documented preference as to whether or not BMP would be better to pull into Photoshop to work with, instead of PNG (or JPG)?

  55. Hi Wisti, I save all my images as PNG because PNG and BMP are both lossless. This means the quality in both of them is must better than JPG. However, BMP is a big file format and is not supported by all programs, PNG is much lighter and is supported by most image editing software. So your best bet is to save as PNG.

  56. Hey Berry!
    I made my first set of 6 airy and pastel Windlights. Feel free to use/share them as you wish <3


  57. I am looking for a Windligth for photos.
    I have some products to sell in the marketplace.
    But I can not mess around with photoshop, Windligth with this it would help me a lot in photography. if you have someone who can help me with this please contact me please. I’ll be very happy for the help.

    I do not speak English, I am Brazilian and I have a translator who helps me in languages

    TamiresCat Catnap

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  61. Hi there, I have noticed that sometimes this webpage shows an 403 server error. I figured you would like to know. Best wishes

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  65. I made a set of 8 tropical/fantasy inspired Windlights if you’d like to share them, they were created for my blog photos – I like to show my clothing/body clearly & brightly but I also like a very colourful horizon to seal the deal :-)

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  68. […] A plugin came to my attention thanks to the ever resourceful Strawberry Singh while reading her blog the other day. It’s called Flood from Flaming Pear. They have a lot of plugin that they offer for a two week trial period. I began to think to myself what could I possible create while finally being able to control the water. First things first; I needed to find a windlight setting that could bring a bit of magic to the photograph that I was about to take. Luckily there is one that I had downloaded a while ago from Strawberry Singh (didn’t I tell you all she is the mother of bloggers, queen of photography!) It’s called Amethyst from the Berry Windlight Settings and gives off a wonderful night glow that is purplish to me at times. You can find more of her amazing windlight settings here! […]

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  70. […] Photo Tools Pose: ‘Petals in the Wind 4‘ – aDORKable Poses – L$200 (pack of 4 poses & props, tinted greyscale version used) Windlight Setting: ‘LightUpMySLife‘ by Strawberry Singh […]

  71. […] If you do have basic shaders enabled, but the colours still look wrong, you might have a goofy Windlight setting enabled. Some of them add quite a lot of blue or purple to the ambient lighting, or make everything appear washed out or very dark. (Every HUD is automatically set to full bright, so it isn’t affected by Windlight settings, hence the discrepancy.) Strawberry Singh has compiled a nice list of Windlight settings (complete with installation instruct…. […]

  72. […] post.  Firstly, Strawberry Singh, amongst her many wonderful posts, posted some useful links to good windlight settings for photography and it was there that I found this glorious sky setting, TrinettySky – Seasonal Bright Fall. […]

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  74. Hey there. I am completely redoing the Windlight page on my blog and making new video tutorials. MEANWHILE the link you have here doesn’t come close to getting folks to the Windlight settings downloads – LOL. Maybe a Blogger change assuming it used to work. It just shows posts that have the word “places” in there.

    Funny. Here is the Windlight page

  75. Thank you for letting me know Chic, I’ve fixed the link!

  76. […] v1‘ – Color Lab – L$0 – Freebie (Marketplace) Windlight Setting: ‘Silver‘ by Editing: GIMP & […]

  77. […] – L$300 – includes 6 birds/poses Windlight Setting: ‘Original’ by Editing: GIMP & […]

  78. […] Click here for a link to Strawberry Singh’s Windlight Tutorial and Downloads.  […]

  79. […] can download my four windlights here and if you want to know how to install them I recommend this tutorial from […]

  80. […] Here are some instructions on how to download them and add them to your SL viewer: After downloading them please copy them to your appropriate folder. Close your viewer first. Then drop the xml files in the proper place. Here is Strawberry Singhs blog on how to do it. Strawberry Singh’s Tutorial on Windlight Settings […]

  81. After going over a few of the blog posts on your web page, I truly
    appreciate your way of writing a blog. I added it to my bookmark webpage list and will be checking back in the near future.
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  82. your lighting is always so awesome. would it be possible to update these sometime? for me.. sure but, for others as well.. it’s about to be 2016 hehe.. i am going to ask some of my other fav bloggers if they will do the same. xoxo have a great new year!! ~M~

  83. […] you’re using the LL viewer, Strawberry Singh has a nice tutorial on how install additional Windlight […]

  84. Brit Applewhyte says:

    Hi Berry,

    You posts are always so informative yet entertaining, and I have enjoyed reading them forever it seems. I came across this older wind light and water settings. I’ve just begun taking in world photos and would love to try some out,however, I have Windows 10, as I imagine many new people do. It would be really nice to have you up-date the information so a new generation can use it. I know you are busy,but if you do get a moment,maybe you could consider doing a quick update. Thanks for giving the idea consideration. Happy Ramadan.

  85. Hello Brit, I imagine it would be the same as Windows 7, you just need to locate the appdata folder. This page might be of help:

  86. […] to learn how to add WLs to your SL Viewer please go look at this blog.. Windlight Tutorial by Strawberrysingh ..::::If you like my blog please FOLLOW and […]

  87. […] The photos were shot at the adult sim Elven Forest and the windlight is Strawberry Singh’s Gold setting. You can find all her amazing settings as well as some from other Second Life artists and designers and a bunch of helpful information at her blog. […]

  88. […] anything tagged, Strawberry Singh.. google their name, and just drop a hey, how you doin.. […]

  89. […] Strawberry Singh – No list is really a full list without Strawberry’s windlight settings I think, so here is the link on where I located hers.  For her mirrorWater setting, you can locate that here. […]

  90. Cecilia Nansen says:

    Thank you for this great help!!

    Can you recomend a certain WL, if you want to make pictures in black and white – shoot the photo and then edit it in PS…is there a WL good for that please? :))


  91. […] skies, lighting, and other graphical aspects of the environment. I strongly recommend you to read Strawberry Singh’s windlight settings tutorials (and much more, her blog is a great source of […]

  92. I am looking for the Luna Jubilee windlights but they are no longer available on her blog. Any other way I can get them? I used one from her for vendor boards bcz it has good shadows and can’t find another I like as much. Please Help!!

  93. I am looking for the Luna Jubilee windlights but they are no longer available on her blog. Any other way I can get them?

  94. Jada Casto says:

    I am using Windows 10 and was wondering if I could or could not use windlight and calwl using it? Because all other operating systems paths have been posted, but not windows 10.

  95. […] settings are on point, my next tip is adjusting your windlights. Strawberry Singh has a great post for that too! My favorites are from Foxcity, but again… Trial and Error is gonna be your […]

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