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Meet My Bratty Nephew Ron

Meet My Bratty Nephew Ron

Inworld he’s known as coolron28 and on plurk he’s known as RonZoon or whatever display name he has chosen that day. He’s the brat that charmed me with his adorable, witty humor and made me want to adopt him. I’m not sure how he became my fake internet nephew, but all I know is one day he called me “Aunt Berry” on plurk and I kind of sort of fell in love. So now he is my adorable, but incredibly bratty nephew, Ron. <3

I wanted to introduce him to you guys as well and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to interrogate him and add him to my “Men on the Grid” series.

Cool Aunt - Bratty Nephew

He’s a young fashionisto in the making and is well known on plurk for his love of elegant and classy male fashion along with his obsession with puppies and other cute furry animals. Since he is beloved to so many plurkers, I figured I’d ask them to help me out with some of the questions with this interview…that turned out to be interesting lol. The questions were a bit crazier than I expected but I did try to incorporate some of them. You can read the rest of them in my plurk.

Since this post is going to be very long, I’m going to continue it after this cut:

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Red Carpet

I was trying to do an entry for the 2013 Oscar Fashion Photo Contest but after I took all the images I realized it looks more like I’m marrying my alt, Manberry. *facepalm* So what I’ve decided is to not enter these ones because really…I dunno what I was thinking, lol. I went back and […] Continue reading →


I found out about sYs (show your style) at a recent event I went to. That’s when I picked up this outfit. I love the futuristic style they have going, it’s very cyber chic! They also have a wide range of clothing and accessories, including some awesome boots. I’m going to head back there and […] Continue reading →


With a name like that, how could I resist? It was love at first sight when I saw this skin on the bodyco flickr. Please note that the first image is very photoshopped because I felt like playing and trying some new things. I think I went a bit overboard lol but it was all […] Continue reading →