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Vista Lia Bento Mesh Head

Vista Lia Bento Mesh Head

Vista Animations entered the mesh head market by releasing their first female bento head last week. Her name is Lia and I find her to be rigged very well with a lot of versatility with the sliders so you can create many different looks with it. I have done a detailed video about Lia but first, here is some information about her:

  • Price: The price of this head is currently L$2500 and the DEMO is free. Both are available on marketplace and the Vista mainstore. They also have a DEV Kit for this head available for L$1 at both the marketplace and mainstore.
  • Omega Compatibility: This head is omega compatible, and you can use the same omega activation HUD they had for their hands. You just need to attach the HUD, activate the omega and then apply your omega skins and cosmetics to the head. You can pick up the Vista Omega kit on marketplace for L$99.
  • Shapes, Brow Bases & Alpha layers: The head comes with 6 shapes and 2 brow bases. Brow bases are from YSYS & Avenge and the shapes are from 7 deadly skins, Avenge, YSYS and 3 from Vista. It also comes with 1 alpha layer which you must wear to hide your default SL head.
  • Bento rigged & unrigged Eyes: The head comes with bento eyes that are rigged and also a couple of unrigged eyes that you can position yourself if preferred.
  • Teeth: The head also comes with rigged teeth which you must wear with the head.
  • HUDs: The head comes with two HUDs: the main HUD and the Personalize HUD.
    1. The Main HUD has 3 circular tabs which you can click to access all the different settings of the HUD:
      1. The Save Slots Tab lets you save 5 configurations of skins and cosmetics to access your favorite looks with just one click. There is also a tinting section in this tab which lets you tint all parts of this head including: skin, hairbase, eyeshadow, brows, lipstick, tattoo and lashes.
      2. The Skins and Cosmetics Tab comes with many options for skins, cosmetics and more:
        1. Skins and tones: from 3 different creators: YSYS, 7 deadly skins and Avenge, along with a shimmer slider to add shimmer to the skin.
        2. Eye shadows and lipsticks: several options from the creator ARTE, also with shimmer and blend sliders.
        3. Lashes: 3 different options for lashes
        4. Hairbases: 5 tones for hairbases
        5. Brows: 5 tones for brows with a blend slider
        6.  Tattoos: 5 different tattoos with a blend slider. Tattoos include blushes, freckles and more
        7. Teeth & Tongue: 4 options for teeth including normal teeth, buck teeth, gap teeth and vampire teeth. 4 tongue color options.
        8. Alpha section: gives you the option to hide your ears, teeth and scalp.
        9. Lacrimal: gives you 2 color options for the Lacrimal caruncle and the option to hide it.
        10. Neck size: 5 neck size options offered.
        11. Eyes: this section gives you 8 color options for the eyes with bumpiness, shininess, glossiness and intensity options and sliders.
      3. The Animations Tab comes with options for moods, expressions, blinking, talking, mouth positions, eye positions and more. More information about these below and I’ll also share the priority animation level for each section.
        1. Moods: 4 mood options available: Neutral, Happy, Angry and Sad. Moods have a priority level 1.
        2. Expressions: 24 expressions available with static options so you can take pictures of the expression. Expression animations have a priority level 2 and static animations have priority level 3.
        3. Save Sequence: 3 save slots for animation sequences.
        4. Blink: 2 blink options and an off button with a priority level 2.
        5. Talk: 2 talk options and an off button with a priority level 4.
        6. Mouth: 4 static mouth options and an off button with a priority level 2.
        7. Eyes: 6 static eyelid options with an off button with a priority level 2. Also comes with an eye position area to control which direction you want your eyes look. You can turn off the eye position as well.
      4. Pose Button: A static pose to make your body stand still while you play with the HUD. Has a priority level of 3
      5. Gear Button: When you click the gear button you get the following options: update, redeliver, manual, reset all, reset HUD and reset head.
    2. The Personalize HUD lets you customize this head using full perm textures to create your own skin and cosmetics for the head.
  • More Information: For more information about Vista Bento heads, click over to Vista’s website for a detailed post.
  • Customer Service Questions: If you have any questions about this head, it would be best if you looked at the designer’s profile, his name is Vista Barnes, to see how he prefers to be contacted for customer service issues as I will probably not be able to assist you with that. You can also join the Vista Bento Head’s Friends inworld group to get assistance from the other group members that also own Vista products.

Now watch my video on YouTube:

Thare Rahiyo

For more of my mesh head reviews and videos, click over to my Mesh Heads Category on my blog and my Male and Female Mesh Head Playlists on my YouTube channel.

I have made my own shape for this head and once I release it, it will be available in my marketplace store and I will link to it from this post. Lia Shape

I have released my shape for this head now and it is available in my marketplace store.

My Style Credits:
Shape: Lia Shape by Strawberry Singh
*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1 by Onyx LeShelle
*Mesh Head: VISTA BENTO HEAD LIA V1 by Vista Barnes
*Skin Applier:  YSYS (comes with head)
*Hair: Sintiklia – Hair Peony by Sintikliasims
*Silk: Kaithleen’s Wild Silks by Zlyskritek
*Pasties: erratic / crystal pasties / hearts by Erratic Rain
*Thong: erratic / delice lingerie – thong / nude by Erratic Rain
*Tattoo: Letis Tattoo :: Kali by Leti Hax
*Headdress: MG – HeadDress – Ashira by Maxi Gossamer
*Ring on right hand: Zaara : Kasita finger-harness by Zaara Kohime
*Ring on left hand: EarthStones Sweetest Romance Bridal Wedding Set Bento
Skybox: Scarlet Creative Alaouite Skybox by Charlotte Bartlett (Luxebox June)
Pose in 2nd pic: oOo Studio odissi by Olaenka Chesnokov

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