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Stud Finder

So you know that bit when you buy a new male corset and it has gold and black studs, and you think “Hmm… I wonder what else I’ve bought recently that can go with this?

TWO MONTHS. This is just the last two months worth of gold studded leather.



Yeah; sure I’m a vampire and the whole “wardrobe stolen from Joan Jett” look is de rigeur, but I’m wondering at which point this becomes a sickness.


Actually – you know what?




Find your studs here.

Antlers – Eternum by Half Deer

Headband – Crown of Thorns by Remarkable Oblivion

Shoulderpads – Spiked Shoulder Pads by Glam Affair

Corset – Pride Men’s Corset by NV Corsetry available only at The Renaissance Galleria

Gloves – Men’s Studded Gloves by MotivAction

Bracelet – Gaga Bracelet by Miss LT

Pants – Biker Pants by Ricielli 

Also wearing

Hair – Ewing by Tableau Vivant

Skin – Nathan by Tableau Vivant

Eyes – Protagoniste by Miamai

Feet – Barefeet by SLink



VanGuard is a new mens fashion label that offers a wide range of clothing and accessories to satisfy any style. I especially loved this Vermont sweater which is really well done and perfect for a chilly day. They have an assortment of items sectioned in themed rooms. So boys, if you’re looking for warm winter […] Continue reading →

Do you like my DNA?

Axel Two new male skins from DNA Cloning Facilities, Axel and Damien. Damien is the more tall, dark and handsome type whereas Axel is cute, boyish, bratty and blond. I’m kinda really diggin Axel on man-berry. I think if I saw that walk past me down the road I would be like “helloooo.” Yeah so […] Continue reading →

Meet Status

Status is the first male skin from Exile and he will be released on Friday. He comes in 5 skin tones, (pale, light, tan, bronze and dark). I am wearing the tan tone. There are 9 facial hair options, hairbase option and two brow shapes. Four tattoo layers are also available for teeth, kohl eyeliner, […] Continue reading →

Spicy Underpants

At times I feel very privileged to have such wonderful friends, even if I feel I don’t deserve them. I’m quite anti-social and a hermit so not the most engaging friend at times. But I still appreciate the few that have stuck around and learned to deal with my mood swings and encourage me to […] Continue reading →

Heart of Gold

So what can be more exciting than a new &Bean skin? How about a new &Bean skin for the girls and the boys? I think I’m turning into just a male blogger looking at my posts recently. I can’t help it, mens designers are kicking serious ass lately and for some reason I am having […] Continue reading →

Lapins élégant

This week I was asked to do some photography work for Ozimals and I have to admit, it really brought my itch back for the bunnies. I had to give them all away several months ago since I was going on vacation for 2 months and no one would be able to take care of […] Continue reading →