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Catwa Lona Bento Mesh Head

Catwa Lona Bento Mesh Head

Catwa’s latest bento mesh head is called Lona and she will be released at Skin Fair on March 10th. This is her 4th female head and here are some details about it:

  • Price: I am not sure what the price will be however her previous heads were L$5000 so I assume it will be around that amount. It will be at Skin Fair from March 10th till March 26th and after that it will be available at the Catwa mainstore.
  • Omega Compatibility: This head is omega compatible, as are all the other Catwa mesh heads. You can pick up the omega relay hud for Catwa heads on marketplace.
  • Layers: This head has 3 layers: The first layer is for skin and then it has two layers for makeup on top of that, which are divided into different sections, providing you many options for a more customized look.
  • HUDs: The head comes with two HUDs: the master HUD and the Animations HUD. The master HUD has all of the skin, makeup and hairbase options. The Animations HUD controls blinking, talking, static eyes and lips and 24 expressions.
  • Rigged Eyes: The head comes with rigged eyes that should be worn with it and can be changed and modified using the Catwa Mesh Eyes HUD as well as any appliers made for Catwa mesh eyes.
  • More Information: For more information about Catwa Bento heads, click over to Catwa’s website for a detailed post as well as her youtube channel for an even more detailed video.
  • Customer Service Questions: If you have any questions about this head, it would be best if you looked at the designer’s profile, her name is Catwa Clip, to see how she prefers to be contacted for customer service issues as I will probably not be able to assist you with that.

Now watch my video on YouTube:

Here is the list of skins I applied on this head in the video:

  1. Bold & Beauty Taylor
  2. YSYS Ludovica
  3. Insol Anita
  4. Glam Affair Lilo (@ Glam Affair satelite store)
  5. DeeTalez Doutzen
  6. !Imabee Danae
  7. Egozy Teyona
  8. Amara Beauty Jewel
  9. League Ella

The Lona head is very cute and pretty with lips that have a bit over an overbite style like a bunny. The lips are not really my style but I am pretty sure will be well liked by many and really gives her a unique look. I highly suggest picking up a DEMO of this head at Skin Fair on March 10th and trying it out for yourself with your favorite skins.

Here is a comparison picture that Catwa has done of all 4 of her female bento heads so far:
CATWA Bento Female Heads

If you are not familiar with Bento, here is some information and links that will explain it in detail:

  1. What is Bento?On December 15th, 2015, Linden Lab announced a new project called Bento. Basically what they are doing is adding additional bones to the Second Life avatar skeleton to support both rigging and animation.
  2. Bento is Live! – Bento went live on December 5, 2016 and is currently available in all Second Life viewers. Please update your viewer to the latest release if you haven’t already done so.
  3. Weekly Content Creation User Group meetings – Everyone is invited to join the weekly, public meeting intended for discussion of issues around content creation, including avatars, animations, mesh, bento, etc…
  4. My Project Bento tag on my blog – Keep an eye on my Project Bento tag on my blog for all posts I make about Bento.
  5. My Mesh Head Category and Male and Female Mesh Head YouTube PlayLists – For more of my mesh head reviews and videos, click over to my Mesh Heads Category on my blog and my Male and Female Mesh Head Playlists on my YouTube channel.

Don’t forget, if you have Catwa bento heads, I am having a giveaway for March edition of Powder Pack Catwa, which is a monthly subscription box that caters to catwa head addicts. I will be announcing the winners on March 10th, so don’t forget to enter for a chance to win!


Aside from Skin Fair, another big event that will be starting later this month is Shoetopia. You can get a fix for your shoe addiction starting on March 25th till April 15th. The boots I’m wearing in this post are from Livalle and will be released at Shoetopia, click over and check out her cool teaser of these boots on flickr.

I also did another dance video check it out on youtube:

The dance I used in this video was Vista Animations Pulp Fiction Bento Dance, which is available in their marketplace store for L$99 and the location I was at was Club Exhale.

Now I want to do a quick update on Subscription boxes I will be unboxing this month because there are a couple of new ones this month:

  1. Cutie Loot – 8th of each month – new box catering to the magical and kawaii girls
  2. Deco(c)rate8th of each month – catering to home and decor addicts
  3. Luxe Box15th of each month – catering to female avatars
  4. Powder Pack Catwa17th of each month – catering to makeup lovers with Catwa heads (don’t forget to enter my giveaway, ends on March 10th)
  5. BishBox20th of each month – catering to wild and crazy girls
  6. Powder Pack LeLutka – 1st of each month – catering to makeup lovers with LeLutka heads (new box coming out on April 1st)

That’s it, hope you guys have fun at Skin Fair, Shoetopia and unboxing all the new subscription boxes this month! I have made a shape for this Lona head and I will release it soon. Once I do, it will be available in my marketplace store and I will link from it here. Happy shopping! Lona Shape
UPDATE: I have released my shape for this head and it is available in my marketplace store.

Shape: Lona Shape by Strawberry Singh
*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5 by Onyx LeShelle
*Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Lona v2.12 by Catwa Clip (coming to skin fair)
*Skin Applier: League Ella by Nena Janus (blog)
*Eyes: CATWA RIGGED EYES by Catwa Clip (come with head)
*Bento Hands: VISTA PROHAND V.1FINAL by Vista Barnes
Hair: Magika – Bad Habit by Sabina Gully
*Top: [Canimal] Comet by Canimal Zephyr (@ Uber)
*Shorts: [Canimal] Stellar by Canimal Zephyr (@ Cosmopolitan)
*Boots: {Livalle} Hax – Combat Boots by Lindsey Warwick (@ Shoetopia soon)
*Tattoo: Letis Tattoo :: Diphda by Leti Hax
*Necklace: Zaara : Banjara silver choker by Zaara Kohime
*Bangles: Zaara : Banjara kadas by Zaara Kohime
*Bento Rings: RealEvil Luxy Rings by crashnoww (@ Chapter 4)
*Background+Pose: Exposeur – Decorative Doors Gacha by RubyStarlight Writer
*Dance in Video: Vista Animations Pulp Fiction Bento Dance by Vista Barnes
Location in dance video: Club Exhale

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