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I’m not that familiar with how digital currencies work so I’ll try my best to explain Artbyte. I wanted to blog about this because I thought it would be a good way for artists in virtual worlds to earn some money.

Artbyte is a digital currency which has supported over 25,000 artists around the world since 2014. They have been supporting all types of artists: painters, musicians, sculptors, actors, dancers, writers, film makers, photographers, and now they even have a section for artists working in virtual worlds. You can create an account on their forum and share your work there and then I believe people can send you currency tips in Artbyte. Recently someone sent me a tip of 100 Artbyte.

Any artist with a Twitter or Reddit account can receive Artbyte tips, like I did.

ArtByte is a digital currency, like Bitcoin. There are multiple exchanges around the world that trade digital currencies. ArtByte is listed on four of them. In Europe, ArtByte can be traded directly for euros. In the rest of the world, ArtByte is traded for Bitcoin, which can be traded for dollars or the currency of dozens of countries. You can check Artbyte’s trading exchanges on coin poker.

If you have more information about Artbyte to share, please do so in the comments as I would love to learn more about it. Hope you guys find it interesting and useful.

I’m going to try and share some of my work on the Artbyte forum and see what happens. I’ve also shared a filtered image of this photo on my instagram:

Also, just a reminder to enter my L$5000 Rezday Giveaway. I’ll be announcing the winner on May 15th.

My Style Credits:
Shape: Catwa-Kittia Shape by Strawberry Singh
*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1 by Onyx LeShelle
*Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Kittia v3.2 by Catwa Clip
*Skin Applier: Atelier Pepe Jae by pepehair
*Eyes Applier: Avi-Glam Dramatic Eyes by Kendra Parfort
*Hair: Stealthic – Somber by Stealthic (Kustom9)
*Dress: ISON – selena dress by Harry Hyx
*Tattoo: [CAROL G] Embroided – Black by Carolina Gaelyth (eBENTO)


LAQ Scarlet & Rebel Bento Mesh Heads

Today I will be talking about two Laq bento heads that were released a few weeks ago, Scarlet and Rebel. Both of these come with motion capture animations, just like their previous bento heads Rina, Neve, Nyx, Lulu, Jade, Gaia and Ana. I’ve done videos for both heads where I’ve tried different skin appliers and showed a bit of the HUD, but first here is some […] Continue reading →

Luxe Box October 2017 Unboxing Video!

Today I unboxed the October 2017 Luxe Box, which is a Second Life subscription box that costs L$1500 each month. Here is the full list of the 12 designers participating this month: > Besom > Blueberry > Empire > ISON > Jian > Lamb > Le Fil Casse > Moon > Nardcotix > Paper Arrow Co. > Rowne > Scarlet Creative > Tarte Now watch my unboxing […] Continue reading →

Catwa Hanako Bento Mesh Head

Some of Catwa‘s recent bento head releases include: Sofia, Hanako, Dino & Magy. I have already blogged Sofia. Today I will talk about Hanako and I will blog Dino and Magy soon. She has also updated all of her previously released heads to version 3.0 which has completely revamped the animations and they are now […] Continue reading →

#ForMax Event

Maxwell Graf is an incredibly talented and generous artist who has been creating in Second Life for many years and amazing us with his work in Sansar recently as well. His store in Second Life is called Rustica and has been open for over a decade. He is going through some real life difficulties which he shared […] Continue reading →