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It’s My 7th Rezday!

It's my 7th Rezday!

May 9th is my 7th Rezday. 7 years ago today I stumbled upon the virtual world of Second Life, created an account and logged in. I was lost and didn’t quite understand what I was doing so I logged out and didn’t think about it again until a week later. I’m glad I returned and gave it another shot. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have created friendships and memories that I will always cherish.

Last year for my rezday, I created a video, “Draw My Second Life” it was an idea I took from real life youtubers. I figured I would share it again, so I’m embedding it below:

This year for my rezday I did something I’ve wanted to do for a while, and was on my Second Life Bucket List. It’s called the Poppins Challenge. The challenge states: “Climb, fly or teleport up to a great height and jump naked… open your Poppins Umbrella and float gently to the ground, snapping pictures or taking video footage as you go.”

So I used my umbrella from Lisp. It had this pose attached to the umbrella. My platform is 1400m up high so I grabbed the umbrella, took a deep breath and jumped. NSFW picture after the cut….

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Best & Worst Meme

Today is Veteran’s Day and I have the day off. That’s a good thing as I’m so incredibly tired that I put soy sauce in my french toast this morning. Therefore, today’s Monday Meme will be a quick and easy one. I hope y’all have a chance to participate. Meme Instructions: Copy and paste the […] Continue reading →

LaRoo Shoes

On Saturday, LaRoo Shoes is releasing their fall collection, that will consist of five fabulous shoes along with their new skin matching database sytem! You may already be familiar with skin matching systems from Xcite, GOS and Ncore. Now LaRoo also makes it easier for us to tint our feet. > This is what their […] Continue reading →

Zodiac Meme

This week’s meme was inspired by the Zodiac event and also the recent release by Olive at SL Fashion Week. When I saw the Zodiac necklaces, I knew I just had to have them and I decided to make that the Monday Meme this week. Meme instructions: Copy and paste the following questions and answers […] Continue reading →

Happy 1st Birthday FaMESHed!

FaMESHed is turning one this month. No doubt it is one of my most favorite events. Every month Fameshed brings you some of the grid’s top mesh content creators with original mesh designs. For their first birthday they have invited back all of the designers that have participated in FaMESHed this past year. So you […] Continue reading →

Relentless Rain

One childhood memory that always comes back to me is the relentless rain during hurricane season. It fell incessantly. At night, the sound of the raindrops were like a lullaby, they just engulfed you. That’s how you’ll feel on the 2304 RAIN sim. The sound of the rain is almost hypnotic and it’s definitely beautiful […] Continue reading →