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Material Girl


I’m sitting here listening to Material Girl by Madonna and it’s bringing back hilarious memories from the 80s. Mostly of my sister and I as little girls dancing and bouncing around to it on our beds and then bashing into each other really hard slamming our heads together very painfully! Clumsiness tends to run in the family, especially amongst the women. Unforunately, for some reason, I seem to have the worst case of it.

Material Girl
(click here for raw shot)

Anyhow, quick post today because I really wanted to show off my new jewelry from Maxi Gossamer which is Materials-Ready! That’s right, she has released some gorgeous pieces that really respond to light inworld. If you’d like to see the shine and sparkle, click on over to Maxi Gossamer’s blog and check out the demonstration video she has, it shows all the details!

Skin Body: League Aria Golden -Special Edition -Chest C by Nena Janus
Skin Face: THESKINSHOP (22) (FACE) ‘Pussy’ (bold) by TheShops
Hairbase: booN gathered mid hairbase chocolate by boo Nakamura
Hair: booN TUN247 hair chocolate by boo Nakamura
*Dress: ISON – ruffle dress -XS- (tan) by Harry Hyx (@ Collabor88)
*Mesh Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual by Siddean Munro
Hands & Nails Appliers: League by Nena Janus
Clutch: Leverocci – Soft Clutch_Hand1_Midnight_Gold by Jin Elfan
*Earrings: MG – Earrings – St Tropez Hammered Disks – GOLD by Maxi Gossamer (@ Collabor88)
*Ring: MG – Ring – Positano Night Jewel – GOLD – by Maxi Gossamer (@ Collabor88)
*Pose: Glow Studio by Anemysk Karu
Location: A friend’s home.


I decided to dust off my ALT today and have a little playdate with her. I even got her mesh hands and feet and a new skin. I also passed her my newly proportioned shape so now we are total twins. It’s funny how the same shape can look so different in a variety of […] Continue reading →


The dress I’m wearing is from Zaara and is one of the two special editions she has for the Cinema event. They are both mesh and absolutely stunning. You can find Zaara in the Romance section of Cinema. The beautiful windblown hair is from Alice Project and can also be found in the Action/Adventure section […] Continue reading →

Plurk Anniversary

I couldn’t resist using my ALT today to show the back of this hot new mesh dress. This sexy dress came out in perfect time to help me celebrate my Plurk Anniversary today. Four years ago today I found plurk. I admit, I have somewhat of a love/hate relationship with plurk at times. Since I’ve […] Continue reading →


I’m definitely not a smoker in real life, but I couldn’t help but think that the cig in my hand really completed the look. I had a lot of fun putting together this outfit and also shooting the images today. It was the first time I was able to successfully play around with layering mesh […] Continue reading →

Debug Me

After teasing us for a few days, Maitreya has finally released the adorable tunic and boots this morning. I love the casual, laid back style both have so I wanted to shoot them in or near a field of some sort. I found Abduction Alley which is on the Nestlefire sim on Koinup Places. I […] Continue reading →

Two of a kind

Yesterday I blogged a new skin by Glam Affair by the name of Monica, today I’d like to show you a different side of Monika alongside another new skin by Glam Affair called Sakura. This stunning Sakura skin, which my alt is wearing in the first picture and also in the second picture (on the […] Continue reading →

Back in Business

I am finally all caught up with my clients that were waiting for me to finish pictures after my video card died. A big thank you to them for all the patience and support! I’m back in business now and accepting new clients, you can see my rates on my about page. This image has […] Continue reading →


“I know that we are young, And I know that you may love me, But I just can’t be with you like this anymore, Alejandro” Credits: *Skin: [PXL] Kasumi PALE BlackEyes PaleLips by Hart Larsson (not released yet) (Wearing red tattoo lipstick on top from LeLutka) *Teeth: [ PXL ] Mouth_open_Addon_v6 (Mod/Copy) by Hart Larsson […] Continue reading →

Playing with my ALT!

Zaara Kohime is officially back from a small hiatus and I just couldn’t be happier. Not only is my SL a lot more entertaining, but I have lots of new yummy clothes to wear too! :D In just a few days, Zaara is about to release a new printed fall collection, which is all hand-drawn! […] Continue reading →

I missed you…

So what can be said about my summer vacation? Returning to the country where I was born, have my earliest memories from and where my roots lie, was a very surreal experience. Especially since I hadn’t been there in almost two decades. I feel like I’ve learned and aged a lot. After spending time in […] Continue reading →


Brendon Papp, owner of !Imabee, dropped the Lucy skins on me earlier today. As soon as I put them on, I noticed the skin tones had this unnatural, otherworldly feel to them. They face is so soft and pretty but strong at the same time. I felt like a Deity. So of course I knew […] Continue reading →

The Fashion Circus

The Fashion Circus is only a day away now, it will run from April 10th to 18th. The Fashion Circus theme for April 2010 is ‘Le Cirque – The Circus!’ For further information about The Fashion Circus, please read my previous detailed post. The face tattoo I am wearing in the first picture is from […] Continue reading →