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Dutch Touch


there's nothing I won't do...

I think out of all the skins on the grid, Dutch Touch is the one I’ve worn the most. Every new skin line always seemed to suit me and fit my shape like a glove. This is the newest release from Iki Ikarus who has made a tremendous comeback. I am really happy to have her back and see her doing what she loves, once again.

The newest mesh hair releases from Truth have literally made my jaw drop. Mr. Hawks has re-ignited my love affair with long, luxurious hair. You can grab demos to all his hair on the marketplace.


It had been a while since I had the opportunity to take a nude photo, it was just the stress-relief I needed. Real life has been keeping me quite busy, but I hope to make some time for two tutorials that people have requested this coming week, so talk to you guys soon. <3 This is what I'm listening to:

Skin: Dutch Touch Esmee by Iki Ikarus
*Hair: Truth Lykie by Truth Hawks
*Poses: Diesel Works by Rogan Diesel

The Quirky Librarian

As soon as I put these pants on I knew I was going to go for a really quirky and cute librarian look. These adorable Sack Trousers from Ladies who Lunch will be released on June 5th and will be exclusive to the June Chic Birthday event. The trousers come in 14 colors of high-wasted […] Continue reading →

Beach Bum

Tomorrow is the last day of Shoe Fair and this is your opportunity to get in one final shopping trip. Shoe fair closes on the 27th at 8pm slt. If you haven’t been to the LeeZu booth yet, go by today and check out the shoe fair exclusive beach bum boots in surf blue. The […] Continue reading →

So very Social

Not sure if the title of the post really describes me because I am kind of shy and awkward in RL, but when it comes to social media, I’m totally obsessed. I recently read this article: 3 Mistakes you’re making online by one of my favorite RL bloggers (in fact y’all should add her to […] Continue reading →


I am kinda smitten with this new heavenly minidress from LeeZu. It’s formal and modern at the same time. I can totally see myself dancing away in it. I’ve went with more of a statuesque look this time. My new hair from Plume, which will be available at Culture Shock starting May 1st, adds to […] Continue reading →

Warm me up baby

We are full swing into spring now and I am just loving the Florida weather. Perfect timing for this warm weather, Zaara has released the first of her spring collection. These stylish shorts will add a lot of flair to your beach attire with their sculpted belt and cuffs that give them a flared look. […] Continue reading →


There’s an exciting new store by the name of Shine, created by talented photographer Sophy Violet. Shine brings us sophisticated attire while utilizing a lot of sculpts to add drama and flair to the design. Check out Shine when you get the chance. Dutch Touch has released a new VIP exclusive skin by the name […] Continue reading →

Mermaid Berry

I’ve been wanting to dress up like a mermaid since last October when I first plurked about it. Well finally yesterday I just carved out some time to go on a shopping spree and transform myself into this creature. I absolutely love it and might stick to being a mermaid for a while now. :D […] Continue reading →

Ladies who Lunch

I’ve blogged the brand Ladies who Lunch by Faint Paulse many times before because not only is she a great and very generous friend, but she is extremely talented and constantly churning out quality high fashion attire. With every release she gives out the first 10 fatpacks free! You just have to keep an eye […] Continue reading →

erratic group gift

Now that we officially have 42 groups I am on the hunt for all my alts (and myself of course :P) to get them on all the awesome groups out there that give out wonderful gifts. Whenever I find a group worth joining, I will try and make a post about it. Erratic is the […] Continue reading →


You know I’m not one for system skirts because my behind is usually too big to fit in them and I am just too lazy to change my shape for any skins or clothing. However, this new release from Icing is fitted very well. I haven’t altered my shape at all for it. The texturing […] Continue reading →


Since this year has started I have been busy shooting pictures for wonderful clients. I’m so happy to have found something I really love doing in SL and I can’t wait to improve my photography skills even more this year. Working for clients that appreciate and really encourage you is also very helpful. A big […] Continue reading →