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Have a Nice Summer!

Have a Nice Summer!

I’m leaving for my vacation soon, so this will be my final post till probably August now. My husband and I will be exploring different continents and discovering places we’ve both never been before. Around the end of the vacation we will also pay my parents a visit. I haven’t seen them for a while and miss them dearly, so it will be a great month for me.

I hope your summer is just as much fun with your family and friends. Here are some things to keep you busy this month while I’m away:

Summerfest – June 21st-July 11th
Crystal Heart Fair – June 30th
Pose Fair – July 1st
Fameshed – July 1st
The Mens Dept – June 5th
Collabor88 – June 8th
eBENTO – July 10th
Powder Pack – July 17th
Uber – July 25th
LookBook – July 27th
Check out more shopping events at Seraphim
Check out my Mesh Body Parts page and invest in a new mesh body or bento head
Check out the Explore Second Life Flickr Group to discover places to explore
For Sansar updates, follow Draxtor Despres on Twitter and YouTube
For all Virtual World updates, follow

Please email me if you have any questions, and I’ll get back to you when I return. Remember to check out my FAQ page for questions I’ve answered in the past. I’ll miss you guys, have a great summer! <3

BTW, I love Instagram filters:

My Style Credits:
Shape: Catya 2 Shape by Strawberry Singh
*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1 by Onyx LeShelle
*Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2 by Catwa Clip
*Skin: Glam Affair – Lily – by Aida Ewing – (KUSTOM9)
*Hair: MINA Hair – Alison by Mina Nakamura
*Jumpsuit: ISON – quinn jumpsuit by Harry Hyx (C88)
*Sunglasses: ISON – nikki sunglasses by Harry Hyx
*Shoes: Zaara : Kolhapuri sandals by Zaara Kohime (C88)
*Bag: A N E Accessories – Arida Boho Bag by Anemysk Karu
*Rings on Right Hand: CHAIN – Flash Ring Set by MazyChain
*Ring on Left Hand: Zaara : Kasita finger-harness by Zaara Kohime
*Pose: GingerFish Poses by Tracy Redangel (Waving hand adjusted with Animare)
Location: Crossing Currents

Pinoy Hideout

(click here for a raw shot) I went to a new sim, Pinoy Hideout, earlier today to explore and look around. The sim was designed by the talented Neva Crystall. The owner of the sim is Lovelykitten Resident and there is also a photo contest for those that like to explore and take images. Even though I […] Continue reading →

The Walking Dead

I am totally late to the party but several weeks ago I started watching “The Walking Dead” on Netflix and now I’m totally addicted. However, I have a somewhat love/hate relationship with that show. I love the story line and show itself but the gore and zombies are giving me some serious nightmares. I’m only […] Continue reading →

Sparkle and Shine

Photos Nikolaidis released this really fun dress today and I wanted to dress it all up with tattoos and my new hair from Red Mint that I picked up at Hair Fair. I actually poked Mr. Jefferson to give me names of new tattoo places and he dropped a bunch of landmarks on me. Letis […] Continue reading →

The Spring Season Challenge

(click here for raw shot) Tomorrow is April 1st and this month always reminds me of spring; probably because of the old saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” I thought this week would be perfect to do a spring challenge. Meme Instructions: Share a spring-themed picture and/or answer the following questions about the season. Don’t […] Continue reading →

I need some TLC

(click here for a raw shot) I picked up a DEMO of the SLink Visage mesh heads when they were released last week and had decided not to purchase because I didn’t feel like myself in them. I still don’t feel like myself in them, however Siddean dropped them on me so I thought I […] Continue reading →

International Women’s Day

Today was International Women’s Day. Every year on March 8th women (and men) celebrate women’s economic, political, and social achievements and encourage respect, appreciation and love towards women worldwide. This day is about empowering and celebrating women. Days like these always make me wonder and I start all these comparisons between myself and women that […] Continue reading →


(click here to see raw shot) Raph Dirval has release V4 of his NikitiN line. The cigs, cigars and joints are all mesh and have been re-scripted to reduce lag and script count. These smoking systems are for serious smokers in Second Life as they are very detailed and have full smoking animations. Here is […] Continue reading →

InWorldz: A Fresh Start

(raw shot) Meet my InWorldz Avatar, Strawberry Singh. InWorldz is a Virtual World based off OpenSim software. Therefore it looks a lot like Second Life, just a bit of an older version of it. However, InWorldz is slowly starting to get mesh and it also has the mesh deformer. The reason I’m blogging InWorldz today […] Continue reading →