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I’ve had numerous requests from my readers and subscribers to setup Patreon or Donations through PayPal so they can support my Second Life blogging and vlogging adventures, and also to send me their thanks for my informative posts and videos. I appreciate the thought and I’m really happy to hear that you find my posts worthwhile enough that you’d like to send something in appreciation, however this is just a simple hobby of mine and I honestly don’t need the funds in the real world. Thank you though, I sincerely appreciate the thought. ♥

That being said, here are 10 other ways you can support me, this blog, my shopping habits and adventures within Second Life:

  1. Subscribe to my Blog and YouTube Channel: If you are not a subscriber of my blog or my youtube channel as of yet, show your support and hit that subscribe button. You can subscribe to my blog via email by submitting your email in the box on my blog’s sidebar -> and subscribe to my YouTube Channel by clicking over and hitting that subscribe button.
  2. Share my work on your Social Media: If you see a blog post or video of mine that you enjoyed or found informative, please do share it on your social media or with your friends and family inworld. This will get the word out about my blog and videos, increase my readership and put a big smile on my face! 🙂
  3. Follow me on Social Media: Don’t forget to also follow me on the different social networks that I’m on. You can also share my posts directly from the networks. Click over to my social media page to see all of the networks I’m on and hit the follow button on those that you are on as well.
  4. Pick up an Ad Campaign on my blog: You can click over to my advertising page to see my ad rates, choose a campaign that will work for you and sign up for it so you can have one of your ads on my sidebar. ->
  5. Purchase something from my marketplace store: I don’t have a lot on there, mainly my shapes that I make and use in my posts, but click over to my marketplace store and see if you would like any of them. I try to keep my prices very reasonable and the money I make from there is mainly used to feed my addictive shopping habit inworld. 😀
  6. Use my Amazon Affiliates link when shopping If you are are a regular shopper at and you use my Amazon Affiliates link I will receive a percentage from your sale and at the end of the month I am sent the amount via Amazon gift card; which I will then put towards a new computer I can use for Second Life. I usually purchase my computers and computer parts from Amazon. Click over to my computer specs page to see what I have now and what I update to in the future, as you can see, I am due for an update real soon.
  7. Send me your creations: I love checking out the latest and greatest content being released in Second Life and my blog policy is always open to creators if they wish to share items with me.  I can’t promise that I would definitely be able to feature it, but I’m always appreciative when creators share their work with me.
  8. Send me a gift: I often get little gifts from my readers which put a huge smile on my face. I’ve received cards, flowers, balloons, pieces of cake, teddy bears, etc… I find it so sweet. Thank you so much to those of you that do that, and for those of you that would like to do that, I guarantee that you will put a smile on my face. You can also send me lindens or gift cards if you like, as this will also help to feed my shopping addiction inworld! 😀
  9. Donate a Gift Card for my Blog Giveaways: I try to have giveaways for my readers and subscribers every once in a while. Most of them time I just give away linden dollars or gift cards I’ve purchased because it’s faster for me, but other times I have given away gift cards or other free items that were donated by content creators. You can click over to my Giveaway tag on my blog to see my previous giveaways and contact me if you’d like to donate a gift card, gift or lindens for a future giveaway.
  10. Send me a thank you note: Click over to my contact page and send me a little thank you email. Let me know what you like about my work, blog, videos and even suggest some things to me on how I could improve them. I love getting all sorts of feedback and thank you notes always make my day!

I do want to add that just having you guys click over, read my work and watch my videos is enough of a thanks to me. My sincerest thanks for all of the love and support.  ♥

Strawberry Singh