Lucky chair girl!

Okay I will admit it, I’m a lucky chair girl! Well, I used to be anyhow. I can’t remember the last time I sat in one, mainly because I don’t get a chance to tp to places that might actually have lucky chairs anymore. But back in my newbie days I was TOTALLY a lucky […] Continue reading →

2nd Live

Yesterday my friend IMs me and tells me about this event that’s going on called Viral Duets. I went to go check it out because it seemed interesting, especially after taking a peek at their website: What Pipsi Bracken (the one in the picture with me) has done is motion captured two real life […] Continue reading →

Yes I’m contest happy!

Minnu Model Skin Originally uploaded by Strawberry Singh If you’ve been watching my flickr account, you’re probably saying to yourself, just how many contests is this girl taking part in? Ever since I got my new desktop, I’m just looking for excuses to use Photoshop! All of a sudden I looked around and realized just […] Continue reading →

OMG the sales!

Thank you Last Call and ETD! :) Originally uploaded by Strawberry Singh Okay can I just say, because of ETD and Last Call, I am now officially bankrupt. But who minds really? Not me! :D So after spending all my lindens in the last week, I have decided that this is my new favorite outfit! […] Continue reading →

A Taste of India

I wanted to tell y’all about a little place called Taste of India. I have some very fond memories here, for it is here where I first purchased something on SL. Before that I was a freebie queen but when I saw it, I knew I had to have it. So after hours of camping […] Continue reading →