Adam n Eve

I’m sure everyone has heard of Adam n Eve by now, full of the gorgeous designs of Sachi Vixen and if you haven’t then you are missing out! Adam n Eve – New Release – Gratis She just released a new dress that is so sexy and versatile. The textures are beautiful with an asian […] Continue reading →

A Touch of Lace

Model: Strawberry Singh Photographer: Lacie Babenco My good friend Lacie Babenco has given me the honor of gracing the cover of her wonderful magazine, “A Touch of Lace.” If you’re not familiar with the concept of the magazine, each issue is a bi/lesbian erotica publication with a central theme with written submissions from amateur writers […] Continue reading →

The ARTist’s Park is NOW OPEN!

The all new ARTist’s Park opened its doors yesterday to a sim crashing party! Many attended to see the beautiful works of so many talented artists that are being displayed there. Mr. Prad Prathivi took a wonderful pic of the party at its peak, you can see it on his flickr stream here: As […] Continue reading →

Contest happy!

Once in a while I get in this mood and start scouring flickr for contests, and lo and behold these days there are lotsa them! Tiesto Contest First one is the Tiesto contest by DJ Azu. If you wanna participate you gotta do it within the next 24 hours or your time is up! So […] Continue reading →

Gotta love my Moodys!

I am sure you are all aware of the new releases from Stiletto Moody, but can I just add how absolutely delectable they are? What I love most about my moody shoes is the craftsmanship and the fantastic menu system. There is always an option to turn click sound and bling off, so for the […] Continue reading →

Step Up Poses

I’ve been wanting to blog Cheyn Lane’s store, Step Up Poses, for a while and finally got the chance to take some pics with his poses. The poses I’ve picked up from his store were just a few cute ones that I liked, but there are many more there which are more intimate and also […] Continue reading →

De Designs

De Designs Maria When I saw this new design on the feed recently I knew I had to have it. I’m a sucker for long draping dresses that have a satiny finish to them. I quickly tp’d to DE Designs and bought it. After putting it on and a little bit of adjustment, I felt […] Continue reading →


Oops Deep Sea I just love it when I discover new designers that really take the time and effort to make quality clothes. Oops is another one of those stores that has put a huge smile on my face thanks to its wonderful designer Emilie Susanti. Oops Dotted This beautifully decorated store is located on […] Continue reading →

The ARTisan ~ Issue 1

The ARTisan ~ Issue 1, originally uploaded by Wyatt Benoir. I’ve written two fashion articles for the ARTisan. Take a look online or IM me inworld for a copy. This is the first issue for the ARTisan and it is full of beautiful images from the SL art community. The articles I wrote were […] Continue reading →

The Goa Series

In the past month or so Zaara Kohime has worked on and released three outfits that she says were inspired by the spirit of Goa. I had a chat with her about what this exactly means so she gave me a little explanation for each outfit that I found so fascinating I felt as if […] Continue reading →