Hurray for PXL!

I SO did not abandon my blog. I know it’s been almost a month since I posted something here, but hey in post one I told you I was a procrastinator so neener :P Anyhooooo, (ew, did I just say that?) I’ve been kinda busy in rl so not even on sl as much as […] Continue reading →

Long Awkward Pose

I discovered Long Awkward Pose because of my dear friend Azar Kazan. I still remember it clearly. It was a cold day in January; yes even in the south :P. When I logged on, barely a second had gone by when Azar messaged me and said, “Hey Berry, quick take the tp and come here. […] Continue reading →

I’m so happy!

I’m gonna do the dance of joy. I LOVE the new release candidate! I TOTALLY LOVE IT!!! Did I tell you I love it? No really, I love it!!! All the problems I had with the previous one which included not being able to move my graphics up to ultra without crashing, not being able […] Continue reading →

Crush Factory

Today was the first time I stumbled upon Mikayla Kohl’s store, the Crush Factory. I knew as soon as I entered that I was gonna be spending a lot of time (and most probably lindens) here. It’s quite spacious and so unique. Best thing about her though is that she makes pretty much everything; from […] Continue reading →

Another video YAY!

I’ve been wanting to try to make another video on sl for a while. So this evening when my friend Zada and I started dancing together, I just had to bust out my cam and try it out. It’s up on youtube and it’s not so bad I’d say!Check it out: I snapped some […] Continue reading →

The Far Away

There is something about The Far Away that is so magical and beautiful. It’s one of my favorite places to visit, I never get bored of it. I’ve blogged about it before on the Fashion Twat blog, but I just wanted to show all of the images I’ve taken there on this blog. I loved […] Continue reading →

YAY I won!

Recently I did a picture for a client and she told me the outfit she was wearing was by Digit Darkes. So we started talking about how awesome Digit Darkes is and how we both love her stuff. Anyhow, when I put the pic on my flickr I thought I would submit it to the […] Continue reading →

Springtime in NY Fashion Show

The Springtime in NY fashion show was organized by Lipstick Publishing and took place on March 7th, 2008 at 1pm in Central Park, NYC. The models were provided by Nefritti Models, the agency that I work with. I thought I’d share some of the outfits I wore in the show today. It’s nice to find […] Continue reading →