Happy Easter

I trust y’all are full of yummy chocolates…I know I am! I’m sharing my Easter outfit, it’s purplish…which of course is the best color on the face of this earth! <3 Recently Kyoot released these fabulous tunic dresses and I was gifted one in my favorite color. I thought it went really well with the […] Continue reading →


When I decided to take on the endeavor of blogging Twosome, I thought for a moment that perhaps I should request someone to strike a pose with me and really make this post into a “twosome” effort. Of course my first thought came to none other than my dear friend Kingston Augustus, who is actually […] Continue reading →


<3 my boho look. I was recently tp’d to Lucas Lameth Fashion Jewelry to check out some of his new releases and I just fell in love with the Tropical Wood necklace. Then the outfit just emerged around that by itself. The earrings are just one of the pairs that were gifted to me recently. […] Continue reading →

Berry’s Favorite Things – 9

Hello everyone, I’m back with another installment of Berry’s Favorite Things. Starting from the bottom up, I have fallen in love with these boots. Designed by Mai Runo from the store [0N] ZERO NUMBER, I was tp’d to this cute little store that has only a handful of well-crafted boots. A must visit! Next we […] Continue reading →


Say YES to Pink Shirt Day! Special thanks to Catero Revolution for posing with me! <3 I’d like to thank Lawless McBride for pointing out this wonderful movement to all of us by his inspiring blogpost. I think sometimes we all get carried away with trying to have fun and don’t think about the pain […] Continue reading →

Coming soon to {Zaara}

Zaara Kohime has been a busy bee getting together some exciting new releases for you guys. The following items are set to be released next week. Here’s a little preview. {Zaara} Isis Shirts The sheer Isis shirts are perfect for wearing on their own or layered with other clothing and accessories. Available in 9 colors, […] Continue reading →


Ex-pose is a new pose store that specializes in couples’ poses. A collaboration between Milli Santos and Chaddi Masala, what I love about their poses is that majority of them are sweet and romantic, something rare to find. (Pose coming soon!) All of their poses will be available at OnRez. They also have a group […] Continue reading →

{Zaara} gowns and new sim!

Amala in Black Zaara has recently released two gowns perfect for the holiday season! The most recent release is the “Amala” that comes in three colors and hugs the body to show off all those delectable curves. The top is part lace and sheer and there are two ways to wear the prim skirt. {Zaara} […] Continue reading →

Berry’s Favorite Things – Take 8

I’m back with another installment of Berry’s Favorite Things. There are four items I have been drooling over recently. Sapphire My first recent favorite thing is the new soon to be released Belleza skins. I especially love the tan skin tone and OMG the eye makeup! Especially the eyeliner pictured here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/strawberrysingh/3086640554 Keep an eye […] Continue reading →

Winter at Magic of Oz

This is a sneak and exclusive preview of what you will see December 3rd @ 9am SLT when Magic of Oz opens its door again to the public. A beautiful winter wonderland. From Munchkin land to the Witch’s Lair, the whole place is covered in snow and even more beautiful than it was before. So […] Continue reading →