Step Up Poses

I’ve been wanting to blog Cheyn Lane’s store, Step Up Poses, for a while and finally got the chance to take some pics with his poses. The poses I’ve picked up from his store were just a few cute ones that I liked, but there are many more there which are more intimate and also […] Continue reading →

De Designs

De Designs Maria When I saw this new design on the feed recently I knew I had to have it. I’m a sucker for long draping dresses that have a satiny finish to them. I quickly tp’d to DE Designs and bought it. After putting it on and a little bit of adjustment, I felt […] Continue reading →


Oops Deep Sea I just love it when I discover new designers that really take the time and effort to make quality clothes. Oops is another one of those stores that has put a huge smile on my face thanks to its wonderful designer Emilie Susanti. Oops Dotted This beautifully decorated store is located on […] Continue reading →

The ARTisan ~ Issue 1

The ARTisan ~ Issue 1, originally uploaded by Wyatt Benoir. I’ve written two fashion articles for the ARTisan. Take a look online or IM me inworld for a copy. This is the first issue for the ARTisan and it is full of beautiful images from the SL art community. The articles I wrote were […] Continue reading →

The Goa Series

In the past month or so Zaara Kohime has worked on and released three outfits that she says were inspired by the spirit of Goa. I had a chat with her about what this exactly means so she gave me a little explanation for each outfit that I found so fascinating I felt as if […] Continue reading →

A fresh start

I thought it over for a bit and finally came to this decision. I’ve always wanted to try out wordpress, had no experience in it, so I thought this would be the best way. Now that Azar has left Second Life, I figured since Fashion Twat was her baby, I would let it be just […] Continue reading →

Hurray for PXL!

I SO did not abandon my blog. I know it’s been almost a month since I posted something here, but hey in post one I told you I was a procrastinator so neener :P Anyhooooo, (ew, did I just say that?) I’ve been kinda busy in rl so not even on sl as much as […] Continue reading →

Long Awkward Pose

I discovered Long Awkward Pose because of my dear friend Azar Kazan. I still remember it clearly. It was a cold day in January; yes even in the south :P. When I logged on, barely a second had gone by when Azar messaged me and said, “Hey Berry, quick take the tp and come here. […] Continue reading →

I’m so happy!

I’m gonna do the dance of joy. I LOVE the new release candidate! I TOTALLY LOVE IT!!! Did I tell you I love it? No really, I love it!!! All the problems I had with the previous one which included not being able to move my graphics up to ultra without crashing, not being able […] Continue reading →