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Tour of High Fidelity Inc with Philip Rosedale

Tour of High Fidelity Inc with Philip Rosedale

Last month I did an Introduction to High Fidelity Inc blog post, in which I shared a bit about what High Fidelity is (a social virtual reality world) and who started it. Then afterwards, Draxtor and I went on a live tour of it. Unfortunately we both didn’t know what we were doing and the tour was hilarious, but I didn’t feel like it did High Fidelity justice.

Lucky for us, the founder of High Fidelity Philip Rosedale, (who is also the founder of Second Life) saw our tour and was kind enough to meet with us for Draxtor’s Podcast, where he answered a lot of our questions and shared his vision for virtual reality worlds. You can listen to the podcast at this link.

At the end of the podcast, he also promised to take us on a tour of High Fidelity himself, which I’m really appreciative of, and now that day has come! On Monday, April 16th at 9am PDT, Philip Rosedale will be taking Draxtor and I on a tour of High Fidelity and possibly answering any questions we may have for him. I will be live streaming this tour to my YouTube channel at this link:

If you have any questions that you would like me to ask Philip, leave them in the comments of this blog post, or join the live stream on Monday and ask them in the chat there, and I’ll try my best to ask him if I get the chance.

Since my last post on High Fidelity, I was able to get some High Fidelity Coins (HFC) and do some more shopping. I also learned how to use it a bit better. One of the things that I did that has helped me immensely is purchase a bunch of apps and scripts from the High Fidelity marketplace. A lot of the scripts make it easier to maneuver HiFi, especially the Wear App. If you watch the tour on Monday, I’ll try and cover more tips and tricks for HiFi during that tour and of course ask Philip more about it too. I also covered some things in our previous tour that Drax and I went on, so check that out too before Monday.

Here is some more information about High Fidelity:

  • Download High Fidelity – It is available for Windows and Mac computers, and also on Steam. System requirements are also listed on the download page.
  • High Fidelity Blog – Keep up with all the features and updates in High Fidelity by reading their blog. Philip writes some of the posts himself.
  • High Fidelity Forums – Watch the forums for updates as well and also to interact with the community.
  • High Fidelity Events – Check the events page to see what’s going on and attend to meet some of the community.
  • Learn – Their learn page has a bunch of tutorials to help you get started with High Fidelity.
  • Marketplace – Check out their marketplace and pick up some stuff. Majority of the items are free!
  • Social Media – HiFi can be found on YouTubeTwitter and Facebook.
  • Cryptocurrency – High Fidelity Coins is a cryptocurrency that is empowered by blockchain technology. High Fidelity grants 10,000 HFC when you first set up your Wallet, learn how to do that at this link. Please note that HFC does not come automatically with the creation of a wallet. Since they are in commerce beta, you currently have to email a request for HFC.

This post is part of a series I am doing in which I share introductions to different social virtual reality worlds. You can check out all of these posts under my Virtual Worlds category and other VR related posts under my Virtual Reality category.

Tour of High Fidelity Inc with Philip Rosedale

UPDATE: I’m so appreciative of Philip Rosedale for taking us on the tour. It was great fun and I learned a lot. I’ll definitely be logging in to High Fidelity from time to time. You can watch the tour on my YouTube channel.

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