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Polls and Surveys

A list of posts where I have conducted polls or surveys which you can participate in.
A poll consists of just one question with multiple choice answers that you must choose from.
A survey consists of multiple questions on a wider range of topics which you can fill out answers to.

Berry’s 2016 Mesh Body Parts Survey

Berry's 2016 Mesh Body Parts Survey

The last time I did any kind of mesh body survey was back in June 2015. I figured now that Bento is official and there are many more mesh bodies and heads on the market, this would be a good time to do another survey to end the 2016 year with.

I am going to have a few polls but after that I also want to ask a series of questions of which I would love if you guys responded to in the comments. I just want to get a conversation started and see how people are feeling about their mesh body parts these days. I’m kind of nosy and love to read people’s thoughts and opinions, so here goes.

I’m going to include male mesh body parts this time as well. The following questions will revolve around human avatars only, multiple selections are allowed and if I missed any brands in the polls, please add them in the “other” section and I will add them to the poll.

Now I have three questions that I would love for you guys to answer in the comments of this post:

  1. Which mesh body and head do you use currently and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?
  2. Have you downloaded a Bento compatible viewer and tried any Bento rigged body parts as of yet? If so, which body parts have you tried and from which brands?
  3. What kind of mesh body parts or updates are you hoping to see on the grid in 2017?

I’ll take a moment to answer these questions myself. For my female avatar I use the Maitreya Lara body most of the time and often use Catwa heads but I think my most favorite heads are from LeLutka. I just love the expressions those heads have, and I love the quality of their HUDs. But when it comes to selection of skins and cool new updates and such, Catwa is definitely in the lead so I often reach for those ones. The Maitreya body is just the one I feel most comfortable in and I think it has a very sleek and easy HUD design. For my male avatar, these days I prefer the Signature body and head. I have downloaded many bento viewers and tried many different bento rigged body parts, most of which you can see in this post. As for the future, I am hoping for more Bento heads with a lot more fun expressions so we can really go back to customizing our avatars the way we used to be able to with the default avatars.

I hope you guys take a moment to answer the polls and then the questions in the comments. I’m looking forward to reading your responses. Please also take a moment to share this post on your social media and with your family and friends in Second Life so we can get a wide variety of answers.

Thank you for reading and happy holidays!

What I’m wearing:
Shape: Zara Shape by Strawberry Singh
*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5 by Onyx LeShelle
*Mesh Head: .LeLutka.Mesh Head-SIMONE v1.6 by JadenArt (Bento soon)
*Skin Applier: Glam Affair (comes with mesh head)
*Eyes: IKON Charm Eyes – Hazel by Ikon Innovia
*Hair: TRUTH HAIR Loni by Truth Hawks
*Lingerie: Maitreya Anais by Onyx LeShelle

Home & Decor:
*Home: Scarlet Creative Amelie Mansion by Charlotte Bartlett (flickr)
*Curtains: Scarlet Creative The Arcade Love Curtain by Charlotte Bartlett (flickr)
*Bed, Side table, Lamp, Rose, Coffee Press, Alarm clock: erratic Lazy Sunday Morning Gacha by Erratic Rain (flickr)

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