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Yesterday I had the pleasure of getting together with a few of the bloggers that are blogging up a storm this month (like myself) for the Avatar Blogger Crossfit Month. There are about 2 dozen avatar bloggers participating and Vaneeesa Blaylock was trying to get a hold of as many of us as possible for a picture. She managed to grab a few and then I had to run and I think one or two more showed up so not everyone is in this image that I took. However, you can click over to iRez for more pictures of everyone that showed up and check out the awesome gold star Vaneeesa gave us for reaching the one week goal!

I’m doing pretty well, this is the 9th day and I’ve done all 9 so far. However I have a feeling this week I will have to take a few days off to catch up on some real life work. I’ll definitely try and do as much as I can for the rest of the month though.

Blogging can be a lot of work, but when you enjoy it so much it makes you want to push yourself harder and do more. Earlier this week I noticed someone on plurk asking about ways to promote their blog more so they can increase their readership. I responded with a few of the things that I do myself so I thought I’d share them here since we are on the topic of blogging.

  1. Blog often but only if you enjoy it. Put your heart into it and do it when you are inspired and excited about it.
  2. Create accounts on different social networks and then interact and share your blog posts to those with like-minded interests.
  3. Apply to the different Second Life blog feeds out there. You can see a list of the ones I’m on, on my sidebar or my blogroll page.
  4. Participate in blog challenges by other bloggers (or start your own). It builds a bond and will get you more involved within the blogging community. Also, if you are a fashion blogger, it breaks up the monotonous “look at this pretty new thing I’m wearing” blog posts and gives your readers something different and interesting to read. For a list of challenges to participate in, you can check out the SL Blogger Support blog or try out one of my memes/challenges in my blog challenges category, which I post every Monday.

I know participating in different challenges and also doing my own has brought a lot of new readers to my blog and has also helped me find new blogs to read. What do you do to promote your blog?

Now here are the names and blogs of the lovely ladies in the picture with me, from left to right:
Me! :P –
Peep Sideshow – Pics by Peep
Anarya Elderslie – Stuffery
Lizzie Gudkov – It Takes a Village
Ravensong Merlin – Chaotic Virtuality
Vaneeesa Blaylock – iRez
Full ABC Participant List

It was great meeting you all! <3

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