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YES I have my own blog at incoldbloodsl.blogspot.com but sometimes I like to be outclassed over here too. It's fun dragging the median quality of Berry's blog down! You may know me as the blogger/model/producer/publicist pale vampire with the white hair, but you more likely know me as "UGH not that guy, I hate that guy."
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As you all know; Berry is on holidays for like… ages. She neglected to lock down her blog before she left, though. Silly girl. I think she forgot I hold land rights here.




(Okay… now maybe I need to start occasionally wearing underwear.)

You can find these at the Mesh Body Addicts Fair until the end of August.

Also, this photo was taken at Berry’s home, and I’m standing on one of her many sexbe – I’m sorry, photoprops that she has littering her platform and I take no responsibilities for anything in the picture that looks just a little obscene (like the pillows) apart from the very pale vampire and his epic new undies.

Berry’s Video Response.

Yeah okay so you got me.  I have already blogged a semi normal response to Berry’s current Monday Meme, the “Dance in Second Life Challenge”  over on my own blog. And its extremely rare I do any of her memes, let alone twice. However,  I also remembered that she has a bit of a ladyboner for Redfoo. […] Continue reading →

Stud Finder

So you know that bit when you buy a new male corset and it has gold and black studs, and you think “Hmm… I wonder what else I’ve bought recently that can go with this? TWO MONTHS. This is just the last two months worth of gold studded leather.     Yeah; sure I’m a […] Continue reading →


…and all of a sudden he realised that he existed. Why? Was it important? He spent some time on his back, just watching the gulls whirling above him as he mulled this over. “Yes,” he decided. “And no. I’m here, that’s unmistakable. I feel these splinters working their way into me, when less than a […] Continue reading →

Into Temptation

So Berry begged me to post on her blog more. “Winter” she said – and you can read this in your head in her voice… if you haven’t heard her speak yet, she sounds a bit like a feminine Gilbert Gottfried but with the sexy overtones of Harvey Fierstein – “Winter. I need you to […] Continue reading →

Outside Your Window

Or as I really wanted to call this post, “This Christmas – Give a Shit!” Hello; I’m the vampire Lord Winter Jefferson. The fabulous Barry Singe is allowing me to take over her blog (again) because… lets face it, she can be pretty slack at times. Can’t style herself either, takes second rate pictures and […] Continue reading →