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Utilizing the influence of social media, Strawberry Singh can help your brand meet consumers where they already are. View Strawberry Singh’s Social Media page to see all the networks she is actively involved in. Ad Campaign Ratios & Rates (L$)

  • For 125×125 ratio sidebar ads:
    (a) 30 days/1 month: 2,000
    (b) 90 days/3 months: 5,000
    (c) 180 days/6 months: 10,000
    (d) 365 days/1 year: 20,000
  • For 250×125 ratio sidebar ads:
    (e) 30 days/1 month: 3,000
    (f) 90 days/3 months: 8,000
    (g) 180 days/6 months: 15,000
    (h) 365 days/1 year: 25,000
  • For 250×250 ratio sidebar ads:
    (i) 30 days/1 month: 5,000
    (j) 90 days/3 months: 12,000
    (k) 180 days/6 months: 22,000
    (l) 365 days/1 year: 40,000

Advertising Service Agreement

Prior to the appearance of any advertising on, the Advertiser will perform/provide the following:

  1. Exact payment in lindens for the preferred campaign period, see above for ratio and rate packages. (in-world to Strawberry Singh)
  2. Proof of payment in the form of transaction history. (emailed to
  3. A pixel graphic in the ratio of the campaign you are purchasing. This image needs to be in JPEG, PNG or GIF format only, with a maximum size of 512Kb, and contain no adult content. (emailed to
  4. Specify which ad campaign you are signing up for. (a, b, c, etc.. see above for rates & ratios)
  5. The URL/SLurl that the ad graphic will be linked to. (emailed to
  6. A single person appointed as the point of contact through which all items and discussion regarding advertising service agreement terms will be handled/discussed. (emailed to
  7. A valid email address for the single person/point of contact for advertising correspondence only. (emailed to

Strawberry Singh/ will provide the following:

  1. A pixel advertising space for the advertiser’s preferred campaign period (see above for rate packages) for the specified period of time.
  2. Notification of the start date and end date of your ad campaign.
  3. A link to your ad’s statistics page. Site Statistics

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