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I’m kind of a social media junkie, whenever I see a shiny new social media site, I feel I must join. I even have an page setup for myself.

Here are a list of social networks I am a part of and use most often:

  1. Second Life Profile – This is my Second Life web-based profile where I share all of my latest blog posts in the feed section.
  2. Flickr – I’ve been a flickr user since August of 2007. It’s where I love to share my feelings and fashion translated into photography and art. Whenever I share an image on flickr that I have also used in a blog post, I always put a link to the corresponding blog post in the description so people can look up all my style credits.
  3. Facebook – This is my Facebook Page. If you are on facebook and also a fan of my blog, I would appreciate a “like” I share all of my blog posts on there, including the ones here and on other sites I blog for. 
  4. Google Plus – I received an invite from a friend during the beta stage and have been using plus since June 29th, 2011. I have also created a Google+ Page for my blog now and update it each time I complete a blog post. If you are on Google+ and a fan of my blog, I would appreciate a “+1 and a follow” on my Google+ Page.
  5. Twitter – Although I joined Twitter on September 23rd 2008, I didn’t actually start using it regularly till 2011. Now I can’t seem to get enough. Twitter is a great informative resource for me and I tend to follow not only my friends on there, but other RL bloggers, news sources and hashtags that I love to read.
  6. Pinterest – I pin all of my blog images on there along with other images (RL & SL) that interest me. I also have a few informative pin boards where I share tutorials for Second Life, Photoshop, blogging, social media and more.
  7. Youtube – I upload all of my Second Life videos there. Please remember to hit the subscribe button to keep up with all of my vlogging activity about SL.
  8. YouTube Gaming – Watch me live stream from Second Life!

Other social networks I am on but not that active:

  1. Second Life Community Forums – I am not that active on the Second Life Community forums however, they are a great resource for those interested in chatting and sharing with other SL residents.
  2. Reddit – I am somewhat active on the SecondLife Subreddit.
  3. Tumblr – I’ve always been a very big quote collector. I love to read and collect inspirational quotes that motivate me to improve my quality of life. My tumblr is not as pretty or exciting as most tumblrs out there, but I do use it to share these wonderful quotes that I have collected over the years.
  4. Empire Avenue – I’ve blogged a tutorial for Empire Avenue a while back when I first joined which you may find helpful. I thoroughly enjoy EA and all the people I’ve met through it. It’s a great place to interact and make some connections.
  5. Plurk – I’m no longer on this network but may return some day.
  6. Ello – I have an account on here but I’m not very active.
  7. Bloglovin – Bloglovin is actually a feed reader but it works like a social network, which I love! You can follow your friends on there and see what blogs they are reading. Feel free to follow me on there, I try and follow everyone back. You can also follow my blog on bloglovin as well. Thank you!
    Follow on Bloglovin

A list of social media sites that are only for Second Life residents:

  1. Avatar Social Network – A network for Second Life residents only.
  2. Second Life Community Forums – These are the official SL forums that I sometimes participate in.
  3. Koinup – Similar to flickr, it is a photo sharing site but is more geared towards virtual worlds.
  4. SLUniverse – Specifically geared to the SL community.
  5. Second Life Wiki – It doesn’t really have that much information on it and I’m not sure if many residents actually create and/or use these wiki pages.

Other links I’d like to share:

  1. Ask me a question on – You can ask me any question anonymously.
  2. My Anonymous Feedback Page – where you can tell me how much I suck.
  3. Berrylicious Inworld Group – Not really a social media site, but an inworld group. This group is just an extension of my blog which I utilize to share information about my blog posts and also different sales and events occuring across the grid that catch my interest.
  4. My Profile on – I am a big magazine reader, in both lives. I follow, fav and read all of my favorite Second Life magazines on issuu. You can go through my stacks and see all the ones I’ve been featured in.
  5. Klout – Klout is a social media tool that measures influence across the Web, specifically your Twitter ranking.
  6. Gravatar – Gravatar is a service for providing globally-unique avatars.
  7. Alexa – Alexa is the leading provider of free, global web metrics.
  8. Quantcast – Quantcast specializes in audience measurement.
  9. SimilarWeb – SimilarWeb provides services in web analytics and data mining.

This page is a work in progress…

Feel free to add me to any and all of these sites, I accept all friend requests. <3
Strawberry Singh

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  5. […] social media addict. I even have a whole page on my blog that talks about all the of the different social networks I am a part of and what I do on them. Yesterday was my four year anniversary on a network called Plurk. I think […]

  6. I have made a social networking site for Second Life Residents called Avatar Life, you can simply join up or join using your Facebook account.

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