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I’m kind of a social media junkie, whenever I see a shiny new social media site, I feel I must join. I even have an page setup for myself.

Before I list all of my social networks though, I thought I would share the two community groups that I run: 

  1. Berrylicious Inworld Group – This is a group I run inworld which you can join so you get notified of all of my blog posts and I also chat in the group with the members from time to time.
  2. Discord Server – I have my own server on Discord which you are free to join so you can chat with me and other Second Life residents. You can also ask me any questions or share your links in the different channels. I have done a short tutorial on Discord in case you are not sure how to use it.

Here is a list of social networks I am a part of and use most often:

  1. Second Life Profile – This is my Second Life web-based profile where I share all of my latest blog posts in the feed section.
  2. Youtube – I upload all of my Second Life videos there. Please remember to hit the subscribe button to keep up with all of my vlogging activity about SL.
  3. Flickr – I’ve been a flickr user since August of 2007. It’s where I love to share my feelings and fashion translated into photography and art. Whenever I share an image on flickr that I have also used in a blog post, I always put a link to the corresponding blog post in the description so people can look up all my style credits.
  4. Facebook – This is my Facebook Page. If you are on facebook and also a fan of my blog, I would appreciate a “like” I share all of my blog posts on there, and sometimes some other stuff.
  5. Twitter – Although I joined Twitter on September 23rd 2008, I didn’t actually start using it regularly till 2011. Now I can’t seem to get enough. Twitter is a great informative resource for me and I tend to follow not only my friends on there, but other RL bloggers, news sources and hashtags that I love to read.
  6. Instagram – I upload some of my images from Second Life and Sansar there. I try to make the images that I upload there to be more realistic looking.
  7. Twitch – Since Twitch does not allow Second Life to be streamed on their site, the only videos I share and the streaming I do on Twitch is from Sansar and other virtual worlds.
  8. Pinterest – I pin all of my blog images on there along with other images (RL & SL) that interest me. I also have a few informative pin boards where I share tutorials for Second Life, Photoshop, blogging, social media and more.

Other social platforms I am on:

  1. Second Life Community Forums – I am not that active on the Second Life Community forums however, they are a great resource for those interested in chatting and sharing with other SL residents.
  2. Steam – My Steam profile shows which Virtual Reality games I’ve been playing on there.
  3. Reddit – I am somewhat active on the SecondLife Subreddit.
  4. Tumblr – It’s empty right now. I’m still thinking about what to do with it.
  5. Empire Avenue – I’ve blogged a tutorial for Empire Avenue a while back when I first joined which you may find helpful. I thoroughly enjoy EA and all the people I’ve met through it. It’s a great place to interact and make some connections.
  6. Plurk – I’m not as active here anymore.
  7. Ello – I have an account on here but I’m not very active.
  8. Bloglovin – Bloglovin is actually a feed reader but it works like a social network. You can follow your friends on there and see what blogs they are reading. Feel free to follow me on there, I try and follow everyone back. You can also follow my blog on bloglovin as well.

A list of social networking sites that are only for Second Life residents:

  1. – Resident owned Facebook alternative designed for Virtual World Residents to share statuses and updates about their virtual life experiences, and connect with their virtual families and friends.
  2. – Resident owned Flickr & Instagram alternative designed for Virtual Photographers & Digital Artists to share their digital art taken in virtual worlds.
  3. – Resident owned network for gamers.
  4. Wiply – Resident owned social network.
  5. VirtualVerse One Forums – Previously known as SLUniverse
  6. Koinup – Photo sharing site geared towards virtual worlds.
  7. Second Life Wiki – I don’t believe we are able to update this anymore.

Other links I’d like to share:

  1. Ask me a question on – You can ask me any question anonymously.
  2. My Anonymous Feedback Page – where you can tell me how much I suck.
  3. My Profile on – I am a big magazine reader, in both lives. I follow, fav and read all of my favorite Second Life magazines on issuu. You can go through my stacks and see all the ones I’ve been featured in.
  4. Gravatar – Gravatar is a service for providing globally-unique avatars.

Thanks for your support!

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