Social Media

A list of social networks and other websites I am on as Strawberry Singh:

    1. Twitter – I’m most active on Twitter.
    2. Flickr – Flickr was the first social network I joined with my Strawberry Singh avatar in August of 2007. You can see the progression of my Second Life from the very start of my Flickr stream. I will now use this also for my Strawberry Linden avatar.
    3. Instagram – I share some of my Second Life images and videos on Instagram Reels.
    4. TikTok – I share my short Second Life dance videos on TikTok.
    5. Youtube – I sometimes use this still for my own videos, but I subscribe to many other SL YouTubers, check my subscriptions.
    6. Facebook – This is the Facebook Page for my Strawberry Singh avatar.
    7. Twitch – I don’t stream on here anymore, just use it to watch others.
    8. Pinterest – I have a few informative pinboards where I share tutorials for Second Life, Photoshop, blogging, social media, and more.
    9. Plurk – I sometimes plurk.
    10. Steam – I play mostly Sims and some other simulation games.
    11. Reddit – I often read the SecondLife Subreddit.
    12. My Profile on – Second Life magazines in my stacks.
    13. VirtualVerse One Forums – I don’t often use this.
    14. Vimeo – I don’t use it often.
    15. –  My about me page.
    16. Second Life Profile for Strawberry Singh – This is my Second Life web-based profile where I share all of my latest blog posts in the feed section. I also share images on Strawberry Linden’s profile feed from time to time.
    17. The Second Life Community forums – are a great resource for those interested in chatting and sharing with other SL residents. This is my Strawberry Singh profile on the forums. I don’t use that on there anymore. Now I post on the forums daily as Strawberry Linden or Linden Lab.

Follow the Official Second Life Social Media Accounts:

I am now the Social Media Manager at Linden Lab so I handle all social media for Second Life and Linden Lab. See a full list of all socials on the Community Resources Portal.