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Second Linden Rezday

Second Linden Rezday

I haven’t been here since the new year so I wanted to do a quick update and say hi to you all! April 15th is my Linden rezday and now I’ve been at Linden Lab for 2 years. May 9th is my Resident rezday and it will be 14 years for me in Second Life as Strawberry Singh. To say that Second Life changed my life is an understatement. I love the time I’ve spent here and what Second Life has done for me. It’s been an adventure and a creative outlet. It’s also brought me love, friendship, and a wonderful new career. I’m so thankful not only for the last 2 years, but all 14, and looking forward to many more.

Last year for my first Linden rezday I shared a list of the things I do at Linden Lab and also the things I’ve learned. I feel like most of that list is still the same, with some additions, and a new title – Social Media Manager.

Thinking about my Rezday made me remember a project we did back in 2015 for Second Life’s 12th birthday “What Second Life Means to Me!” Xiola Linden had initiated the project and with the help of Draxtor Despres, I released this video where I shared my feelings about our beloved virtual world.

This year Second Life is turning 18! I hope to see you all at the celebrations starting on June 17th.

I’m pretty busy with my Linden account, however, I still login to Strawberry Singh from time to time and play dress-up or just explore. I’m also active on Flickr and Twitter, but you can see a list of all the social networks I post on, for work too, on my Social Media page.

Back in February I did an ASMR-style video and enjoyed it so much I told myself I would try to do a few each month. That didn’t happen due to time constraints, but I’m hoping I can do more like this in the near future. I absolutely love ASMR and really want to find a way to create my own in this style.


I want to end this post by thanking you all. The Second Life community has been so incredibly supportive of me and my work. I am doing my best to feature your work, as much as I can, on our Socials, Destination Guide, and Blogger Network. I hope you continue to support and encourage other Residents as much as you have supported me throughout the years, and make our virtual community even stronger.


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

10 thoughts on “Second Linden Rezday

  • Happy Linden rezday, lovely Strawberry! Thank you for always being so wonderful! ❤️

  • As a fellow long hauler in SL, I congratulate you on your 2 years as a Linden. You have done well. I will have been in SL for 16 years come this September and although I DJ and create clothing for SL, I am still pretty much an unknown lol.. I don’t market myself well but that is ok, SL has afforded me the place to pursue my two passions in life music and art. In RL I am now disabled and can no longer play my drums (yes I was a professional musician) nor work in the real world so DJing has filled my need to stay involved with music. And I have also dabbled in art all my life, always wanted to try fashion so SL now gives me the chance to do that. So whether I am well known in SL or not it really doesn’t matter since I am doing these things mainly because I want to. And I will continue to do so until it no longer makes me happy. Glad you found a career in SL. Good for you!

  • Happy Rezz day and frankly just Happy to see you post.
    You are the inspiration for so many people and your humbleness is always something I notice and love.❤️

  • I’m happy for your new career, but, honestly, miss your blog posts. Yours was the only blog, though I know there are many, that I pointed newbies to, whether new to Second Life or new to mesh bodies and/or heads. I have several of your posts bookmarked that I still give out as well as your YouTube channel. It’s always good to see you come back here to post again.

  • chericolette

    We have not forgotten our strawberry girl!

  • Thank you all so much, for all the kind words, well wishes, and encouragement. <3

    Debs, thank you, I appreciate that. I have to admit, I do not miss blogging in that way. I was on the verge of burnout with the review videos and felt like I was stuck in a rut. But I will definitely try to pop my head back on this blog more often, just to chat and give updates like I did in this post.

  • Eeky Cioc

    Happy Linden Rez Day, Berry! May there be many more years ahead for you in SL ♥️

  • Roger Claude Watson

    I used to learn a lot from your postings Strawberry, but now it says I have to be a paying SL member to get to listen to your tips. I guess since I’m not a paying member I won’t get to listen to your sweet, informative voice any more.

  • Hi Roger, not sure what you mean. You can still find all my videos on my YouTube channel:

    And I am also very active on the Second Life YouTube channel through Lab Gab and the tutorials I’ve done for that channel:
    Direct link to Lab Gab videos:
    Direct link to tutorials I’ve done:

    All should be viewable to you without any payment involved.

    Thank you for the compliment on my voice! 🙂

  • .ღۣۜڰڿKReed6671ღღۣۜڰڿۣ

    Happy Rezz Day, my first Avatar was Rezzed on 8/1/2008 so around 12.5 years ago…I was off the grid for about 5 of those years with a Medical Problem but all in all pretty regularly logging in the rest of the time. I have Always Always appreciated and been grateful for your Blogs…you are a critical part of the growth of us beauty minded Avi’s…I wan to say THANK YOU SO MUCH. In fact I just recreated one of your Avatars and will be putting out the video today or tomorrow. Its the Genus Baby Face from your video in 2019 “Powder Pack Genus 2019”..she is so beautiful I had to recreate her and I filmed it..I plan to do several more Makeovers and of course you will get full credit for the look and shape. I think I look just like you…haha.. Happy Rezz Day beautiful, please always come back to visit, you are so important.

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